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Cricket Reactor Inventor Says $1mil Prize Winners Stole His Work

mcheu Basic microeconomics (131 comments)

Not false.

That is precisely how the market DOES organically set price to value.

A seller is free to set a price on his product at whatever he wants.

If this price is at or below the perceived value of the product, then consumers will buy it. If it is below the perceived value, then consumers will buy more (each consumer buys more units or more consumers will buy). If the price is higher than perceived value, then consumers just won't buy it. They'll either find alternatives or just do without.

That's how the market works. Your position that the "transaction price is below what te (sic) buyer values a good at and above what a seller values at" doesn't work. You can only have a transaction if both parties actually connect at a price point where both parties overlap. If there's no overlap, there's no transaction -- both buyer and consumer walk away. No transaction means no "transaction price."

This is covered in every intro to economics course in the first few lectures.

about a year ago

EMC Engineer Steals Almost $1 Million of Kit One Piece at a Time

mcheu Re:Im sorry - define Kit (235 comments)

British slang for "stuff"

about 4 years ago

Explosive-Laden California Home To Be Destroyed

mcheu Re:Owner? (424 comments)

Have you been on Youtube lately? Blowing crap up is a pretty common hobby among Americans.

more than 4 years ago

USAF Unveils Supercomputer Made of 1,760 PS3s

mcheu Re: The MIB are above the law (163 comments)

The US government is conveniently exempted from the DMCA when national security issues become involved.

Pretty much anything to do with the armed forces can very easily be swept under that particular rug.

more than 4 years ago

Hunters Shot Down Google Fiber

mcheu Re:They're called *VANDALS* not hunters (1141 comments)

OK. I see your point, but I still think my original point is valid. If you're wrecking property that isn't yours, the charge is going to be destruction of public or private property, not poaching. That means you'd be a vandal, not a hunter.

more than 4 years ago

Hunters Shot Down Google Fiber

mcheu They're called *VANDALS* not hunters (1141 comments)

The article says that HUNTERS regularly TRIED to hit the insulators. That's like those jackasses that shoot up stop signs for fun. It's called VANDALISM, not HUNTING.

I'm guessing the animal rights nuts and anti-gun people are thinking that hunters go in the woods, get bored, and start shooting at random objects to pass the time..

That makes absolutely no sense. Regardless of what game you're going after, if you make any noise at all, any game in the vicinity will take off. If you fire off a shot, you can pretty much pack it up and go home. You're not getting anything that day.

more than 4 years ago

Woman Trademarks Name and Threatens Sites Using It

mcheu Re:Worthless Trademark (273 comments)

So, would it give her any protection in case of identity theft? Surely someone's causing market confusion about the product in that case.

more than 4 years ago

eBay Denies New Design Is Broken, Blames Users

mcheu Re:Lack of standards. (362 comments)

In this particular scenario, it seems like Ebay is punishing itself. The buyer can't get the page to work, so doesn't bid on the seller's stuff. The item either doesn't sell or it sells for less. Since Ebay's fee structure is a listing fee plus a percentage of the final sale price, they stand to make less if they choose to ignore this.

more than 5 years ago

FAA May Ditch Vista For Linux

mcheu Re:training (359 comments)

If they make the right choices, little or no training will be required except on the maintenance/IT side. All of the off the shelf Microsoft based applications have Linux or Java analogs that have near identical interfaces right down to appearance and keyboard shortcuts. When it comes to custom software, it will take some time to recode them for the Linux platform, but it's fairly easy to duplicate the interface there too.

If done right, I doubt anyone will even really notice the change over. You can set it up so that the differences are even smaller than the transition from XP to Vista. Remember that with the exception of the IT staff and developers, very few of the staff ever even see the command line, which is where the greatest differences lie between windows and Linux.

more than 7 years ago



DSL and old fashioned rotary dial in Canada

mcheu mcheu writes  |  more than 6 years ago

mcheu (646116) writes "Quite a while back, Bell Canada grandfathered pulse/rotary dialing and stopped offering pulse/rotary dialing as an option for new customers. As Bell Canada charges an extra fee for tone dialing, those that still have pulse dialing typically tend to keep it. I haven't found any numbers, but in the past, Bell has said the number of customers still using pulse dialing is a small percentage of their customer base.

The glitch is that Bell Sympatico won't provide DSL service without a tone dial connection, or at least that's what I was told at a Bell Store. Not surprisingly, this is the answer from several of the "competing" DSL ISPs as well given that the majority of DSL providers are reselling the wholesale Bell DSL service.

My questions are:

1. Is there a technical reason (other than the money) that DSL is not provided to customers that don't use tone dialing?

2. If there isn't a technical reason, then are there any DSL providers that offer service to pulse dial customers?

3. Is this the case in other countries too?"


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