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FBI Director Continues His Campaign Against Encryption

mewsenews His argument boils down to: (284 comments)

You don't deserve privacy because criminals don't deserve privacy.

about a month ago

Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

mewsenews Probably going to be a rant: (221 comments)

I'm Canadian and I'm very pro-science. Not because I'm left-wing or right-wing, but because my mother was a science teacher and I've basically absorbed it. I literally have no personal attributes that I can try to commend regarding my decent scientific knowledge. Regarding the fucking article, I'm Canadian and I have a science education. A bachelors to be technical. I hated science courses in university. They were dry and the instructors had no interest in helping me. It was a night and day difference from my high school experience. Back to the topic of this article, Canadians understand science to be the truth. We've got less religious disruption than the Americans, and probably many European countries. I told my mother a few months ago that "I need to tell you, growing up I didn't realize that scientific beliefs would be repeatedly questioned in front of me as if there were no experimental evidence" and she went off on some other tangent as mothers do, but I was trying to tell her that she is the basis of everything I believe in the world. My parents took me to church and it was obviously bullshit. My mom told me about chemical reactions and it made sense. I hate myself for not being kinder to my mother.

about 3 months ago

Target Hackers Have More Data Than They Can Sell

mewsenews Re:Uh, it's not 40 million... (118 comments)

They'll get to it. Right after they switch to metric

about 10 months ago

Samsung, Apple Agree To Try Mediation In Patent Disputes

mewsenews Re:History of Anglican Takeover of Pagan Patents (70 comments)

I was under the impression that the Taipei geeks were fiddling with the touchpad and display screen markets, out of their niche in ATM touchscreen displays (which wealthy nations ignored), and that when they were contracted by Apple to make Ipads they said "hey, check this out, we put a screen on it. And you can attach at telephone". And Apple said "heck yah make that" but nothing kept Samsung from doing the same. But that's a general recollection, I don't want to be cited as a source.

I don't remember it happening in that way.

Apple acquired a company called FingerWorks that didn't do touchscreens, but DID do multitouch gesture systems.

Steve Job's vision for the iPhone was a phone that is a piece of glass. I believe capacitive sensors had been done before, but Apple's hardware+software expertise, combined with FingerWorks patents, created the gesture-based interface that now seems routine on smartphones.

To be able to manipulate items on the screen by touch -- incredibly responsive, intuitive gestures, it was a big breakthrough. Even tiny things like the little slider thing to unlock an iPhone was magic, it appeared like a physical latch because it followed your touch.

Swipe to scroll, pinch to zoom, etc etc, those gestures were from FingerWorks, AFAIK.

about 10 months ago

Google Brings AmigaOS to Chrome Via Native Client Emulation

mewsenews Open message to all developers (157 comments)

Please stop with cutesy loading messages (reticulating splines, fetching slippers, percolating coffee). You were too lazy to include an accurate bar indicating when the loading process would finish, and you are insulting our time wasted looking at your "jokes".

about a year ago

Doom Is Twenty Years Old

mewsenews Re:Problems recreating the original audio experien (225 comments)

Any tips on how to recreate that standard 1994-1995 486 experience aside from finding an old pc and installing win95?

Chocolate doom has built-in emulation of the adlib chip that was present on the ubiquitous soundblaster cards of the 90s

about a year ago

Doom Is Twenty Years Old

mewsenews Re:"legends John Carmack and John Romero"? (225 comments)

that litigious asshole John Carmack

Holy crap there is a lot of bile in your post.

Doom was designed to be modded - you had the IWAD that stored the main game data, and you could load a PWAD with command line parameters. Those features were either put in by Carmack or blessed by him.

I'm intimately familiar with what the Doom community became after 1998 when Carmack released the source code (how many other companies do that?)

He was tremendously supportive of the community and personally replied to some emails I sent him over the years asking him about GPL licensing of old id stuff.

He's even got an account here on Slashdot.

The portrait you paint of him does not match anything I've seen or read about him, ever.

about a year ago

Intel Linux Driver Now Nearly As Fast As Windows OpenGL Driver

mewsenews Re: woo (113 comments)

How does microsoft do so much user testing and have no idea these products are going to be colossal flops?

I can't imagine the reasoning that went on behind the push for Windows 8:

"Let's unify our mobile and desktop interfaces, because we have a stranglehold on the desktop, people will gravitate towards our mobile offerings"

The public responds "we hate this" and they choose to do it anyway? Don't they do focus groups? Didn't they anticipate that people are disgusted by a touch interface on their keyboard+mouse system?

I'm fascinated and horrified but I'm also pleased because I am not fond of Microsoft, but what the hell do they think they are doing?

about a year ago

Google Attacks Microsoft Again: Android 4.4 Ships With Quickoffice

mewsenews Re:quickoffice (178 comments)

I knew there would be at least one comment downplaying this story.

This is a tiny move on Google's part with huge ramifications.

Android has been a huge success, I read that it has something like 80% of the market share of mobile devices, but that statistic was probably made up.

When Grandma opens an email on her tablet thing that her IT grandson told her to get so that he could stop supporting her Windows computer, she's going to be opening the word attachment using Google software - and then possibly editing it and sending it back - using Google software.

Microsoft gets nothing, they are removed from the loop.

The default office suite on Android could be as important as the default web browser on Windows - and we know what a ruckus that caused.

1 year,19 days

Intel Rolls Out Raspberry Pi Competitor

mewsenews What. (214 comments)

How is a $200 board a raspberry pi competitor?

about a year ago

Hackaday For Sale, Editors Seek Crowd Funding To Buy It

mewsenews One fan's view point (62 comments)

I've read hackaday for years.

A couple weeks ago on July 1st, Caleb Kraft announced he was leaving and the site went for sale on the same day.

This was kinda suspicious for both things to happen at the same time especially because Caleb never explained why he left. HOWEVER, Caleb has posted to his personal site that he's started a new job at Not sure why that was worth keeping secret.

Still, the whole thing feels like the current owner is holding the site for ransom. The way it is being explained is that the profits from hackaday are being poured into other weblogs, but if this campaign is successful, a non-profit will be formed and advertising profits will be poured back into the site.

I don't understand why they don't just buy a new domain. The freakin site is made with wordpress, who cares, the community can migrate.

about a year ago

Apogee Suing Gearbox Over Unpaid Royalties For Duke Nukem Forever

mewsenews Kinda funny (88 comments)

Oh, you want a cut of the profits??

*rummages in pockets, produces crumpled gum wrapper*

about a year and a half ago

RIM Pays Off Nokia; Patent Dispute Settled

mewsenews Smart (23 comments)

Both companies are struggling majorly and it's good they were able to resolve this so that they can try to focus on developing competitive products.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Math and Science iOS Apps For Young Kids?

mewsenews Algebra Touch (165 comments)

Algebra Touch is an amazing app that demonstrates how variables work in algebraic equations, highly recommended. Maybe too high level for a 3 year old but it's about as mathy as iOS can get.

about 2 years ago

Activists' Drone Shot Out of the Sky For Fourth Time

mewsenews Re:Over private property? (733 comments)

This is like insulting the girl hanging off Mike Tyson's arm. Dude, you're gonna lose.

Coincidentally Mike Tyson loves pigeons and one of the reasons he started boxing was his horror when hooligans found his coops and killed his pigeons.

Not relevant to this story at all of course, animal activists are stupid as hell

about 2 years ago


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