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Your favorite science TV show

mellifluous Kinetic Karnival (488 comments)

Professor Jearl Walker had a great but short-lived show in the early '80s (IIRC) called Kinetic Karnival. The episode on the Leidenfrost effect was especially entertaining, including dipping his hand in molten lead, walking across hot coals, and placing liquid nitrogen in his mouth. (Though I have heard that professor Walker's theory about the role of the Leidenfrost effect and coal-walking was a bit tenuous and that he apparently injured himself at some point doing this.) His episode on forces and collisions included a demonstration on karate-type board breaking, especially why placing spacers between boards makes dramatic breaks much easier. Episode list. Not necessarily my favorite (I voted for Nova), but an entertaining and overlooked show if you ever run across it.

more than 8 years ago


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