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Facebook Refuses To Share Employee Race and Gender Data

mjperson Re:Sick (250 comments)

Actually he does have a right. He got into the shareholder's meeting by being a shareholder. It's his company too. Let him express his views to the board.

about 4 months ago

Supermassive Black Hole At the Centre of Galaxy May Be Wormhole In Disguise

mjperson Let's go! (293 comments)

Finally a stable wormhole for our FTL travel needs. Now, since Sagitarius A is 26,000 lightyears away, all we need to do is build some sort of wormhole network to get us there, and then FTL travel will be ours!

about 4 months ago

Controversial Execution In Ohio Uses New Lethal Drug Combination

mjperson Why is this an issue? (1038 comments)

We have complete understanding of how to knock someone so far out that you can cut into them for hours in an operating room, even to the point of removing their heart for a transplant. Why the heck to people have to go from fully conscious to dead in a single shot? Knock them out completely painlessly, and then kill them while they can feel nothing. I've never understood lethal injections at all!

about 8 months ago

How To Avoid a Scramble For the Moon and Its Resources

mjperson Scientists just can't help themselves. (365 comments)

Always communicating with each other and sharing their ideas. What's wrong with them!

"Scientists can't help communicating with each other and sharing ideas.'" Where the heck did that sentence even come from?

about 9 months ago

Apple Announces iPad Air

mjperson Re:Only 16GB (471 comments)

The new iPad Mini comes in 16, 32, 64, AND 128 GB models. Just like the full-sized ones.

about 10 months ago

Fidus Writer: Open Source Collaborative Editor For Non-Geek Academics

mjperson Re:Help Editing? (160 comments)

"three secretaries and a graphics arts department."

Sure, with an unlimited budget, my thesis would also have been a work of art. It must have been nice to prepare your thesis in an environment where money was no object.

about a year ago

Orson Scott Card Pleads 'Tolerance' For Ender's Game Movie

mjperson Re:Really?!? (1448 comments)

Certainly they all deserve tolerance. But they do not all deserve support. Tolerate their presence sure, but you don't have to put money into their pockets by going to see their movies. That's not tolerance, that's active support for them.

about a year ago

IAU: No, You Can't Name That Exoplanet

mjperson Re:So what (142 comments)

This again? The statement makes sense: Han was talking about the distance traveled (his path bringing him closer to a black hole than the typical route) and not the amount of time spent.

The retcon is strong in this one...

about a year and a half ago

Only 22% of California 8th Graders Pass National Science Test

mjperson Re:Makes no sense (580 comments)

I'm also happy our state tied for first, but you can't take a number like "only 44% passed" and know that it means much of anything. After my high school career, I was ready to commit seppuku when I receive my first Astrophysics grade in college. A 63% seemed like the worst thing I had ever done, clearly indicating I was unfit for my chosen profession. Until I found out that 63% was the highest grade in the class.

Tests don't measure anything other than how good you are at passing that particular test. A well-crafted test will spread students out allowing educators to understand where the better students still have room to grow, and where the weaker students are lacking. If everyone passes a test with flying colors, it doesn't mean everyone knows all they need. I merely means the test is useless.

more than 2 years ago

Supreme Court Limits Patents Based On Laws of Nature

mjperson Re:Laws of Nature? (173 comments)

Doesn't that spoil the patent though? I mean if 25 years from now we discover the unobtanium needed to make your antigrav copter patent work, well too late, no anti-grav copter patent for you, because it was patented 25 years ago and has entered the public domain since.

more than 2 years ago

New Service Lets Users Try Apple's New IPad For 30 Days Before Buying

mjperson Re:At face value... (150 comments)

>They spend money on quality materials where others do not. But it doesn't justify a 100% premium over their competitors.

Actually, that is pretty much the *only* thing that *does* justify such margins. In just about every other manufacturing industry, there's the cheap crap you can buy at a discount, and the high-quality, well-made stuff that has a much greater than >100% price premium. Toasters, Dining Room Tables, Cars... You name it, and paying for quality has always been profitable.

The only question that remains is whether you think Apple is providing the quality. Given your statement above, it is.

more than 2 years ago

North Star May Be Wasting Away

mjperson Re:What does it mean for Christians? (129 comments)

Um no. The Christmas star was seen in the East, not the North. The North star has nothing to do with Christ. It never has.

more than 2 years ago

Professor Resigns From Stanford To Launch Online Education Project

mjperson Not much workload.... (162 comments)

If your professor goes from teaching 100 people to 100,000 people without much increase in workload, then either your professor sucked when teaching 100, or you are missing the point of attending his class entirely.

It's not just a matter of reading the notes and listening to the lecture. The professor needs to respond to problems the students are having, adjust pacing based upon performance, and be able to handle individual questions from students. That's why good professors hate classes that large (100). It's a lot of work.

more than 2 years ago

Zynga To Employees: Surrender Pre-IPO Shares Or You're Fired

mjperson Re:Not following the Google Chef reference (554 comments)

What is this "Google Chef" situation that this story seems to pull up everywhere it is posted. Everything I read about the actual Google chef seems to indicate he was a great guy who did amazing things during the formation of the Google. What's the "situation"?

more than 2 years ago

Devices on my home network (less modem):

mjperson Re:More devices than people (374 comments)

Why exactly do two people need 6 Xboxes on-line "at any given time"?

more than 2 years ago

Massachusetts Lottery Broken

mjperson Re:Winnings taxable? (376 comments)

You pay taxes on the $80,000, not the full $280,000, assuming you kept the receipts for the original $200,000 spent so you can take it as a deduction.

more than 3 years ago

Massachusetts Lottery Broken

mjperson Re:Wait, what? (376 comments)

You don't believe lottery winnings are taxed? Why would you think that? It's income, no?

more than 3 years ago

Hackers' Flying Drone Now Eavesdrops On GSM Phones

mjperson Re:If government was doing this (90 comments)

Dude, a couple of hacker built a UAV that silently taps into cell phone conversations...

"If government was doing this..."

What on Earth makes you think that the army doesn't have this capability if a couple of guys at DefCon put it together in a few months?

more than 3 years ago


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