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Incomplete PDF Redaction Leaks Data From UK MoD

mgv Re:Only safe way to do it... (171 comments)


As others have noted, you can just replace the text with "[redacted]", which also removes the length guessing.

Some people have noted some (ridiculous) concerns (like file formats storing changes, which could simply be disabled, and should be caught by the audit procedure afterwards - there is an audit, right?!?). So if you really want the print-out-and-scan-in type of dumbed down method, then:

* save to a bitmap or jpeg.
* black out the text in there need for the useless media conversion (print/scan).

Of course, that only works if you turn "track changes" off in word... :)


more than 2 years ago

Last Days For Central IPv4 Address Pool

mgv How many isp's do ip6? (376 comments)

Most isp's don't give out ip6 addresses

Most home routers don't handle ip6 (apple is a notable exception here)

This is going to be a bit ugly for a while.

more than 3 years ago

Quantum Setback For Warp Drives

mgv Re:Mod parent up (627 comments)

Yeah but you need a massive amount of fuel to accelerate to C and then slow down again. About 40,000 times the size of the shuttle's boosters.

Perhaps this is why, despite our best efforts, no other civilization has contacted us. It's simply too hard to bridge the huuuuge gap between the stars.

Yes, if I was going to build a universe with all sorts of playthings in it, I'd probably separate the experiments with enough spacetime that when the odd experiment blows up it doesn't really affect any others around it.

Not that I think that the universe was actually designed, but if it was, that would be how I would do it.


more than 5 years ago

CO2 To Fuel, Closing the "Carbon Loop"

mgv Re:Ammonia (316 comments)

If it was so easy to make cars twice as efficient, don't you think we would have done that already?

That line was put in for the SUV drivers out there. We have already made cars that are twice as efficient as a SUV.

However, there are whole new classes of hybrids out there that get good fuel efficiency. And some very efficient conventional engines. They just don't make it into many current vehicles. However, if we adopted these vehicles in a wide spread manner then the overall efficiency of the car fleet would probably nearly double.

Responding to an AC - I should feed the trolls....

more than 5 years ago

CO2 To Fuel, Closing the "Carbon Loop"

mgv Ammonia (316 comments)

There are two issues here.

The first - energy. It cant be avoided. To make fuel from CO2 you need energy. Nuclear, wind, solar. It doesn't matter what really, but you will need some input and this technology cannot address that.

The second - why do this. Actually, it makes sense to have a liquid fuel base. Transportation runs on liquid fuel as a store of energy. If we make liquid fuels from solar, for example, we can store solar energy in a useful form for when it is dark.

So without commenting on this particular technology - which everyone has quite rightly stated won't work without considering energy inputs - the general concept of creating a liquid fuel energy store has some merit.

Having said this, I've spent quite a bit of time looking at a rather different liquid fuel store which I think has more promise than hydrocarbons.

That fuel is ammonia.

Whilst its only half as energy dense as diesel, its not that hard to make from electricity. In fact, it can be made by electrolysis fairly easily, and this has been done for nearly 100 years. so its not exactly new technology.

Nor is the ability to use it in a standard internal combustion engine. In fact, it was being used as a fuel for buses over 60 years ago and it works in a standard engine with little modification.

Because its less energy dense than diesel, its a lot easier to make synthetically, but has enough energy per litre to be worthwhile. Whilst having half the range per litre of fuel is an inconvenience, I am sure that we could live pretty much as we do today with vehicle technology that is available today.

We either accept half the range, or build the fuel tanks twice as big, or maybe even make the cars twice as efficient. All of these are easy options really.

I think that we have all gotten so fixated on fossil fuels that we have ignored a really low technology solution here.


more than 5 years ago



Flash is dead

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 2 years ago

mgv writes "Flash has died — at least on the mobile platform

As of now, adobe is discontinuing flash (other than a few minor security updates for an unspecified period of time) for mobile devices."

Link to Original Source

Peak Oil Media Guide

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 6 years ago

mgv writes "As everyone is paying more to fill up their tanks, and oil rises in price, a number of causes are stated in the media (war, market speculation, etc). Occasionally the concept of peak oil is mentioned, particularly in the last year. Getting accurate and concise information on what is happening is still difficult for the average person. The impact of oil production peaking is likely to dwarf both the Iraq war and the subprime mortgage crisis. We will require major investments in new technologies to maintain our current energy usage. The Peak Oil Media Guide is designed to provide a clear basis for dealing with many statements commonly stated in the mainstream media. If you haven't taken the time to read about why oil (and gasoline) prices seem to keep on rising, this link is worth your time reading."
Link to Original Source

Kismac soon to become illegal

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mgv writes "From the website: "There has not been a lot of time for KisMAC lately. However the motivation for this drastic step lays somewhere different. German laws change and are being adapted for "better" protection against something politicians obviously do not understand. It will become illegal to develop, use or even posses KisMAC in this banana republic." So, unfortunately, one of the better passive wireless network detection programs for the mac is being wound up. If you are able, download the binary and source code now."
Link to Original Source

Keeping Emails

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mgv writes "In a rather fascinating admission, the government of Western Australia has stated that they do not back up email for longer than three months. This came to light when the director general was identified as having email communications with Mr Brian Burke, the ex-premier of Western Australia (equivalent to a state governor). Mr Burke is more famous for the time he spent in prison for corrupt deals with companies, whose subsequent collapse cost the state government around $600 million dollars. However, this leaves the interesting question of the missing emails. Which poses questions for Slashdot: What can be done to get the emails? How many mail servers can even be configured to delete the body of a message, but not the headers? And what justification could there be for a 3 month message deletion policy? It seems hard to believe that anything this recent is gone, especially when the government claims it still has the email headers, just not the body of the messages. For the record, the government uses microsoft exchange server."
Link to Original Source

One-in-three Americans want iPhone

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mgv writes "Apple's iPhone could emerge as the most succesful product introduction of the 21st century, according to a survey that showed 30% of people surveyed planned to buy an iPhone. 8% planned to buy the phone in the next 3 months, ensuring that apple's initial sales aren't likely to fade away after the initial early adopter rush."

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mgv writes "AACS is truly broken, and using microsoft's X-Box 360. Using a soldering iron to read the firmware on an X-Box 360 external hard drive, hackers have bypassed the private key encryption that was revoked recently. Instead they have identified the volume unique key on the x-box 360 external HDD, and additionally have now worked out where the Volume Id key is stored on the disk. Details at ars technica"

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mgv writes "Whilst EMI thinks hesitantly about DRM free downloads, Amie Street delivers. What sets Amie Street apart is its pricing model. Downloads start as free, but increase as they become more popular. (Maximum price is 98 cents). All music is mp3 format at 192 kbps, which is about the same quality as iTunes 128 kbps AAC format. Seriously worth a look if you would consider buying music knowing that the money is going to the artists, and not the RIAA. Oh, and they are currently offering some free credit whilst they are upgrading the site..."

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mgv writes "If you are a Linux devotee, then no doubt you are feeling a little left behind with the release of vista. Fortunately, you now have the opportunity to fill the previously huge gap in software that windows users have had for the last few years. Its available for download on this website. (No word yet on when this will be available for OS X or BSD. Apple users can at least rest firm in the knowledge that the current hardware dongle system for running OS X is unlikely to change, although there are some reports that this protection may have been cracked also)."

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mgv writes "There has been alot of interesting articles on Roughly Drafted lately. This has been referenced frequently on Digg. Recently, all digg's that pointed to Roughly Drafted have been banned, and all references removed from Digg to any of these events. Quoting from the Roughly Drafted site:

... Digg is sponsored by Microsoft, and has signed sponsorship agreements that limit freedom of speech regarding Microsoft and its products. Microsoft also sponsors online users to post astroturf and dispute accurate information that is in any way critical of the company and its products. Recently, a small minority of anonymous Digg users have worked to censor anything from RDM posted to Digg by any of its users, and harrass anyone on Digg supporting RDM. Digg's official response has been to ban all RDM articles, and delete records of them on its site, along with all user comments involving Microsoft and the censorship and sponsorship of the Digg system. When asked to review its censorship of RDM, Digg responds by saying it will continue to ban all RDM articles because it does not want to receive ongoing complaints from users who do not like RDM content...

The full quote is at the end of most articles now.

So free speech doesn't look like its happening at Digg, and I'm posting it here on slashdot in the hope that at least it will get heard outside of the readership of RDM. Its not like there will be much point trying to get this article onto Digg."



New preferences?

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Has anyone noticed a change in the display for the homepage? Has slashdot just brought in a new set of preferences - it sure looks like they have to me...

If so, what do you think of this - an improvement?

Just wondering...



1541 Drive

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Just read "Network23"'s comment about making music on a commodore 1541 drive - and I agree with his statement - I feel old too when other people are remembering doing this with a printer in 1997 or what ever... At least its reassuring to know that some tricks don't actually change alot - using electronic devices to make music in silly ways has been around for a while.



Account Abuse

mgv mgv writes  |  more than 8 years ago

I've finally found a reason to post in my journal.

Really, its just a reference to a post that I made in slashdot.

From what I can see, goombah99 and slashnot007 are the same person, and slashnot007 seems to ask to have goombah99's posts modded up rather more often than you would expect from chance?

So, what does everyone think? Is this a fair tactic, or should it be banned?

Just wondering,


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