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Enterprise FOSS Adoption Beyond Linux Servers?

mgrennan its political (227 comments)

Good Luck. I have faced this my entire tech life. There are lots of business using OpenSource products and I've made all the arguments. It's often about the back room business agreements "business partners" then any tech. For example, Hertz Car Rental buys IBM and Cisco because they use Hertz cars almost exclusively. You can't fight this.

Garner say 85 percent of companies are already using open source. In this day in age, if you companies is not using OS, they are a dinosaur.

more than 5 years ago

DOJ Doesn't Like the Idea of A Copyright Czar

mgrennan Only 10 Sec are Fare Use (215 comments)

If this hold true and only 10 seconds are covered under fare use, what keeps them from charging you with 11 fines on a two minute song? (The first ten sec are free).

more than 7 years ago



mgrennan mgrennan writes  |  about 8 years ago

mgrennan writes "Where is open source being really being used? Do people find high tech jobs through places like Monster? Are there any support groups about finding a job in the Internet age?

Shrink wrap still seems to be the choose of large companies. Support is always the first excuse. At my last job (running Hertz.com) they are converting everything from AIX and HPUX to RedHat Enterprise. I have used Linux since version 0.99. My job was largely doing Linux support. But when layoffs came, it was my time to go.

I've always keep on the cutting edge. I starting by building my first computer from a 4004 in the 70s. Yup, I'm old. (My SlashDot ID number is 2067.) And jobs have always found me. Now I'm searching and even though I'm a high tech open source guy, hunting a job is new to me.

If you'd like to follow my hunt go to www.grennan.com."



Privacy is dead.

mgrennan mgrennan writes  |  more than 10 years ago

On the Internet everyone knows who you are. The days of being an "anonomus dog" are gone. The goverment is only trying to catch up what is already being done at your office. Camera's, voice recorders, and pass badges every where.

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