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Scientists Detect Two Dozen Computers Trying To Sabotage Tor Privacy Network

mikewilsonuk How many is "almost two dozen" exactly? (94 comments)

"... almost two dozen computers that were actively...", "Two of the 25 servers... ".

Oh, they clear that up nicely - "Almost two dozen" is actually 25. Perhaps dozen is like gallon: different sizes in different countries.

1 year,3 days

NASA's Next Frontier: Growing Plants On the Moon

mikewilsonuk Non SI units (193 comments)

The "coffee can" is a US unit unknown to the rest of the world. We buy our coffee in packets or jars (of differing sizes). How big is a coffee can?

about a year ago

Captain Cyborg Is Back! Kevin Warwick Predicts the Future

mikewilsonuk Publicity the likely motive (57 comments)

If the good captain is back in the public eye, it probably means he had a new book to promote.

about a year ago

Using Truth Serum To Confirm Insanity

mikewilsonuk Re:Grammazi (308 comments)

"This certainly raises legal questions on how this is being played out 5th, 14th amendments."

How about a little less of the colloquial and a little more grammar?

The author could look "infer" up in the dictionary while he's at it.

about 2 years ago

Team Aims To Build Robot Toddler In Nine Months

mikewilsonuk Spider on rank tracks?! (114 comments)

WTF does a spider on tank tracks look like? I suspect it would be less creepy than a robot toddler.

about 2 years ago

Instagram Wants To Sell Users' Photos Without Notice

mikewilsonuk Re:One has to wonder. . . (313 comments)

at what point is enough, enough.

It is like boiling a frog -- if the water gets hotter slowly enough, some frogs won't notice they are being cooked to death.

more than 2 years ago

Gas Prices Jump; California Hardest Hit

mikewilsonuk You lucky bastards (402 comments)

Here in the UK, petrol (gasoline) is the equivalent of about $8.30 a gallon. We buy in litres these days and I only realised we are paying > six quid a UK gallon when I did the conversion to post here.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Teaching Chemistry To Home-Schooled Kids?

mikewilsonuk OP reply (701 comments)

OP here. There have been some useful replies to my post, particularly the recommendations of books and on-line resources. Thanks to everyone who posted these. I have already followed up on several and have arranged to spend time with the kids regularly doing science experiments. I plan to focus on explosions, smoke and bad smells which, I think, are the things to keep kids interested. Once they've seen an explosion etc, I hope they will also listen to an explanation of what caused it.

I'll respond to some of the things that have been said here to clarify what is going on:

1) The boy's parents are hippies, not religious. He seems unusually bright to me, but I am obviously biased.
2) There are a lot of home schooled kids in the area and several well-attended support groups. These groups are mostly social, not educational. This area has perhaps the highest population of "alternative" types in the UK.
3) None my grandchildren are forced to learn anything they don't want to. Forcing children to study stuff they can't stand is, IMO, abusive and a waste of everyone's time. My eldest grandchild is 12. She took to reading suddenly a couple of years ago and now reads at a very good adult level. When kids (or adults for that matter) want to learn something, they do it quickly. The eldest grandchild has decided for herself to attend high school to prepare for national exams.
4) At school, I did well in all sciences except chemistry. I don't believe I lacked aptitude, I believe if you wanted to put kids off the subject, you couldn't have done a much better job than the sadistic, boring teacher we had. That was about 45 years ago. Have things have improved? Or just changed?

more than 2 years ago

Passwords Are the Weakest Link In Online Security

mikewilsonuk KeePass/KeePassX (277 comments)

I recommend using KeePass on Windows and KeePassX on Linux. I carry my passwords around on a USB stick. I use a password I can remember to access the password database. That wouldn't be too hard to crack, but first the cracker would need to steal the physical stick. KeePass generates nice long unmemorable strings of random characters, so attack without stealing the stick is tough.

One word of warning: one oafishly implemented site I registered with silently truncated the 20 character password I pasted from KeePass to 12 characters.

more than 4 years ago

Best Tool For Remembering Passwords?

mikewilsonuk ...and KeePassX for Linux (1007 comments)

As already noted, KeePass is great for Windows. There is also KeePassX for Linux which uses the same file format, so you can move the password database around easily if you use both operating systems.

more than 5 years ago



Teaching chemistry to home educated kids

mikewilsonuk mikewilsonuk writes  |  more than 2 years ago

mikewilsonuk writes "I have a 10 year old grandson who has shown an interest in chemistry. He is home educated and doesn't read as well as schooled kids of his age. He hasn't had much science education and no chemistry at all. None of his parents or grandparents have chemistry education beyond the school minimum and none feel confident about teaching it. My own memories of chemistry teaching in school are of disappointment, a shocking waste of everyone's time and extreme boredom. I think there must be a better way. Can anyone suggest an approach that won't ruin a child's interest?"


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