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No, a Stolen iPod Didn't Brick Ben Eberle's Prosthetic Hand

mistaryte Re:I have a logical explaination (122 comments)

Finger bricks iPod... that's not a story. iPod bricks finger... now that's a story!

about 2 months ago

Survey: Most IT Staff Don't Communicate Security Risks

mistaryte They fear reprisal. (227 comments)

In these times, they don't feel that there's a "disconnect between layers of management". They fear reprisal for exposing their bad security.

about a year ago

Thousands of Publicly Accessible Printers Searchable On Google

mistaryte So... (192 comments)

this could basically be used to do a PAP smear?

about a year ago

7,000 Irish e-Voting Machines To Be Scrapped

mistaryte Not guaranteed safe from tampering? Nae! (198 comments)

They were really scrapped because they did not dispense a shot of Jameson's after vote completion.

more than 2 years ago

Majority of Americans Think Obama Is Better Suited To Handle an Alien Invasion

mistaryte Re:Next question (305 comments)

The Atlantic is on the Pacific coast. Right?


more than 2 years ago


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