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Asus Joins High Density Display Club With New Transformer Tablet

milton.john Re:We don't need to "kill" anything (265 comments)

How many devices on those list are 7+ inch? That's the point. There are few devices that are marginally higher DPI than few years old iPhone screen. But we are still speaking about mobile phones, not tablets. Reading PDFs on high-dpi 4 inch phone doesn't really improve anything, it's meaningless. 10 inch screen with similar DPI as iPad 3 is very fine for reading usual documentation. So, we're still waiting for decent competition in this area.

more than 2 years ago

Open.NET — .NET Libraries Go "Open Source"

milton.john Re:IT a Trap! (Step 1 to kill Mono) (310 comments)

Unfortunatelly, you are the one that got it backwards. Problem was NOT that MS added win32 specific things - the same was done by others, for examle Apple and there were no lawsuits. Problem is that MS DID NOT implement RMI and JNI as it is in specification for Java 1.1, and also altered classes in the java.* package. It would be ok, if MS did this in* package, but altering core libraries not to match specification is just plain wrong. I tried to find some article about the subject, this may be a good one:

about 7 years ago


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