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How many robocalls do you get each month?

men0s What about Texts? (228 comments)

I live in the US and don't have a land-line, just a cell phone. While I haven't received any unsolicited phone calls in years, I've probably received about five text messages within the past two months for generic mortgage refinancing or auto warranties from area codes elsewhere in the US.

more than 2 years ago

Legal Tender? Maybe Not, Says Louisiana Law

men0s Bitcoin Icon? (655 comments)

Maybe a bit off topic but why is this story being displayed with a Bitcoin avatar? Just because the submitter somehow thinks that they're coming for his Bitcoins next? Give me a fucking break.

about 2 years ago

Chain World — Innovative Game Design Sparks Debate

men0s Re:Not different (178 comments)

Didn't some SA Goons do something similar with a Dwarf Fortress world file? I'm not sure of the stipulations on when your time was up, but it seemed interesting. Someone started a new world, did some work, posted screen caps and summaries, and then handed it off to another Goon. Only one person could play it at a time. Rinse and repeat. The thread was entertaining to read, for sure.

more than 3 years ago

There Oughta Be a Standard: Laptop Power Supplies

men0s Re:or... (482 comments)

So YOU'RE the one wearing the black hat in all those xkcd comics.

more than 3 years ago

'Motherlode' of Data Seized At Bin Laden Compound

men0s Re:Where's wiki-leaks? (718 comments)

I was going to give the Hopefully a while answer but for completely different reasons.

They stated that they have hundreds of people going through it. If one of those hundreds leaked it, I imagine it wouldn't take many resources to figure out who it was. I mean, these guys just killed the Hide and Seek World Champion; surely a mole in their own group would be much easier to locate and neutralize.

Also, is this information relevant? With Wikileaks, lots of the information and cables were in the vein of what the United States government was doing or saying without letting the US citizens know. The data that is contained on some spinning platters in OBL's compound could be, well, anything. It might not even be pertinent to any country's citizens.

more than 3 years ago

Ubuntu 11.04, Slackware 13.37

men0s Re:A radical departure? (266 comments)

Because dwm is customized through editing its source code, it’s pointless to make binary packages of it. This keeps its userbase small and elitist. No novices asking stupid questions.

I guess you're one of the elitists, eh?

more than 3 years ago

Wardrivers Target Seattle Businesses

men0s Re:Feed 'em false numbers (138 comments)

It would be easy to set up a weakly protect access point that did nothing but generate bogus transactions with bad credit card numbers - that could pollute the crook's database, particularly if they don't do a good job of recording of which card number came from which network.

They could do that, yes, but I would hope that these war drivers understand that nearly all credit card numbers are generated according to the Luhn check. They would run those bad credit card numbers through an algorithm that returns a boolean value denoting whether the credit card is valid or not. If not, they would simply send it to the bit bucket in the sky.

more than 3 years ago

Linux Patent Protection Network Lures Facebook, HP

men0s Sony? (106 comments)

Not trying to flamebait but Sony? The same Sony that chose to remove the OtherOS option (which allowed users to run a form a Linux) from their PS3 consoles? Why would they be one of the founding members of this organization?

more than 2 years ago

America's Tech Decline: a Reading Guide

men0s Re:Andy Grove's comment on offshoring (611 comments)

They've basically mined the consumer market until it's depleted, and then they move on.

That sounds like a.. oh.. what's the word... parasite?

more than 3 years ago

Garry's Mod Catches Pirates the Fun Way

men0s Re:The article site sucks (365 comments)

You don't really need to RFTA on this one. The submitter copied the first half of the article verbatim. The second half was an example of some guy asking for help with the shade polygon error and then getting permabanned from a forum. Ho-hum.

more than 3 years ago

US Military Deploys Personal Gunshot Detectors

men0s Not Much Help Against the First Shot (257 comments)

If a sniper has a clear shot and takes a person out, well, that target will be dead before the sound waves reach the device. But at least the rest of the squad would know where the shot came from and respond accordingly.

more than 3 years ago

Texas Bill Outlaws Discrimination Against Creationists In Academia

men0s Re:yes but... (1251 comments)

Except no religion is mentioned. This is simply a belief into how the universe was created. Yes, there are ID believers that also follow a monotheistic religion but do all of them follow the same one? Are they all Catholic, Lutheran, or Baptist? Or maybe they are a Christian or of Native American descent.

more than 3 years ago

Judge Lets Sony Access GeoHot's PayPal Account

men0s Re:Looks like they'll have my name... (288 comments)

I agree with you completely. Shooting someone in a place of worship and firebombing clinics sound like intimidation through violence to promote an agenda to me. Classify all anti-abortionists as terrorists ;)

more than 3 years ago

AT&T To Introduce Broadband Caps

men0s Re:Let them know the customer is the boss! (538 comments)

I guess I'll just have no home Internet then! The only other high-speed (never had dial-up, don't want to start now) ISP available to me is Comcast, a company that implemented caps back in 2008. And I've already checked, no business class connection available where I live. Awesome.

more than 3 years ago

Timezone Maintainer Retiring

men0s Re:Definition of awesome (198 comments)

That is not what the GP is getting at. Using the outcome of a project is not the same as pushing the project forward.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Facebook Archiving?

men0s Local Backup (368 comments)

If you're a reader of slashdot, I'm sure you're aware how far a couple of hard drives (internal and external) and off-site storage will go. Tell her to start copying them to a hard drive, upload them to Facebook, but don't delete them. Start this now and then tell her to go back and download her profile as someone in the thread already mentioned. Simple, really, unless I'm missing something in the question.

In the same vein your daughter's question, what about all the meta data attached to the posted picture itself? For example, everyone that is tagged in the photo, the caption of the photo, and the comments that went along with it. Yes, I would rather want the photo than the extraneous information, but I'm sure someday I'm going to have trouble some people are in those images..

more than 3 years ago

Reminiscing Old School Linux

men0s Re:Nostalgia ain't what it used to be (539 comments)

I miss when a 266 MHz CPU and 64 MB of RAM was enough to do serious work under Linux.

Two things. One, don't even install X or any WMs, just run everything from the command line. Two, your complaint is not exclusively geared towards the operating system itself; the software you run on that OS has also changed in the 15 years since you booted up that old shitbox.

more than 3 years ago

Researchers Create Computer That Fits On a Pen Tip

men0s Re:Eyeball botnet anyone? (110 comments)

Sorry, the Bob Evan's is closed.

more than 3 years ago

GeoHot Asks For Donations To Fight Sony

men0s Re:Pulling out my hair. (470 comments)

I am trying to weed out the fucking donation link amongst ~*8 links (and maybe ones i dont see) sprinkled and 'beautifully' embedded in the sentences as part of sentences in the summary and articles...why are people doing this ?

I usually do this so that people can understand what the link is about before clicking on it. This is also useful for people that use programs which read aloud the web page. Having a program saying "here" is a link that goes to some URL is a lot less descriptive than "donate to GeoHot" which points to the same URL.

more than 3 years ago


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