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Pedophile Asks To Be Deleted From Google Search After European Court Ruling

mikeiver1 Re:A right to be forgotten (370 comments)

Agreed, I was thinking the very same thing. Google and others should make sure that not just the negative but ALL links to the person/s is removed. In this way people like the doctor are deprived of any benefit as well from having the negative items removed. I do think that in addition there should be a notice that the person requested that negative information links be removed. There should be a stigma attached to those that try to game the system.

about 3 months ago

Sony Warns Demand For Blu-Ray Diminishing Faster Than Expected

mikeiver1 Well no shit! (477 comments)

So here is the deal. When you place such idiotic DRM on the media as to make it nearly impossible to play with anything other than the latest bluray player that is constantly updating the encryption firmware this is the result. This will of course be used to support yet more invasive monitoring of ISP and their traffic and force yet more moronic laws for monitoring and removal of "Suspected" infringing content from sites. Just FYI, AnyDVD HD from Slysoft is awesome and works like a charm. Not cheap though! Fuck you Sony, glad to see you take it in the ass again. Stop being assholes and treating me like the one or two percent that actually steal content and give me my movies sans DRM and maybe I will buy a whole lot more of them.

about 3 months ago

The Science of Solitary Confinement

mikeiver1 Re:isn't it used on violent prisoners? (326 comments)

Spoken like a true bleeding heart who's life has never been touched by one of these pieces of shit that end up in solitary. I will grant that there are always those that are in there because of fucked up prison guards or circumstances beyond their control and this vexes me too. But some of these assholes are simply wild animals that are far to dangerous to have any sort of contact with. They can never be fixed. They will always work to only their advantage and all the better if it is at the severe cost to another. They made their choices to continue to pray on others, even when in confinement, and this is the easiest way to deal with them. Is it a perfect system, no! Far from it to be sure and I think getting worse. Can it be fixed by more liberal policies, I think not. We need to fix the underlying social issues driving the mentality of our legal and penal systems. We also must attend to the issues dealt with by the growing segment of our population falling below the poverty line and giving up on the dream of becoming a productive and prosperous part of the middle class. So I guess that my views make me a piece of shit too. But unlike you I have had first hand interaction with some of these animals so I have a bit of a tempered view. Personally I think that you should put your money where your mouth is and counsel these guys. Also I think that they should be released into your neighborhood so you can continue to do your good works and prove "pieces of shit" like us wrong!

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Convince an ISP To Bury Cable In Your Neighborhood?

mikeiver1 Re:The basics... (324 comments)

Actually that is one of the ways they can get wire or fibre or conduit to a location. If the soil is not rocky it works great. BTW, it is not so much "shot" as it simply pounds its way through. It uses a hydraulic power unit run off of air for the energy. Second option is a horizontal directional boring machine. A good contractor can hit a target area less than a foot in diameter at over 200 feet easy. The downside is that this is not a cheap process. The third is to simply blade in the cable with a vibratory blade and puller. Likely the cheapest of the options and easiest to make happen. You, or if you are smart your contractor, would dig ground box holes in front of each home and then the cable would be pulled from hole to hole where a loop would be left for the termination. A conduit would also need to be dug to each home for the actual service drop. After this you then need to have a professional terminate taps for each homes drop. Here is the real issue, getting the assholes to connect you to their service. Good luck with that. My advice would be that you simply add in a pole at the start of the development and a hut for the communications shit as well as power and share it out to the neighborhood. A couple of fast Docsis3 connections bonded would give in excess of 100Mb down and 10Mb up for around $200.00 a month plus power. You could probably do it all with hardware and install financed for around $40.00 per month for each home assuming that all were in for it. In my experience there are always assholes that make this sort of thing a non starter.

about 6 months ago

New Study Shows One-Third of Americans Don't Believe In Evolution

mikeiver1 Re:I believe it (1010 comments)

Yah and we are all going to be paying the price for the stupid they are perpetuating on their children for a very long time. On the one had we have an Everest of irrefutable evidence in support of the theory of evolution and on the other hand.... Well we have a text written by a very, VERY small number of middle eastern men a few thousand years ago and "edited" and "interpreted" to suit the "needs" of the various religious groups in power along the way. Oh and lets not forget the countless translations from one language to another etc. So now I pose the questions thusly. Do you believe that the text is the result of some divine spirit that chose those very same men above from one particular part of the planet, and only them, to reveal his grand plan to? Or is it the results of voices in the heads of a few like minded crazies? Taken that you are in the minority, do you actually believe that "God" would only chose this very few "men" from this very specific geographic area of the planet he "created"? Why not tell these very same stories to others in say South and North America, Australia and New Zealand, and Africa and Asia for instance? If you take the above to be true as well, then how is it that "we" are all "Gods" children if he favors one very specific group from one very specific geographic area above all others? Isn't he suppose to love all "His children" equally? I am really glad that I made the choice to not reproduce. I would not want my children to be raised in the dark future that they are going to have to navigate. I personally find it impossible to get my head up may ass to see things from the perspective of the religious believer and I feel sorry for the children being indoctrinated to feed the greedy and self aggrandizing heads of modern churches.

about 7 months ago

Fighting Zombies? Chevrolet Reveals New "Black Ops" Concept Truck

mikeiver1 Re:Good grief. (220 comments)

Thanks Chevy for allowing well to do men with small penises to display to the general public their malady and chosen method of compensation! Should be a really great seller for you.

about 10 months ago

Drone Hunters Lining Up and Paying Out In Colorado

mikeiver1 What a sad state is the educational system... (206 comments)

Am I the only one that did a double uber face palm after reading this? HOW FUCKING STUPID HAS THE GENERAL PUBLIC BECOME? A license to hunt US Government property? What a bunch of mouth breathing window licking morons we have degenerated into if people are actually showing up for one. I would love to see this from their perspective but I can't seem to get my head up my ass. Reality check Mike here, no government entity is going to hand out licenses to hunt and destroy "GOVERNMENT PROPERTY" you morons. Seriously I expected more from people in that part of the nation. Isn't this the kind of shit you read about in the south for fucks sake? So much stupid I have a problem wrapping my head around it. Perhaps I should go and huff paint fumes for an hour or two and come back to it for another go.

about a year ago

Security Researcher Makes His Point By Hacking Into Zuckerberg's Facebook Page

mikeiver1 Re:Take it public (266 comments)

If they say they pay $500.00 for a bug and then refuse to acknowledge and pay you for a righteous bug you would just walk away? I think not. Fuck Facebook. They got what they deserve and if they refused to pay me and also locked my account to boot I would make security exploits of their system a side job and put each one in the wild without reporting it to them so as to cause as much damage and trouble to them. I don't have a facebook account. Never have and never will since I think the whole FB thing is for assholes. That and if they are giving you something for free than it isn't free and you are the product. Boycott facebook!

about a year ago

TV Show Piracy Soars After CBS Blackout

mikeiver1 Re:CBS screwed themaselves even more (314 comments)

And why in the hell should you have to go and pay AGAIN for a show you are already supposedly paying for access to legally? These pissing contest between content providers and content distributors happens from time to time and really is a good thing. It shows John Q Public just how in the pockets of these companies they are and gets them thinking of ways to get out. We don't pirate programs, let alone watch most of the crap on TV at this time. It is a combo of not enough time and shit content. We have internet only, no cable channels at all, and get limited TV off air using a silicondust HD homerun box. Works great and the HD programs are recorded in HD! We have Netflix for movies and TV programs and Pandora for a good smattering of music. We pay for these services to support them since they follow what we consider a good model for the future of content distribution. Can I record Netflix or Pandora? No, but then I don't really need to with Netflix. As time moves on more and more are going to be willing to wait for distributors like Netflix to bring programs to them and glorious commercial free goodness. we sure are and allot of our friends are coming around to our way of watching.

about a year ago

Judge Rules In Favor of Volkswagen and Silences Scientist

mikeiver1 Re:This is why we have a first amendment. (254 comments)

"Oh and all those new hacks they found? Gag orders for all of them, just so no one goes and uses said exploit." You make the mistake of thinking that they are going to be making the same mistake that Flavio Garcia made... You are of course wrong. If I were to hack any part of a car I would simply flood multiple forums with it from anonymous accounts accessed from the local public library. Good luck with your search for the "Bad Guy" dick heads. It is rather funny how our present governments and corporations are so fixed on assuring that we have virtually no private information and yet expect that they have the absolute right to it them selves when it suits them. Which is all the time. It is a two way street as they are finding out on a daily basis and allot of the time it doesn't work out to well for them. As to the "good faith" argument, come on, really? Show me one company that really acts in good faith for the sheer "Good" of it and I will show you bullshit.

1 year,3 days

Judge Rules In Favor of Volkswagen and Silences Scientist

mikeiver1 Re:This is why we have a first amendment. (254 comments)

I suspect that the hack is rather simple and you can be very secure in the knowledge that there are now like a dozen plus persons looking very hard at their key controls with an eye at releasing the hack to simply screw VW for the snub. Fallout be damned. On the other side of it you can not tell me that VW didn't know that they had a security issue and simply waited to fix it because it might cost a few dollars or euros or what ever. Screw the customer for the buck.

1 year,3 days

Reporters Threatened, Labeled Hackers For Finding Security Hole

mikeiver1 Good luck with that... (120 comments)

" Jonathon Lee for both telecoms threatened the 'Scripps Hackers' with violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)." Good fucking luck with the subterfuge assholes. You shit the bed and now you are trying to say it was the guy from the next town over. So typical of companies now days. I agree that the more anonymous you can stay the better. We seldom if ever give our info to anyone unless it can't be helped. Most of the time it can be and so we don't. I worry more about these shit bag companies having my info more than I do nefarious characters now days.

about a year ago

Bloomberg To HS Grads: Be a Plumber

mikeiver1 Re:Also (368 comments)

Hard to argue. My GF works IT and it is a crap job that is thankless, stressful, and has a performance target that is always moving up unlike her pay. My being in the trades it is hard to argue with Bloomberg. I have never wanted for work. I can literally make one phone call and have a good paying job in just about any medium to large city. The down side is that I deal with weather and messy work conditions at times. The plus is that I can look at my self in the mirror and know that I contribute to my community in a positive and worthwhile way. Unlike say a lawyer...

about a year ago

Belgian Media Group Demanding Copyright Levy for Internet Access

mikeiver1 Re:Two-edged sword? (162 comments)

The solution is very simple, turn off the internet in all of Belgian and wait for repeal. This is a tax on all people and companies and people even though less than 1% are actually doing any sort of illegal downloading. This is unfair to all. Lynch the bastards.

about a year ago

Silicon Valley Firms Want To Nix Calif. Internet Privacy Bill

mikeiver1 Re:So... (110 comments)

Do ya think that if they weren't doing shitty stuff to us with our info that may just be illegal in the light of day that they would not be fighting so hard to keep a lid on it? Cynical me says that this bill will die a slow death and not be heard from again. In other news, Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal, D-Long Beach has a well funded super PAC supporting her re-election bid after the quite defeat of her bill in the state assembly.

about a year ago

Google Fiber: Why Traditional ISPs Are Officially On Notice

mikeiver1 Re:Oy. (408 comments)

But here it is, they are a business and it is centered around selling metrics and adds. This has been going on for some time now, like just about as long as the internet has been available to the wide public. The way I see it is this. The incumbent providers now are in a race to not only role modern service for the last mile but to provide something that at least approaches the speeds that Google is going to offer. The customer has been at the mercy of the one, or if you are lucky two, provider/s and the shitty packaging they grace us with. Google knows that to get us on their service they have a guaranteed long term revenue stream based not only on the monthly service fees but the secondary and tertiary streams of advertising and user data mining. I suspect that this is going to be very lucrative indeed. The cable, satellite, and phone companies have been playing with kid gloves between each other to maintain the very high profits they all enjoy. With Google coming in the gloves are likely to come off. Problem is that the incumbents are fat a lethargic, short sighted group with myopic vision. the future is looking bright if you ask me and I will be happy to see them have to actually care about the customer or loose them for good

about a year ago

Facebook Launches "Home" For Android

mikeiver1 Re:Umm.. (138 comments)

Facebook can suck shit through a dead rats ass! I have none to negative interest in them, their crappy service, or a data mining software package that runs on my phone 24/7. Zucker can suck my pucker!

about a year ago

The ATF Not Concerned About 3D Printed Guns... Yet

mikeiver1 Also, high quality 3D printer time is EXPENSIVE! (344 comments)

..."because 3D-printed guns aren't yet as durable as their metal counterparts, the ATF doesn't yet consider them as much of a concern." That and it would cost far more to print the gun part using the kind of printer technology that would render a reliable weapon, far more than the cost of the gun one would be looking to replicate. The kind of 3D printers that are required to make the kind of weapons that the ATF would take notice of are very expensive and generally not available to the general public or if they are no business would print the parts for fear of being sued to the poor house. I personally worry far more for our safety at the thought of not being able to have a weapon/s in my home. Criminals are just waiting for that day...They will be bringing a gun to a knife fight and know they have the upper hand. Good times for Jane and Joe citizen when that day comes.

about a year ago

GoPro Issues DMCA Takedown Over Negative Review

mikeiver1 Re:Hilarious (232 comments)

My thought exactly. You know I was thinking of getting one of the GoPro cameras in the next couple of months, not any more. Given the option of Sony or GoPro anyone will win out first... Congrats GoPro, you have just been lumped in with Sony on my super shit list for scum bag companies. If I were DigitalRev I would simply re-post the review again. There needs to be legal and financial ramifications for misuse of a DCMA take down like this. This is a total pile of steaming pile of BS. GoPro=Scumbag.

about a year ago

Jammie Thomas Denied Supreme Court Appeal

mikeiver1 Re:$24 (347 comments)

While I agree that the content providers are out of control and that the congress is in fact just their legal arm there is still the problem that content has a cost to produce. If everyone didn't pay for it and everyone stole it then the content would dry up. I personally try my best to not purchase music and content from other than the artist. If we stop buying from the big scumbag content providers the small guys will likely flourish. I also try and buy used disks, in this way I am legal and at the same time I stick it to the man! Mike

about a year ago


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