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How a Leather Cover Crashes the Kindle

mikeee Re:Yikes! (280 comments)

But that case was designed for the Kindle 2, which (I think?) *doesn't* put power across those pins. If that's the case, this is mostly a Kindle 3 design flaw - they should have made the slot spacing different so you couldn't use a Kindle 2 case.

more than 3 years ago

Rural North Carolina Experiences Data Center Boom

mikeee Re:Isn't it a bit hot there? (153 comments)

Not as hot as you might think; most of western North Carolina is at a pretty high altitude and has quite moderate summers. Pre-air-conditioning, summer vacation in the Appalachian mountains was popular among upper class New Yorkers, so...

more than 3 years ago

President Obama To Appear On Mythbusters

mikeee Re:They've already busted that twice now (795 comments)

Well, maybe he's bringing along one of our prototype military lasers! There are solid-state 100Kw lasers in test that I'm sure will sink a wooden ship just fine...!

"Kids, remember to study math and science. Because math and science will let you build LASER CANNONS to BLOW #$% UP!"

more than 3 years ago

Distinguishing Encrypted Data From Random Data?

mikeee Re:On The Practical Side (467 comments)

No, no, no. For this, use a one-time pad.

What you do is this:

Take your file (A). Generate a block of high-entropy random data (B).

Now generate (A xor B), and throw away A. You now have two random files, B and (A xor B), and B xor (A xor B) will give you A again.

A cute variant: instead of generating a really random B, use pseudo-random data generated from a known key (mp3 rip of some song of a particular version of a CD, gzip of linux kernel source), and don't even keep B with you; regenerate it on the other side. There are lots of ways to screw this trick up, though, so consult a cryptographer.

You could use more than 2 files if you want, the idea is basically the same.

about 4 years ago

IBM Unveils Fastest Microprocessor Ever

mikeee Re:Is this chip a bargin? (292 comments)

A lot less; it's not a coincidence that IBM never publishes any industry-standard benchmarks on these things.

Don't get me wrong; they're fast, but they're not magic, and they're not remotely competitive on a price/raw-compute-cycle basis. If that's what you want go get a beowulf cluster.

about 4 years ago

IBM Unveils Fastest Microprocessor Ever

mikeee Re:fastest first post ever? (292 comments)

Actually, I believe it does now. 3D driver support is even worse than Linux, though. :)

about 4 years ago

Servers Ahoy — Startup To Build Floating Data Centers

mikeee Re: tethering? (219 comments)

I've read of people trying to sell this in Iceland - cold, and you have cheap geothermal power!

They were having trouble finding users who weren't turned off by the expensive bandwidth, last I'd heard...

more than 4 years ago

Claimed Proof That P != NP

mikeee Re:What would the impacts of this be for cryptogra (457 comments)

Short form:if P=NP, crypto is something of a futile effort - that implies that there's a non-brute-force crack to every possible private-key algorythm. I suppose it might still be slow enough for the crypto to be useful, but I woudl expect you would end up needing gigantic keys.

Most everybody assumed that P!=NP, but nobody has been able to prove it.

more than 4 years ago

The South Carolina Primary and Voting Machine Fraud

mikeee Re:Poor research (467 comments)

This is a key point; for all we know, he did 9 other tests that showed no signs of irregularities and published only this one!

Suspicious? Yes. Smoking gun? Not even close.

more than 4 years ago

Intel Sucks Up Water Amid Drought In China

mikeee Re:Bad summary (386 comments)

Yes. Chip plants may use a lot of water, but it's a drop in the bucket (so to speak) next to farming.

more than 4 years ago

Steam Client for Mac Launches, Linux Client On the Way

mikeee FUSE workaround? (572 comments)

So, it's a Linux port that will only be usable by people who dual-boot? Good grief.

I bet you could hack together a workaround without massive effort; write a case-desensitizer FUSE filesystem, and have it 'remount' a case-insensitive view of an existing filesystem in an alternate path.

more than 4 years ago

Gaming in the 4th Dimension

mikeee Re:So Many Questions (303 comments)

I think a tetrahedron, growing into a 8-sided d8 kind of thing, then back - a cube has six faces, but a hypercube has eight cubes for, er, faces (one on each end, and then a cube connecting the faces of each of those).

Not at all sure, though.

more than 4 years ago

If Everyone Had To Pass A Particular 101 Course, It Should Be About...

mikeee Velociraptors (1142 comments)

Obviously, the answer is velociraptors.

more than 4 years ago

Factorization of a 768-Bit RSA Modulus

mikeee Re:Bad math... (192 comments)

That's why we need to be more proactive; instead of trying to eliminate all the invalid keys, we should just pick the strongest possible key and standardize on it.

more than 4 years ago

Accountability of the Scientific Stimulus Funding

mikeee amazingly... (242 comments)

It turns out that the most efficient type of stimulus spending is spending on studies of stimulus spending.

more than 4 years ago

NASA Attempts To Assuage 2012 Fears

mikeee Re:It's real... (881 comments)

Yes, but the stuff hitting the mooon in the past has been all-natural, and as we know, natural stuff is always safe, it's that nasty artifical stuff that'll kill you.

more than 4 years ago

Sequoia To Publish Source Code For Voting Machines

mikeee optical-scan? (102 comments)

The key point here is actually that it's an optical-scan machine! You don't input votes on a keyboard or touchscreen but by feeding in an actual human-readable piece of paper (maybe it asks for confirmation that it read it correctly?), which then gets stored in a lockbox. This is obviously the Right Thing because it gives a built-in hardcopy audit trail.

In short, I think we're missing the SuddenOutbreakofCommonSense tag on this story...

more than 4 years ago

Tesla Roadster Breaks Distance Record For Electric Car

mikeee Re:Forget About Batteries in Cars (392 comments)

Oh, and it's worse than that. Even if you had the power, suppose charging Li batteries was 99% efficient (I think it's more like 90%??). So of that 300KW you're charging with, 3KW is being converted to heat inside the battery while your charging - probably several times that - and it's going to be tough to manage this without frying the battery even if you have the power.

more than 4 years ago

Tesla Roadster Breaks Distance Record For Electric Car

mikeee Re:390km per charge? (392 comments)

horsepower fortnight

more than 4 years ago


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