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Google Fiber To Launch In Austin, Texas In December

mimeflu Re: I can hear the hipster rejoice from here (88 comments)

I live in Venice 1/4 mile from Google and can't get anything faster than 20 Mbps. My phone gets 20 Mbps. Sent from my TMC0280.

4 days ago

Google Takes the Fight With Oracle To the Supreme Court

mimeflu Re: this aught to be a riot. (146 comments)

Better off having monkeys decide the issue.

about two weeks ago

Canadian Newspaper Charging $150 License Fee To Publish Excerpts

mimeflu no pop up, using my tmc0280. (217 comments)

On free speech and Canadian politics William Watson,writing in the Ottawa Citizen, [external] argues that Tom Flanagan’s ordeal has been “Orwellian,” except inasmuch as “it wasn’t organized by the state” which rather takes some of the sting out of the term, doesn’t it? We certainly agree that Flanagan didn’t say anything that should instantly torch the career of an academic or a CBC commentator, and that it’s healthier to explain forcefully why he’s wrong than to demand “firing” or “shunning” —but then, if he wasn’t also Tom Flanagan, hard-bitten political strategist, his remarks wouldn’t have caused such a furor in the first place. As for the notion that Flanagan was “surreptitiously videoed” or somehow entrapped, we’re just a bit baffled. The problem is what he said, surely, not why or how we came to learn that he said it.

about a year and a half ago


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