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About Half of Kids' Learning Ability Is In Their DNA

methano Insightful comment lost! (227 comments)

I was typing something really insightful about this and the stupid page reloaded and it all disappeared. Well, I'm not gonna type it again.

But, I will call BS on this "generalist genes" concept.

about two weeks ago

To distress my enemies, I'd force on them ...

methano Ads at the bottom of the screen (199 comments)

If I wanted to annoy a long time reader of Slashdot, I start putting those little ads at the bottom of the screen that cover up text just like Slashdot has started doing.

about 3 months ago

China Bans Government Purchases of Windows 8

methano Not a bad idea! (200 comments)

Maybe the US government should consider doing the same thing.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Anti-Theft Products For the Over-Equipped Household?

methano Moat (408 comments)

Build a moat. Oh yeah, get some boiling oil, too.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Computer Science Freshman, Too Soon To Job Hunt?

methano Bad Attitude (309 comments)

Wow, not much modding up on these posts. Lots of bitter people. Maybe you should consider a career in health care.

about 3 months ago

Star Cluster Ejected From Galaxy At 2,000,000 MPH

methano Re:They didn't pay the rent? (133 comments)

Unfortunately, all the passengers would be smushed to a 1 mm thick puddle in the back of the capsule. That is if we got them to that speed in a lifetime. Or maybe not. I need to go do some more math.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

methano Dynaco A-25's (702 comments)

My Dynaco A-25 speakers still worked fine when I sold them on Craig's list a few years ago. I would have kept them but I no longer had a receiver to drive them. I asked for $30 each, the same price I paid in 1973. The guy paid that, saying it seemed like the right price and made a good story.

about 4 months ago

Investors Value Yahoo's Core Business At Less Than $0

methano Been there. (150 comments)

I used to work for a biotech company. After we went public our stock did nothing but sink. There was a period of time where our total value was substantially less than our cash in the bank. In other words, a pile of money in the hands of our management was worth less than the same pile of money just sitting on a table. I tended to agree with the market on that one.

about 4 months ago

Kansas To Nix Expansion of Google Fiber and Municipal Broadband

methano Re:But Kansas! (430 comments)

North Carolina also passed legislation like this a few years ago after the City of Wilson showed they could get much better internet if they did it themselves. The cable guy was so upset that he had to buy off the legislature and get this law passed to enable competition. Really?

about 7 months ago

Programming Molecules To Let Chemicals Make Decisions

methano BS (28 comments)

I am an organic chemist. I'm not the smartest guy in the world but I do know a little bit about making molecules and their chances of doing useful things in the body. I've been doing this for 35 years and I have some credentials though I'm not a Harvard professor. My opinion is that this article is pure, extremely well crafted, bullshit. Throwing in all that math only makes it more so.

about 8 months ago

Google and Microsoft To Block Child-Abuse Search Terms

methano Re:Well, it's something. (308 comments)

It seems that there is no problem so bad, that the coders don't think it can be solved by writing more code.

about 9 months ago

Does Software Need a Siskel and Ebert?

methano Mac Word 6.0 by David Pogue (169 comments)

I knew that the future of reliable reviews at the NYT was over when David Pogue gave MS Word 6.0 for the Mac a good review. It's almost universally seen as one of the worst software upgrades in history.

I emailed him and told him I was disappointed.

about 10 months ago

Do You Need Headphones While Working?

methano No headphones in Chemistry labs (262 comments)

I work in a lab doing chemistry things. If someone has an explosion or a fire, it's important that you can hear their screams and, I guess, the fire alarm too. For that reason, headphones are usually banned in a lab environment where you work with pyrophoric materials.

about 10 months ago

Why Can't Big Government Launch a Website?

methano Re:The answer is SIMPLE (786 comments)

The answer is simple: Wernher von Braun

You need somebody in charge that knows what it looks like when it's finished.

about 10 months ago

How To Better Verify Scientific Research

methano in vivo biology is not all science (197 comments)

It's important to remember that in vivo biology is not all of science. It's a lot harder to know what you're doing in biology. If you want excellent reproducible science, let's just roll balls down inclines, measure that and hope we don't get sick.

about 10 months ago

4K Ultra HD Likely To Repeat the Failure of 3D Television

methano Re:I would love 4K!!! (559 comments)

One of the advantages of getting older is that your own visual resolution drops. So you can get just as much information from 720p as from that 4K stuff. The device can try to give you more but you can't use. Same goes for sound. You don't have to stand around and argue about compression algorithms cause you can't hear the difference. It doesn't matter if they're different. You can't use it.

about 10 months ago

ITER Fusion Reactor On Track To Generating Power By 2028

methano Re:Why Didn't I think of that? (232 comments)

Fusion! The energy of the Future and always will be!

about 10 months ago

Computer Modelers Secure Chemistry Nobels

methano Re:Too late Nobel committee (34 comments)

The peace prize is actually awarded by a Norwegian group and the science prizes by Swedes. So you can keep your respect for the science prizes and still cling to your crappy politics. Lucky you.

about 10 months ago

Man Trying To Fly Across the Atlantic On Helium Balloons

methano Re:waste of helium. (92 comments)

Hmmm! OK, I'll bite. I think you're making this up and don't really have a clue about recycled helium. I could be wrong but that's what I think.

about a year ago

U.S. Gov't Still Fighting the Man Behind Buckyballs; Guess Who's Winning?

methano Re:Sounds good to me (555 comments)

Right after I posted, I tried the original 6x6x6. I did it by making 6x6's and folding them over onto the growing cube. I was able to almost make it except that I now appear to have only 213 balls instead of the original 216. I left off 3 corners. It would clearly have been more stable if I had all of them. After fondling it a bit, it went haywire and collapsed into the close-pack on one plane. So I smushed it into randomness again.

Maybe those 3 lost balls are what killed the cat.

about a year ago


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