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Build a BoxeeBox and Wean Yourself From Cable

michael path Re:Boxxee on AppleTV $229 option? (335 comments)

If we're talking about CPU issues with one service and not on the other, with the same resolution, we're not looking at a Boxee problem as much as we are a codec issue.

Rendering in HD is a very expensive process for a CPU, especially an H.264 codec. Standard file compression rules apply - the more an item is compressed, the more CPU cycles needed to decompress.

more than 5 years ago

Athletes' Brains Reveal Concussion Damage

michael path Re:It's not that surprising (328 comments)

The NHL has taken special attention to 'head shots' this year and the injuries that go with. There's a handful of guys - Eric Lindros being the most prominent - who lost a great deal of playing time from getting their bell rung.

Rough story about Everett. I just read about some of the stuff he's done since, including completing his MBA. He actually never played with St. Louis, though - the Rams didn't move there until 1995.

As far as franchise players and their value, I imagine a guy like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, or starting MLB pitchers are probably worth close to $800M-1B now given the TV, merchandise, ticket, etc. revenue generated. It's reflected in the contracts they're getting; $25M isn't unprecedented for a season in the MLB, and over 15 years would get you up to $375M in their career. So, yeah - there's a huge benefit in further research.


more than 5 years ago


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