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Apple: Developer Site Targeted In Security Attack, Still Down

michelcultivo Purpose of the attack (112 comments)

I'm thinking of the purpose of this attack:
* Software stealing
* Account hijacking: use the certificate to publish fake apps and get money
* New software: tomorrow maybe the day that Apple will release iOS 7 Beta 4 and OS X Mavericks

about a year ago

UK Plan Would Use CCTV To Stop Uninsured Drivers From Refueling

michelcultivo Brazil, zil, zil, zil (691 comments)

In Brazil we have the same problem, a lot of people don't like to pay the taxes involving in having a car and the major is trying to reduce the traffic by imposing restrictions.

But if we remove this cars that don't pay taxes we're going to have better streets without traffic jams.

more than 2 years ago

Is Apple Moving iPad Production to Brazil?

michelcultivo Re:An effort to avoid tariffs in Brazil (148 comments)

Hi all. Brazil is closer to the USA than China, and our senators approved a new law that Tablets will have discount on taxes, now it will be better to make it in Brazil than China. Our market is in expansion and we have more and more users buying Table as it first computers. Bye

more than 2 years ago

Obama Administration Closing Recently Opened Datacenters

michelcultivo Amazon (262 comments)

Obama, rent some servers from Amazon. They only goes out about 1 day on the year. Bye

more than 3 years ago

Why Businesses Move To the Cloud: They Hate IT

michelcultivo Slow (538 comments)

IT people don't known how to deal with departments, every talk that I need to have with my client IT department is a pain. They always have an excuse to not deliver the project, always have problems and don't wan't to work very closely to get a solution. I see it every day and every time, the Marketing department get some amount of their budget and buying IT services that were exclusive with the IT department. Thank you

more than 3 years ago

Open Source Alternative To Dropbox?

michelcultivo WebDAV (482 comments)

I've done some tests with WebDAV and it seems to be on the right way to let you store documents on your server (I hate the word cloud) and access it everywhere, you can use Linux, Windows, Android and iPhone/iPad. But you need a dedicated server (or VPS). Bye

more than 3 years ago

Nissan LEAF Leaks Speed & Location To RSS Feed

michelcultivo Google Analytics (180 comments)

So I can insert an Google Analytics script and track where my card is heading? Good! Maybe I can make a conversion when I goes to a cool place.

more than 3 years ago

Testing Mobile Phones For Controlling Space Missions

michelcultivo WiFi work on space? (119 comments)

Anyone knowns if WiFi works on space?

more than 3 years ago

PlayStation Network Expanding To Involve Other Devices

michelcultivo Facebook vs PSN (63 comments)

Now you can change your Single Sign On from Facebook to PSN. Great.

more than 4 years ago

Robbery Suspect Cleared By Facebook Alibi

michelcultivo Re:Awesome! (160 comments)

Or simply give your Facebook user and password to your sister/brother/best friend ever, and ask them to put a great update on 'watching tv' or watching 'American Idol'.

more than 4 years ago

Hackers Fail To Crack Brazilian Voting Machines

michelcultivo Not the real hackers (143 comments)

Before you do the attempt you have to explain what you're planning to do, and the procedures have to stay with the TSE. The real hackers don't get their hands on that voting machine, only the security companys and universities can do the tests.

more than 4 years ago

100-Petabit Internet Backbone Coming Into View

michelcultivo Online mirror (137 comments)

Great, all my pr0m will have online mirror backups.

more than 4 years ago

Brazil Demands Repatriation of UK Hazardous Waste

michelcultivo Re:Why is this on Slashdot ? (110 comments)

Because it's good to see what England is doing with the third world.

more than 4 years ago

Nuke Site Converted Into Green Data Center

michelcultivo Re:sssss (125 comments)

"We can do that"

more than 5 years ago



What's REALLY behind the Brazilian riots?

michelcultivo michelcultivo writes  |  about a year ago

michelcultivo (524114) writes "as it is going international and huge, in Brazil we have an increase in the public transport ticket that brings the population to the street trying to reverse that. The movement is being organized through Facebook and getting more people involved. The protest is growing for a other causes, the brazilian cause."
Link to Original Source

Advertising groups lambaste Net address expansion

michelcultivo michelcultivo writes  |  more than 3 years ago

michelcultivo writes "Advertising groups are criticizing ICANN for the new top level domain expansions, their arguments are that it will be expensive for the brands to own a domain and get protection from domain buyers."
Link to Original Source

michelcultivo michelcultivo writes  |  more than 7 years ago

michelcultivo writes "A Brazilian court has ordered the closure of YouTube following the site's failure to completely remove a video showing Ronaldo's ex-missus and her new boyf indulging in a bit of beach rumpy-pumpy, Reuters reports."

michelcultivo michelcultivo writes  |  more than 7 years ago

michelcultivo writes "Remember that histories about IT Security thats make you crazy? Now it's the time to share it with us, one that I remember was:
"One day when I was doing a security analysis of a server, I asked the administrator's password for the network admin. So I get surprised when two users on the building told me that it was xXxXx." I thought that passwords have to be mind safe :)"



Videos and Photos about the last Tsunami

michelcultivo michelcultivo writes  |  more than 9 years ago Here you can see a lot of information about the Tsunami that devasted various countrys in this Dec 26. The photos are in high quality, and another video that a Dutch write on him vacation.


michelcultivo michelcultivo writes  |  more than 9 years ago SINGAPORE (AP) -- Forget trying to flood Bill Gates' e-mail inbox with junk. The Microsoft Corp. chairman receives 4 million e-mails a day, but practically an entire department at the company he founded is dedicated to ensuring that nothing unwanted gets into his inbox inbox, the company's chief executive said Thursday.

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