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A Coffeeshop's Weekends Without Wi-Fi

meganthom Torn (513 comments)

I'm actually a bit torn on this issue. I understand the problems with squatters and would be frustrated if I were the coffee shop, but I love having the free wi-fi at our local coffee shops. I like the idea many are proposing with timed tickets and the like.

Coffee shops are in a delicate predicament when it comes to users. My fiance was once asked to leave a coffee shop for playing a board game there. They had chess boards at the shop, and my fiance and his friends had each bought more than $10 worth of food and drinks. Unfortunately, they were there at the time the coffee shop was trying to transition to a wine bar for the evening, and they would have harmed the "atmosphere."

Personally, I think what should really have us up in arms is the state of wifi at airports. They want something like $7/hour for their services! I know they can get it from business people, so it's a wise business decision (in a sense), but aren't airports bad enough these days? Give me a break. :-P

more than 9 years ago


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