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MA Gov. Wants To Ban Non-Competes; Will It Matter?

mc6809e Re:Uhm... since when are non-competes a bad thing? (97 comments)

How do you get from 'taking IP' to 'killing the industry'?

The free flow of ideas and techniques is what drives technology and industry.

Well taking IP has certainly driven technology in China, right?

5 days ago

The Poor Neglected Gifted Child

mc6809e Re:Existing programs (529 comments)

"Just" put more money into those programs?

How many more votes will that give the party in power in the next election? Probably none, so it won't happen.

Democracy works hard to please the 51% -- not the 5% of parents that have a gifted child.

Of course those parents pay taxes just like other parents, but that doesn't mean the state has to give a damn.

Democracy doesn't require that the state please everyone -- it only must please 51%. And the system is constantly adjusting to figure out how to screw the 49% to please the 51%. Public education gets caught up in the process like everything else touched by the democratic process.

about a month ago

Microsoft Confirms DirectX 12 Is Alive and Well, Demo Coming At GDC

mc6809e Jerks (127 comments)

These sorts of announcements have the effect of freezing developers and keeping them from moving to superior technology.

They would have done nothing if not for AMD and now they're going to steal AMD's thunder.

This sort of thing makes my blood boil.

If you're a developer out there, please, don't let Microsoft get away with this.

about a month ago

Is Traffic Congestion Growing Three Times As Fast As Economy?

mc6809e Isn't government spending part of GDP? (187 comments)

If all that money didn't increase total employment, then GDP could go up while the same number of people stayed home out of work.

The increase in congestion is actually a good sign. It suggests that the employment situation might finally be improving.

about a month ago

WikiLeaks Cables Foreshadow Russian Instigation of Ukrainian Military Action

mc6809e Re:The only thing I care about. (479 comments)

And later went on to liberate almost all of Europe. Do your point is ?

You exaggerate (probably because you're some sort of Soviet apologist).

The Soviets were doomed without the help of the rest of the Allies. The entire world would have been better off if the Soviets and Nazis had just been allowed to kill each other off. They were made for each other.

Communists, Nazis -- how anyone could pick one as better than the other is beyond reason.

about a month and a half ago

WikiLeaks Cables Foreshadow Russian Instigation of Ukrainian Military Action

mc6809e Re:The only thing I care about. (479 comments)

Well the Russians joined the Nazi invasion of Poland on September 17th, 1939, so there's that, too.

about a month and a half ago

U.S. Students/Grads Carrying Over $1 Trillion In Debt

mc6809e Re:Tell me again... (538 comments)

Tell me again why college in the US costs sooooo much? It's not like you are getting a super special top notch education that is not comparable to top Canadian universities for example.

The same reason health care costs so much: the more money that's made available, the higher the price that can be asked.

In supply and demand terms, prices rise to balance the supply of education services with the demand for those services until demand is restrained or supply is increases.

What's happened in education and health care tells us that supply isn't keeping up with demand and so we have rationing based on price to match supply with demand. High prices keep some out of school or out of the doctor's office so that the available services match those able to pay for them.

about a month and a half ago

Intel's New Desktop SSD Is an Overclocked Server Drive

mc6809e Overclocked? (111 comments)

Running something at the speed it was designed and verified to run at by the maker isn't overclocking.

about a month and a half ago

Why Is US Broadband So Slow?

mc6809e Re:govt enforces the monopoly. Want govt monopoly? (513 comments)

I have issues with them, too; but I'd rather a non-corporate entity build out and even own our infrastructure than profitmongers!

I have news for you: local governments are incorporated, too.

And don't think for a second that the people involved in local government aren't interested in making decisions that personally profit themselves and their friends.

about 2 months ago

Stack Overflow Could Explain Toyota Vehicles' Unintended Acceleration

mc6809e Re:What about the brakes (664 comments)

There were actually two visible skid marks. One track from normal braking and another from pulling up the emergency brake.

It wasn't enough.

about 2 months ago

Math Models Predicted Global Uprisings

mc6809e Re:Hindsight? (265 comments)

Racists much?

When did Islam become a race?

about 2 months ago

A Strategy For Attaining Cuban Internet Connectivity

mc6809e Re:Control vs. Prosperity (119 comments)

It's hard to know anymore what anyone really means when they use the terms "communist" and "socialist".

Marx used both of them to refer to societies where the means of production were collectively owned, where socialism was a transitional period before full communism.

In practice, collective ownership has meant state ownership.

Are you suggesting that it's the form of state ownership that distinguishes socialism from communism?

about 2 months ago

Customer: Dell Denies Speaker Repair Under Warranty, Blames VLC

mc6809e Re:A "clipped" audio signal is still a valid signa (526 comments)

Because the clipped waveform has more area underneath it than the smaller unclipped waveform, the amplifier produces more power than its rated (sine wave) output when it is clipping.

Which is why a designer shouldn't assume the amplifier is going to just produce a sine wave.

about 2 months ago

Customer: Dell Denies Speaker Repair Under Warranty, Blames VLC

mc6809e Re:bad engineering? (526 comments)

I personally don't do this sort of engineering, but I can see the reasoning. And if you are trying to push high volumes out of your laptop speaker, you probably should be carrying external speakers. There are physical limitations to systems designed to be portable.

The trouble is that the audio chipset hardware is by design meant to output arbitrary waveforms, including squarewaves, which is what VLC produces in the most extreme form of clipping.

A wave file can hold the very same signal.

Neither the user nor software is responsible for trying to figure out what waveforms are a problem on a system where the built in amp can destroy the built in speaker. It's the responsibility of the maker to limit the output of their own amp so that it doesn't cause damage. They put the amp in there in the first place. There's nothing about putting in a proper amp that in any way would affect portability.

about 2 months ago

Court Says Craigslist Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support

mc6809e Re:Dont do anyone any favors (644 comments)

This is what's wrong with the legal system in my opinion. Intent means nothing these days. Crossing your T's and dotting your I's is all that matters...

Technically correct -- and to the bureaucrat that's the best and only kind of correct.

about 3 months ago

Apple Macintosh Turns 30

mc6809e CPU speed unnecessarily crippled (154 comments)

Memory was shared poorly between the CPU and video. Compared to the Amiga and Atari ST, the Mac128K ran very slowly. While the Amiga and ST could overlap CPU memory cycles and video memory cycles running the CPU at nearly full speed, the Mac designers had the CPU waiting every other four CPU cycles to give video time to access memory. The CPU effectively ran just slightly faster than half speed for most codes during pixel display.

It only ran at full speed out of ROM and during video blanking intervals.

about 3 months ago



Bad news: Bertha is damaged

mc6809e mc6809e writes  |  about 2 months ago

mc6809e (214243) writes "Officials on Friday announced the seal assembly is damaged. Bertha may be shut down for several more weeks as workers fix damaged seals that protect the drive system that spins the giant cutter. The revelation comes two months after the drill failed to grind ahead and operators shut it down. The machine known as Bertha tweeted in December that she was doing fine, just facing an obstruction. An 11-day inspection in January found no big obstacles, turning engineers’ attention inward. The ongoing investigation — which includes an influx of staff from drill maker Hitachi-Zosen — could take up to two weeks before the Seattle Tunnel Partners (STP) contracting team issues a strategy to repair and restart the machine."
Link to Original Source

F.C.C. Bars Lightsquared from Using Airwaves

mc6809e mc6809e writes  |  more than 2 years ago

mc6809e (214243) writes "A proposed wireless broadband network that would provide voice and Internet service using airwaves once reserved for satellite-telephone transmissions should be shelved because it interferes with GPS technology, the Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday. The news appears to squash the near-term hopes for the network pushed by LightSquared, a Virginia company that is majority-owned by Philip Falcone, a New York hedge fund manager."
Link to Original Source

Killed for Tweeting: Mexico's Drug War Has Two Mor

mc6809e mc6809e writes  |  about 2 years ago

mc6809e (214243) writes "Twitter has become deadly serious in Mexico, where two people were allegedly murdered for denouncing a drug cartel on the social network.

In Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, a man and a woman were found hanging from a bridge by their hands and feet. An examination of the bodies showed signs of torture, and the pair is thought to have been beaten and killed by a powerful local drug gang, then displayed to send a message to citizens who might want to publicly renounce the group.

Attached to the bodies were two signs, one of which read “This happens for denouncing,” according to CNN. One of the notes also had the names of two blogs, Al Rojo Vivo and Blog del Narco."

Link to Original Source


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