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Cellulosic Biofuel Finally Ready For the Road

mirkob Re:First (cheap gas?) (355 comments)

your gas price IS quite reasonable!

here in italy you currently pay about 1.3 euros/liter

considering 1 euros about 1.33 dollar and 1 liter about 1/3.8 gallon

so its about 2 dollar for 1/3.8 gallon or about than 7.5 dollar/gallon

and it has gone higher...

more than 4 years ago

Game Industry Vets On DRM

mirkob Re:Crack when there is no DRM? (372 comments)

and if i'm currently trying 5-6 games just acquired from that famous bin, and whant to show some of them to my friend? or play some older glory that easily sit on my hard disk for years pending the right moment of nostalgia?

and some fucking drm added to the simple disk check of some game isn't easily evaded with daemon tools...

and the disk of my laptop is huge but not infinite! 10 games that occupy 4-5 GB each and the corresponding dvd iso are already 50GB!

not counting that this disck ckeck is really stupid! as you told many are simply avoidable with daemontools so totally ineffective but still much annoying to the paying customer!

more than 4 years ago

Game Industry Vets On DRM

mirkob Re:Crack when there is no DRM? (372 comments)

mostly acceptable??? NO!

its the first type to eradicate nowadays!

after a year of playing only games from gog.com some time ago i ransacket a discounted old game bin, and i really regretted it!

i even rebuyed some game on gog to avoid the hassle of switching cd/dvd every time i want to play a game!

its even more annoying on a laptop where you whant to play a game everywhere, and you have 250GB of hard disk so you have tens of games installed, but i really don't whant the hassle of having to carry 10/20 cdrom if i ever want to game!

more than 4 years ago

DRM and the Destruction of the Book

mirkob Re:You misunderstand something... (419 comments)

mostly with you, only problem with your text is that often the authors (expecially in the music industry) aren't the copyright holders...
or have some draconian contract that practically leave them as if they werent.

about 5 years ago

How Many Admins Per User/Computer Have You Seen?

mirkob Re:Proper Planning (414 comments)

If a dept feels they're understaffed, they must first evaluate the workload and determine if the implementation is unnecessarily causing extra work . Then correct the root issues (possibly hiring contractors for the interim) and reevaluate.

unfortunately the core problem is the fucking stupid users, no way to smat them up, nor to sack them...

the second problem is the presence of more than 100 different programs, about 2 to 15 are to install in every single station in seemly random assortment that vary wildly depending on the single user...
no way to solve that either.

the third is a continuous spawning of new programs or functionality to implement the week before, so that you hastily put something up, than have to spend 5 time that time to correct, expand, modify, document ecc...
all between a problem and an emergency

without those 3 problem there would be less than 1/5 of the problem... end personal needed.

now there is 4.5 tecnician, and 2.5 administrative to manage about 50-60 servers (half linux half win) and about 500 users on windows pc

about 5 years ago

Italy May Censor Torrent Sites

mirkob Re:Enlighten about technology? (194 comments)

Are the Italians that desperate to stop the video of Berlusconi being thumped being available around the world? :)

unfortunately we (the reasonably well informed citizen) certainly doesn't need another video on berlusconi...

it's the 70-90% of the population that live completely oblivious of the truckload of crime, corruption and assault to the constitution that the berlusconi's government represent.
and that's because they are completely nubed by the tv and various papers submitted to berlusconi control...

about 5 years ago

Why Is a Laptop's Battery Dearer Than a Lawnmower's?

mirkob Re:Well that's easy... (427 comments)

I understand profit, that's why we're in business, to make money. But charging more for something just because the consumer is willing to pay more for it... I guess that crosses the ethical line for me.

That's not supply and demand, it's not because it's any better than the other, it's not because its more expensive to make. You're just doing it because you can, and I call that greed.

that's where the theory of capitalism fail, if every laptop owner know that it has been ripped of money for nothing in return
than, maybe, market would work (and low the price),

but the main component that influence the market today are publicity and obfuscation of real characteristics and flaws of product

not informed comparison of products, where intelligent and informed people could decide if they want more reliable, more durable or cheaper product of a certain kind and, buying it, influence the market production.

more than 5 years ago

NRC Relicensing Old "Zombie" Nuclear Plants

mirkob Re:Chernobyl again? (260 comments)

no, that's what happen if you use all your uranium and plutonium for atomic bombs :)

more than 5 years ago

ASCAP Says Apple Should Pay For 30-sec. Song Samples

mirkob Re:It's not business (463 comments)

Time, time, time, and time again, history has shown that you can run a business that people like and make money, or you can be a greedy monster and make money. It works for some time, but will those businesses be around in 100 years?

true, but unfortunately the business is ruled not by the desire to still be there the next century, but to show a profit the next quarter...

and if some branch of the multinational screw up greatly and die in few years... that bother only the employee not the top manager that go to manage some other establishment!

the analogy of the good king and bad king had much to it, the good king typically is also relatively good father that want to leave a good reign to his children, the bad one typically (not necessarily so but usually) is a person lusting for power, now and for himself the remote future doesn't matter.

so now we really need a good king of earth to care for the whole planet, ecologically and economically :)

more than 5 years ago

British Video Recordings Act 1984 Invalid

mirkob Re:Tell the Belgians to fuck off (340 comments)

except everyone in europe should be able to sell his video in england,

but if he doesn't know of a standard required there and it sell his product and then will be brought to tribunal for not following the law, you see were the problem is....

more than 5 years ago

Will Mainstream Media Embrace Adblockers?

mirkob Re:No problem. So what's the alternative? (417 comments)

same here, I started muting the tv set and averting the eyes every time advertising appear and adblocking end are many years that i'm over sensitive to those invading ads that everyone talk about...

more than 5 years ago

Neuron Path Discovery May Change Our Conception of Itching

mirkob Re:Interesting from an evolution POV (161 comments)

the major problem in your sentences is the word "chose",

evolution is a result of a lot of different events and none of them is sentient nor is the total of them,

so "choosing" an non redundant path isn't something that a "sentient" evolution logically do, it's simply a frequent occurrence because more simple solution to a problem tend to have easier time survive and reproduce.

more than 5 years ago

Huge Unidentified Organic Blob Floating Around Alaska

mirkob Re:Well Shit... (424 comments)

munckin rulez :)

more than 5 years ago

Blizzard Confirms No LAN Support For Starcraft 2

mirkob Re:Confusing Comparison: RTS vs RPG (737 comments)

not counting on the fact that the location were my 15 friend and i gater to play at CoD4 doesn't have any adsl

but it's the only location were we could gather to play because none of our homes had enough space and none had the capability to support the energy drain of 16 modern pc!!!

and hardly 1/2 of us will play from our homes because it's a pleasant occasion to gather, and insults via Voip aren't so much satisfactory! :)

so no lan -> no gathering -> no playing -> no buying

more than 5 years ago

Spammer Alan Ralsky Pleads Guilty

mirkob Re:Judgement (144 comments)

as 99.9324%* of the files that were downloaded were unwanted garbage.

*This figure is completely fictional, and was pulled out of my arse.

not so fictional unfortunately!

in the mail server that I administer there are about 80/90.000 connection to send mail every day, of those only about 2.000 weren't blocked by the greylist.
of those 2000 at least 10% were blocked on the first mail server as spam or virus and then at least another 10% is blocked on the final server for the same causes.

so no more than 1600 mail/day were legittimate (or at least not filtered out, because many spam still pass) and that comprise the locally generated mail (the ones that doesn't have spam or virus except for the occasional epidemic...)

so at least 78400/80000 = 98% were spam (or virus), excluding the locally generated mail at least 99% of the mail coming in from internet is certainly unwanted!

I want be surprised if only 0.5% or less were truly legitimate working mail and not unusefull mailing list never cancelled...

more than 5 years ago

Publishers Want a Slice of Used Game Market

mirkob Re:What used games market? (664 comments)

The only way a place like GameStop would go out of business is if *all* game distribution switched to an online model. That isn't going to happen as long as people want to play games on devices that are not online.

well, steam isn't the only alternative, there are reasonable people like at www.gog.com that sell you downloadable games that will never require an internet connection (except for the first download)

and in few year there will hardly be any device without any possibility of on lyne interaction or at least possibility to simply plug in an usb key with the file downloaded elsewere...

more than 5 years ago

Download Taxes As a Weapon Against File-Sharing

mirkob Re:Sounds good... (451 comments)

they are after the first part of the taxes, directly detracted from the salary, then there are the ones at the end of the year, the ones on the propriety of house, the one on garbage and some other minor...

but if yours is cut in half there is not an astonish difference as i initially thought. between all the kind of taxes it's about 50-55% in taxes.

that's for the most of the population.

theoretically the more rich have more severe taxes, but they usually have hired professional able to find loophole to pay much less :(

more than 5 years ago

Download Taxes As a Weapon Against File-Sharing

mirkob Re:Sounds good... (451 comments)

average income at 2500 Euro/month?????

where do you live?

or to be more precise, where do I live!!!

here in Italy 1200-1300 euro/month are much more the norm!

that's for people with some specialization, and after a lot of taxation were already applied by the employer on before the paycheck.

but there were still many different taxes at the end of the year and our local version of VAT (called IVA)
it's more frequently at 20% (with some goods at less, like 4%)

more than 5 years ago

NY Bill Proposes Fat Tax On Games, DVDs, Junk Food

mirkob Re:Money Grab (793 comments)

but if you became (for example) a fat bloat practically paralysed, unable to do any work of any kind that could benefit the society and without money to sustain yourself does society leave you to die?

or someone (friend, relatives, church, neighbour, charity, ... ) pay for you in time, sweat or money?

much more likely the latter than the former...

so in 99% of the cases your self destruction is a cost for the society (even if you commit suicide or die there are the cost to dispose of the corpse...) at no added benefit.

you could never be totally separated and independent from the society, unless you live like an Inuit of a long time ago, so you have some privileges and some responsibility, that you want it or not.

more than 5 years ago


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