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ASK SLASHDOT What happened to the resolution of laptops

mengu Re:Dell XPS (3 comments)

1920x1080 are dime-a-dozen, 1920x1200 are harder to find.
On the old IBM t60 you could even upgrade to qxga (2048x1536)

mmmmmm, i would like a modern laptop with wqxga :-)

more than 2 years ago

Why You Shouldn't Worry About IPv6 Just Yet

mengu Re:I'm not worrying about it (425 comments)

Exactly, once you HAVE ipv6, it just works.

The thing that blows my mind is how so many people are just putting their head in the sand, and claiming this doesn't apply to them.

While I DO agree, that for most endusers, this will not be a problem for some time, do we really want to postpone the problem until someone comes along and says "oh, btw, next week we wont have any more IPV4 addresses, just so you know"

I Live in Sweden, and have been trying to find isps that hand out IPV6 addresses and even in Sweden, that supposedly is somewhat ahead of the bellcurve, it IS difficult to find IPS that offer residential customers IPV6 addresspace. Where I work i manage the peering with our upstream ISP's and we have IPV6 BGP peering with all of them and have quite a significant amount of IPV6 addresses assigned to us (I dont expect we will run out anytime before the year 2100 or so, but i guess thats being conservative, after all, its not too long ago that Bill Gates predicted that 640k ought to be enough for anyone)

All in all, what do we have to loose in being prepared? I would rather be prepared and have all of my firewall and other issues figured out NOW instead of being forced to do so in a rush and just "throw it together", The excuse that no residential routers handle it falls pretty quickly. Wrt54g, everyones(?) favo(u)rite router has in some form or another had IPV6 support since at least 2006, probably earlier but that was just the first results google turned up....

So can we at least to agree to disagree, while I DO know that the last IPV4 /8's are being handed out most probably in 2011 (Unless a miracle happens), those who get it will have addresses for quite a while, but we SHOULD all of us call our isp once a week or so and open a ticket on the lack of RA on our link....
Sooner or later (hopefully sooner, I feel bad for you poor guys in helpdesk) the ISPs will see a demand for IPV6 and deploy it.

more than 4 years ago



ASK SLASHDOT What happened to the resolution of laptops

mengu mengu writes  |  more than 2 years ago

mengu (452383) writes "Like many others its time for me to upgrade my work laptop but all 15" laptop displays that i can find now are 16:9 and no larger than 1080p vertical. I have a tv to watch movies on, I am looking for a laptop to do some work on while on the move so the only remaining option seems to be the macbook pro but that would be 17". Has anyone out there located a modern sandy bridge machine with 1920x1200 or better?"

mengu mengu writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mengu (452383) writes "It seems that a recent decision by Swedish court will make it more difficult for the **AA to find the persons behind the ip-addresses. From TFA "The court is confirming that file sharing is punishable by fines. This means that the police are not permitted to demand details of the addresses behind IP addresses and cannot carry out house searches," said Piratbyrån's Tobias Andersson. What it translates to is that since the crime will only render in fines and not prison time, Search-warrants cannot be issued. http://www.thelocal.se/7581/20070612/"


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