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Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services

mholve Helpful Command to Remove Ubuntu One (161 comments)

Remove all the Ubuntu One stuff installed by default:

apt-get remove deja-dup-backend-ubuntuone python-ubuntuone-client python-ubuntuone-control-panel python-ubuntuone-storageprotocol rhythmbox-ubuntuone ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-client-data ubuntuone-control-panel ubuntuone-control-panel-qt

And for good measure:

apt-get remove unity-scope-musicstores

about three weeks ago

The Mystery of the 'Only Camera To Come Back From the Moon'

mholve Nonsense (54 comments)

Like all Hasselblad V cameras, the rear features a detachable magazine, which in turns holds the film; either 120 or 70mm. An internal darkslide allows you to change magazines mid-roll if you wanted to (say if switching from color to black and white film or for changing to a slower/faster ISO film).

about a month ago

Think You've Got GAS?

mholve Whoa (1 comments)

That's a LOT of cameras.

about 8 months ago

Spacewalk Aborted When Water Fills Astronaut's Helmet

mholve Re:Close call (125 comments)


about 9 months ago

Quadcopter Guided By Thought — Accurately

mholve Here's what I'm thinking... (79 comments)

Snatching pizzas out of thin air!


about a year ago

Can Microsoft Survive If Windows Doesn't Dominate?

mholve Re:Define "Survive" (497 comments)

So now we're supposed to cheer for Ballmer to stay?

Depending on your point of view... Perhaps. :)

about a year ago

Can Microsoft Survive If Windows Doesn't Dominate?

mholve Define "Survive" (497 comments)

They're not doing so well on the other fronts either. I think Ballmer needs to go - if Microsoft is to survive. ;)

about a year ago

$13 Txtr Beagle Ebook Reader To Sell For $69

mholve $69? (79 comments)

Keep it.

about a year ago

AT&T: Don't Want a Data Plan for That Smartphone? Too Bad.

mholve Here's what I got... (798 comments)

Using a SIM card from a Motorola RAZR in an iPhone worked for many years - and why not? I never used the data side. Ever. One day I get an email from AT&T saying I've been put into a data plan, with no options out.

Dear Valued Customer,

We hope you are enjoying your iPhone! We appreciate and value your business and want to be sure you are aware of a change we've made to your account to ensure you have the best possible experience with data usage in the United States.

iPhones are made for data consumption-surfing the web, social networking, email and more. That's why we require an iPhone data plan in conjunction with our iPhones. This ensures that customers with data intensive devices are not unpleasantly surprised with high data pay-per-use charges.

For whatever reason, our records indicate your iPhone does not have an eligible data plan. We have added an appropriate data plan for your iPhone.

If you would like to select another iPhone data plan or have questions, please call 1-800-331-0500 (or 611 from your wireless phone). You can also visit www.att.com/myATT to manage your account. For additional information about iPhone plan requirements visit www.att.com/dataplans.

Thank you for being an AT&T customer. We look forward to continuing to provide you with a great iPhone experience.



about a year ago

Why a Linux User Is Using Windows 3.1

mholve Anyone remember WABI? (415 comments)

Those were the days, eh?


about a year ago

Expenditure Report Reveals Germany Monitors Skype, Google Mail, Facebook Chat

mholve Surprised? (89 comments)

I'm not. Any modern government (law enforcement or intelligence agencies) would or at least should have this capability. The real question is, do they use it without warrants, use it in an indiscriminant fashion, etc. If they were going after a legitimate suspect, they should have the capability to do so.

about a year and a half ago

Hackers Hack Handcuffs at H.O.P.E. (Video)

mholve How Stupid (172 comments)

So it's a video about nothing... Since the "finer points" are missing.

about a year and a half ago

Boeing's X-51 WaveRider Jet Crashes In Mach 6 Attempt

mholve Going nowhere fast... (190 comments)

Or not.

about a year and a half ago

Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard Switches Compared

mholve Mac Users (223 comments)

For Mac users, check out the Matias "Tactile Pro" keyboard. All the Model M clickiness you can stand, but with all the Mac symbols printed on the keyboard. I've got one myself, and it's a real pleasure.


about a year and a half ago

TextMate 2 Released As Open Source

mholve Good to see (193 comments)

BBEdit it's not, and it has been dying a slow death from its Textmate "1" days. Hopefully this will give it a much-needed shot in the arm.

about a year and a half ago

World's Most Powerful x86 Supercomputer Boots Up in Germany

mholve Re:Europe suddenly got bigger... (151 comments)

It's EUROPE's fastest supercomputer - but the topic title says "World." Last time I checked, Europe wasn't quite THAT big...

Ahh, x86. D'ohh! :p

about a year and a half ago

World's Most Powerful x86 Supercomputer Boots Up in Germany

mholve Europe suddenly got bigger... (151 comments)

It's EUROPE's fastest supercomputer - but the topic title says "World." Last time I checked, Europe wasn't quite THAT big...

about a year and a half ago

Google's Marissa Mayer Becomes Yahoo! CEO

mholve Good luck, Yahoo! (302 comments)

It Mayer Mayer not work out... :D

about 2 years ago

First Look: Microsoft Office 2013

mholve GUI Design - MIA? (369 comments)

I'm wondering that they're thinking with the GUI... Applications go all-white, the rest (and dialog boxes, etc.) are color... Buttons and other controls are all "flat" now.

It would appear to me, that the GUI has devolved for the sake of simplicity - or something.

about 2 years ago

PC Sales Are Flat-Lining

mholve Disposable income is what's flatlining (485 comments)

What little disposable income people have in this economy these days is going to cheaper, more mobile devices. Not so much smartphones, but clearly tablets - and the largest percentage (60% or so IIRC) going to Apple's iPad.

about 2 years ago


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