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DHS Official Considered Shock Collars For Air Travelers

mirio Re:How much is a pilot license? (673 comments)

Ditto...I never take the airlines domestically anymore. I live in Atlanta and can fly my homebuilt RV-7A non-stop to Chicago and beat the airlines by the time I figure in my drive to Hartsfield, going through security, etc.

I can be in NYC with one stop for fuel and a bathroom break.

It's great, take-off, engage the autopilot, sit back, turn on XM radio, open up my water, have my in-flight meal, etc.

Going west generally takes a little longer (winds aloft are generally west to east), but coming back to Atlanta is generally a little easier.

I only take the bus with wings when going overseas. Canada and Mexico I take my plane.

Owning your own airplane, even with today's high fuel prices, is more attainable than most realize once they get over the initial sticker shock. Of course, I built mine so I have 4 years of sweat equity in it that makes it more affordable dollar-wise.

more than 6 years ago


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