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The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record

mevets Re:But its cooler here... (552 comments)

As you understand Rush? How do you navigate that exquisite maze of nuance and insight? Do you have to be a sell out junkie to really get it?

about 2 months ago

Study: People Would Rather Be Shocked Than Be Alone With Their Thoughts

mevets Re:Sad, sad times... (333 comments)

Sounds a lot like public transit, like sitting on an inside seat in a plane, without the sap next to you mistaking the reclining chair for a therapy couch.

about 2 months ago

Study: Earthlings Not Ready For Alien Encounters, Yet

mevets Re:"scientists or astronauts ..the best candidates (453 comments)

We may not have the necessary social skills; so sending the least socially adept people we can find will do what? Lower their expectations? Elicit sympathy?

about 4 months ago

Stanford Bioengineers Develop 'Neurocore' Chips 9,000 Times Faster Than a PC

mevets We are getting smarter? (209 comments)

If you remove the outliers, our brains seem to be growing in accordance with Moore's Law.
I wonder how many there are now...

about 5 months ago

Lying Eyes: Cyborg Glasses Simulate Eye Expressions

mevets Re:Use Case (56 comments)

Donâ(TM)t worry. I have a feeling you wonâ(TM)t have to put up with that for much longer.

about 5 months ago

OpenBSD Team Cleaning Up OpenSSL

mevets change is the constant (304 comments)

And thus another decade long slashdot argument turns out to be an elementary lexical oversight.

about 5 months ago

Job Automation and the Minimum Wage Debate

mevets Re:You Will Be Surprised (870 comments)

It is quite possible you responded to a post by a travesty generator; that is the post was a joke about what automation will replace.

If I've offended someone, sorry.

about 6 months ago

AT&T Exec Calls Netflix "Arrogant" For Expecting Net Neutrality

mevets Re:Not how it works? (466 comments)

AT&T (nee Bell) played a pivotal role in the development of packet switched networks. The combination of excessive long distance rates and circuit congestion spurred the development of least cost packet routing.

Maybe they are trying to help spur technology that will take them out of the picture completely.

about 6 months ago

The Era of Facebook Is an Anomaly

mevets Re:Social network API (260 comments)

| Advertisements is the only way its going to happen.

That is a bleak assessment of where these services are at. Only the bottom feeders will pay for them.

about 6 months ago

Religion Is Good For Your Brain

mevets Does it matter if its true? (529 comments)

I like to dance. Much of dance is derived from tribal rituals. I can still enjoy dancing without fear of affecting the weather.

about 6 months ago

First LSD Test In 40 Years Reveal Drug Helps Terminal Patients Prepare For Death

mevets Jerry Garcia, prophet (221 comments)

The Grateful Dead takes on a deeper meaning.

about 6 months ago

Google Won't Enable Chrome Video Acceleration Because of Linux GPU Bugs

mevets Re:Google really cares about Linux (295 comments)

I think it is more like comparing a dragon fly to a pack of dingos.

about 6 months ago

Stack Overflow Could Explain Toyota Vehicles' Unintended Acceleration

mevets How can drivers protect themselves.... (664 comments)

One way would be to insist that automakers do not nickel and dime design vehicles. The critical components related to vehicle safety should be designed for safety first, cost second.

These vehicles go for over $20 000, I should at least have the option to pay an extra $1000 to chuck the electronic crap.

about 7 months ago

A Corporate War Against a Scientist, and How He Fought Back

mevets The knee jerk reaction... (253 comments)

There are the good few (companies) that spoil it for the rotten masses, but they are so rare as to seldom garner a mention.
I would expect that a good company would immediately fire the author of this snivelling little shit strategy, not implement it.

about 7 months ago

Astronomers Investigating Unknown Object That Hit the Earth In 773 AD

mevets Quite a mystery (84 comments)

Good thing you brought it here. Nothing solves a mystery faster than wild ass conjecture.

about 8 months ago

How the Web Makes a Real-Life Breaking Bad Possible

mevets Re:Why wait? (194 comments)

If you discount those factors, how do you resolve the varied reactions of the different substances? Not every heroin user becomes dependent; though a great many do.
I didn't think the jury was in for chemical dependence wrt nicotine and cocaine.

about 8 months ago

Canadian Health Scientists Resort To Sneaker Net After Funding Slashed

mevets Re:Not only in the US... (168 comments)

So, if the CBC reported it, it does not count? That is convenient.
If you were interested, though I doubt you are, you could look at the references, citations, etc.. in:
    Muzzling Civil Servants: A Threat to Democracy?
which google will happily provide you a pointer to.

In the unlikely event that you would bother, I am sure you would label them all, along with the authors, institutions, neighbourhoods, cities and provinces as anti-right. Facts are no match for blind, stupid partisanship.

about 8 months ago



Gates: U.S. missile defense plans can adapt to int

mevets mevets writes  |  about 5 years ago

mevets writes ""I probably am more familiar with the risks of over-reliance on intel.... I've seen how often it's been wrong". "...this architecture gives us a better chance of being able to cope with it," said Gates. Gates said the new technologies that would be used "give us more flexibility.""
Link to Original Source

Facebook breaches Canadian privacy law.

mevets mevets writes  |  more than 5 years ago

mevets (322601) writes "The Canadian federal privacy commissioner has raised four issues with facebook for operating outside of Canadian privacy laws. The concerns are with the lack of access control, indefinite data retention, material ownership after death, and lack of protection of information about non-users. Supposing facebooks 15 minutes are pretty much up, any limitations would affect its value. Canada isn't important, but the EU is performing similar investigations, and the US may have some applicable laws as well."
Link to Original Source

RCMP urges Tasers be restricted

mevets mevets writes  |  more than 6 years ago

mevets (322601) writes "Nutshell is that only "greybeard" cops should be allowed to use tasers, apparently "newbies" are viewed as a bit electro-shock happy. Other nugget is that everyone they electrocute gets mandatory medical treatment. I know that in Canada the hospital visits are free, but if the US adopts this, could it become a cheap way to get free medical attention? The human-prod manufacturers have been very litigious over criticism; since Disney have the marketing rights to the RCMP, will Mickey get a cease and desist? Will they zap Pluto? Section and topic are a bit odd, but were funny to me...."
Link to Original Source

mevets mevets writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mevets writes "From the first paragraph: 'Despite twenty years of research, the phase diagram of high-transition-temperature superconductors remains enigmatic. A central issue is the origin of the differences in the physical properties of these copper oxides doped to opposite sides of the superconducting region. In the overdoped regime, the material behaves as a reasonably conventional metal, with a large Fermi surface.' I'm a bit overdoped to understand it, but portable MRI machines would breathe some new life into youtube..."
Link to Original Source


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