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Why I'm Sending Back Google Glass

milgram Solution without a problem, for now... (166 comments)

While I still consider Glass to be a solution without of problem, unless people use and find problems with them, innovation will not occur. There is a process of failing that precedes success. I understood when I bought Glass there would be issues. I wear them to find these issues and attempt to improve them. That is why I love to program. I like to make things better.

I read the complaints on the Explorer board, and I am shocked that people expected a perfect product. This is meant to be beta testing. Google has been very clear about this.

If you don’t wish to seek innovation, and you are afraid of things not going perfectly, send them back. You are probably not the type of person who seeks to improve the world around them.

about 8 months ago

210 Degrees of Heads-Up Display: Hands-On With the InfinitEye

milgram Which? (80 comments)

210 or 120? :>

about a year ago

Scientists Seek Biomarkers For Violence

milgram AC Post (294 comments)

That would be my guess as a good marker... :>

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How Best To Set Up a Parent's PC?

milgram Chromebook? (418 comments)

What are your parents using on the PC? My Dad uses his computer for e-mail and mostly browser based activity. What else do they need if they are basic users?

about 2 years ago

SpaceX's Grasshopper VTVL Finally Jumps Its Own Height

milgram Re:This is no Space Shuttle, its better. (111 comments)

While I agree with the direction of the evolution of the programs, I don't think it is a fair comparison to define the cost of the Space Shuttle launch as the total program cost divided by the number of launches. Much of the technology and information Falcon is using is based upon the research done to achieve the Shuttle program.

more than 2 years ago

Bill "The Science Guy" Nye Says Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

milgram Re:Yes! (1774 comments)

You can't reason with idiots... it is pointless to even try.

I think there are a lot of people on Slashdot that need to read this...

more than 2 years ago

MIT Fiber Points To Woven Glasses-Free 3D Displays

milgram The Wizard (52 comments)

MIT is like OZ for geeks... ;>

more than 2 years ago

Putting Medical Records Into Patients' Hands

milgram Google Health (211 comments)

Why was Google not able to make this successful? Is it because people aren't interested in being accountable for their information?

about 3 years ago

The Cost of US Security

milgram Cost vs Value (456 comments)

I understand the terms I will use could be viewed as callous, but I do not have better terms. My issue with the cost of the wars is not based in cost, but value. We have spent this much money, and neither our economic nor political standing has improved.

We seem to be fighting a war as if our enemy was the old USSR, when in fact our enemy is quite different. This type of conflict requires more human intelligence, and in country resources. As anyone in security knows, a static defense can be bypassed given time and effort. Does anyone really feel safer with Wal-Mart dropouts running the security at the airport? This is not where we should be putting our money, but it makes people feel better about security.

more than 3 years ago

Man Unknowingly Tweets the Osama Raid

milgram Re:I can't find it (354 comments)

Why didn't we just search Google for his location? It is even marked! ;)

more than 3 years ago

Gosper's Algorithm Meets Wall Street Formulas

milgram European not American option pricing (124 comments)

It seems, after reading through the paper (to the extent my non-MIT mind understood things) that this is based upon a pricing model of European options. European options can only be exercise on the expiry date, American options can be exercised any time before that date.

more than 3 years ago

An Animal That Lives Without Oxygen

milgram Re:Been there...done that! (166 comments)

I think this might be more in line with an organism that doesn't use O2, rather than one that does but can exist for periods of time without it.


more than 4 years ago

Time Warner Cable Modems Expose Users

milgram Re:The only prudent thing to do with these things. (185 comments)

While I agree with you, the issue usually isn't the small percentage of technically savvy people who use this, but rather the majority of folks looking to "plug and play". These are the security gaps that allow zombie DDoS attacks to happen so easily, as they open up easy access to lot's of similarly configured boxes.

more than 5 years ago

Starting an After-School Computer Club?

milgram Project (572 comments)

Try getting a project for the club to work on for the school. Where I taught, I used the computer club to build computers from donated parts for a computer lab at the school. The students were able to learn about computers, and the administration got a free lab. Parts are easier to come by when it is for a school, so try local businesses and even other schools! If the club had a project to build a lab, and accomplished this goal, they would be seen as a good, contributing organization. Keeps the administration off your back.

more than 11 years ago



Fake social security card with a real number?

milgram milgram writes  |  about 4 years ago

milgram (104453) writes "I have not been able to find a definitive answer to this one, so I thought I would settle for entertaining ones. Does anyone know if it is illegal to forge a social security card, as long as you are using valid information? Why do I have to go through a Kafka-esque bureaucracy when my printer will give the same thing? All I get is a paper card with my name and number. If It is the correct information, is it illegal?"


milgram has no journal entries.

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