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Crowdsourcing Concerts — the Future of Live Music?

mister.woody it sounds like... (58 comments)

It sounds like groupon for concerts. That means it is going to fail!

about 2 years ago

Can Nokia Save Itself?

mister.woody No. (317 comments)

Simple answer: No. I wish they did, though.

about 2 years ago

.xxx Registrar To Launch Pr0n Search Engine

mister.woody what happens if... (149 comments)

What happens if I search for "katie topless"? that is what turns me on! :)

about 2 years ago

Researchers Create Silicon-Based Quantum Bit

mister.woody I have a question: (46 comments)

can you run linux on it?

about 2 years ago

Major Backlash Looms For Apple's New Maps App

mister.woody Re:Thailand? (466 comments)

When did Thailand become the world's largest country by population?

I think that the FTA meant the total population of Brazil, India, Taiwan, and Thailand.

about 2 years ago

More Warnings About High-Frequency Trading

mister.woody Re:Simple solution, introduce a microtransaction t (500 comments)

It would be nice to have a microtransaction tax, but it wouldn't solve the problem. Firms would just move their money to China where there are no taxes on transactions. It is a bit like the internet. The more rules you have, the more people would move away from you.

about 2 years ago

Apple Says "No" To Releasing New Dock Connector Specs

mister.woody universal connector (393 comments)

It's a shame that they do not have a universal connector. Something that would work on any damn phone, like a simple usb. But oh well... it's apple!

about 2 years ago

The UK's New Minister For Magic

mister.woody Re:Devil's advocate here... (526 comments)

spend money on the placebo effect? doesn't sound a great idea.

A proof that homeopathy is useless? well unless you don't believe in the Avogadro's number...

about 2 years ago

Bill Clinton Backs 100 Year Starship

mister.woody It's time! (299 comments)

"[It's] time for the human race to enter the solar system." George W. Bush

about 2 years ago

Bill Clinton Backs 100 Year Starship

mister.woody it's time... (1 comments)

"[It's] time for the human race to enter the solar system."

George W. Bush

about 2 years ago

Nuclear Powered LEDs For Space Farming

mister.woody strawberries (287 comments)

I usually do not buy strawberry from south America (just because I like to support local farms and I tend to believe that it is healthier as well). I have strong problems to buy strawberries that come from Mars.

about 2 years ago

iPhone 5 Mockup Seen At IFA Conference

mister.woody 4" screen (1 comments)

This seems to be the only information from TFA:

Among the expected enhancements for Apple’s latest smartphone include a larger, 4-inch screen that can help it compete with the bigger displays found on rival devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III, which Apple is filing an injunction against after a favourable patent infringement ruling.

and I doubt it is true.

about 2 years ago

Vatican Said To Be Victim in Recent Cyber Attack

mister.woody private information (1 comments)

They should better be careful... there are so many secrets that they need to protect (e.g. how much money do they really have and why they refused to pay back the victims of all the abuses)!

about 2 years ago

MIT Works On Mars Space Suit

mister.woody 200 mph (71 comments)

traveling at up to 200 mph
At that speed, it would only get 20 years to go to mars

about 2 years ago



First video of an iphone 5 booting up

mister.woody mister.woody writes  |  about 2 years ago

mister.woody (2712229) writes "After all the leaks it seems highly unlikely that this is any kind of prank or fake—unless Apple has played the biggest deception operation since the Allies made the Nazis believe that Operation Overlord was happening in another place."
Link to Original Source

Leaked Photo Shows BlackBerry L-Series Touchscreen Phone

mister.woody mister.woody writes  |  about 2 years ago

mister.woody (2712229) writes "A leaked photo reveals that the upcoming BlackBerry smartphone is a touchscreen device.

Codenamed London, the phone will run on the new BlackBerry 10 OS, according to website N4BB. While the photo doesn’t diclose much about the L-series phone from Research in Motion, it does show apps, including BBM, DocsToGo, Facebook and Story Maker."

Link to Original Source


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