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Which Distro For an Eee PC?

metallicagoaltender Re:Ubuntu (466 comments)

+1 on Ubuntu. I picked up an Eee 1000H this past weekend and installing Easy Peasy (the poorly named Ubuntu Eee distro) via flash drive was ridiculously easy. Everything worked right off the bat without any messing around with config files. The "Netbook Remix" interface is sort of annoying, but very easy to turn off.

more than 5 years ago

UMD Sales Picking Up Steam

metallicagoaltender Sales by territory? (78 comments)

I'd be curious to see the sales numbers broken out by territory, especially the movies. Are UMD movies selling well in America, or has Japan been helping those numbers?
Considering no one I know has been the least bit interested in movies, despite enjoying the PSP, I'm honestly surprised with those figures...

more than 9 years ago


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