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Linux x32 ABI Not Catching Wind

mjrauhal Re:Is kernel still 64bit? (262 comments)

The kernel needs to be an amd64 one for x32 to work, at least as things stand now. The most common situation would _probably_ be an amd64 system with some specialist x32 software doing performance intensive stuff. (Or possibly a hobbyist system running an all-x32 userspace for the hack value.)

Yeah, working with big data is unlikely to benefit, and data _is_ generally getting bigger.

about 4 months ago

Linux x32 ABI Not Catching Wind

mjrauhal Re:Wont use Linux without it! (262 comments)

I could get into specifics but I shan't, because what you're blathering about has zero relevance for x32. It's not a replacement-to-be for the usual amd64 ABI, nobody is going to break amd64 to make x32 run. It's mostly a specialist tool for specific workloads (aside from being a hacker's playground, as are many things). Whether thinking it's useful as such is misguided or not, you're more so.

about 4 months ago

Linux x32 ABI Not Catching Wind

mjrauhal Re:Nice concept (262 comments)

You misunderstand the desired impact. "Loads a little faster" doesn't really enter into it. It's rather that system memory is _slow_, and you have to cram a lot of stuff into CPU cache for things to work quickly. That's were the smaller pointers help, with some workloads. Especially if you're doing a lot of pointery data structure heavy computing where you often compile your own stuff to run anyway.

Still not saying it's necessarily worth the maintenance hassle, but let's understand the issues first.

about 4 months ago

Linux x32 ABI Not Catching Wind

mjrauhal Re:Stupid (262 comments)

x32 at least has some merit, unlike your grasp of the history of computing. (Just not very much and probably not worth the trouble; you can probably relate.)

about 4 months ago

Finnish Anti-Piracy Site Pirates Thepiratebay Content

mjrauhal Kopimism doesn't erase infringement (82 comments)

It has been pointed out that due to the Pirate Bay page being under Kopimism, there is no infringement. This turns out not to be quite true.

Ville Oksanen, cofounder of EFFI (the Finnish version of EFF) and a lawyer specializing in technology and media law, comments as follows: "In Finland you cannot give up your moral rights and Matti Nikki's parody-judgement was based specifically on violaiton of moral rights. I think that TPB just issues a sarcastic reaction but technically TTVK ry is indeed likely to break law here."

Moral rights can come into play when material is used in opposition to the moral standards of the original authors. Parody is not at all protected under the strict reading of the law, though in practice there is some (yet weak) protection under a supreme court ruling.

So yeah, there is every reason, even with a recent similar case with a guilty verdict, to think that the Finnish version of copyright law was indeed broken by the good antipiracy folks. At the very least they're operating on extremely gray area, which is not very flattering for their ilk either.

Ville's Google Plus post: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103784989123292634015/posts/XeLSWAjcCLw

about a year ago

Finnish Anti-Piracy Site Pirates Thepiratebay Content

mjrauhal Fradulent phising (82 comments)

Given kopimism, it doesn't seem to be copyright piracy - though what with Kotilainen dodging like hell in the interview, the antipiracy folks might not actually realize that ;)

What it is, however, is defrauding the visitor into entering search terms under the pretense that it's the actual Pirate Bay. Could be worse, at least it's not phishing for personal information, but they do get a list of IPs with entered search terms (often for something you'd rather the antipiracy folks wouldn't know).

about a year ago

VIA Unveils $79 Rock and $99 Paper ARM PCs

mjrauhal Re:VGA not HDMI out? (158 comments)

It has both, and yes you can run 1080p over VGA, albeit poorly.

You can actually run it quite well, though the quality of both the signal source and the display's A/D conversion have to be good. When I ran two identical 1920x1200 Samsung 244T LCDs from a Radeon x800xl, one over DVI, one over VGA, I couldn't tell the difference at all.

Wouldn't count on a random cheap ARM box's VGA output to be top-notch, of course, especially these days when the VGA output is just mostly for legacy support. Digital is the more sensible option, with its consistent quality.

about a year ago

VIA Unveils $79 Rock and $99 Paper ARM PCs

mjrauhal Re:VGA not HDMI out? (158 comments)

The difference is that only one has VGA, the other does not. Both have HDMI. Get a clue before spouting nonsense.

about a year ago

A Suicide Goes Viral On the Internet

mjrauhal Re:Calm before the hyperbole (566 comments)

"Yeah, why not? He deserved it, burning his dog like that. Let's go to KFC to eat some of the most mistreated production animals ever."

about a year and a half ago

Interview With Suren Ter From 'You Have Downloaded'

mjrauhal Rape is just basically theft (366 comments)

Except, of course, it isn't, the implications are completely different, and even the law thinks they're completely separate issues. Just like with copyright infringement. The only difference is that people take "rape" already seriously as is, so it doesn't have to try to _co-opt_ the term for another, separate crime. 'cause that's what the whole business with conflating copyright infringement with theft is _all about_. Nobody gives a shit about copyright infringement, so they try to leech off the badwill for the word "theft". Hell, maybe they should just say that copyright infringement is raping the artist. It's just as true, and there's even more badwill to be gathered.

Only reason they don't is that it'd take an even bigger moron to buy it.

So fuck this douche with his support for the copyright newspeak.

more than 2 years ago

Pi Day Is Coming — But Tau Day Is Better

mjrauhal Tau for the win (241 comments)

Tau is twice the constant Pi ever was!

more than 2 years ago

Osama Bin Laden Reported Dead, Body In US Hands

mjrauhal A little game of "guess the country" (1855 comments)

The people of a nation with a history of blatant human rights violations are taking to the streets in joy of their armed forces killing a man.

more than 2 years ago

Oh, What a Lovely Standards War

mjrauhal Executive summary (400 comments)

1) The main point really is that you can now relatively easily deploy Web video in Theora without sacrificing much potential user base. (Cortado can fill in some gaps in native browser support already, but Java applet support is dwindling.)
1a) It might not yet be default(?), but MS is actively pushing Silverlight for Windows users, so the installed base is already fairly large and growing.
1b) Apple I hear has some at least semi-official Moonlight-based support, but this I know less of. Comments?
1c) Though not the best in quality per bit, you can make the quality of any codec better with more bits. Bits are only going to get cheaper. H.264 can potentially get much more expensive.

2) No, H.264 won't die a gruesome death now.
2a) Yes yes, we all know it's better technically, it doesn't matter, it still can't be a baseline Web codec.
2b) Yes, some players, especially those with vested interest in the MPEG-LA racket and excluding smaller competitors, will almost certainly use H.264 on the web for a long time to come.
2c) Isn't it nice though that a widely deployable option exists that probably has already played a hand in how much money the MPEG-LA can squeeze from you if you _do_ decide to go with H.264 anyway?

3) Using H.264 for everything won't be as unified as you think.
3a) Much of the material on the web incidentally doesn't use the very advanced features of H.264, because many decoders are limited in what profile or subset of H.264 they support (thus also reducing the quality advantage to Theora, but I make no claim of its elimination)
3b) Some material (like pirated stuff that doesn't care for copyrights or patents alike) will use all the bells and whistles, but then you may well still be stuck with having to transcode for different devices even if everything does "H.264".
3c) Such conversions can be relatively well automated when needed while keeping the original not to incur generation loss; I don't really see some need for transcoding persisting as a huge deal, except of course to the extent that anything you do with a patented format might be illegal depending on jurisdiction and circumstance.

4) Yep, no "hardware" (DSP) decoders for Theora abound.
4a) Mobile devices have enough oomph to decode it anyway in relevant resolutions (Theora is lighter than H.264, too)
4b) Yes, battery life will probably suffer somewhat, doesn't make it useless.
4c) Some DSP work has already been done on Theora decoding as already previously commented, though even when ready, deploying it would probably require user intervention and sufficient access unless shipped by the OS itself. ("Install this to improve your battery life with this site.")

Hope this summary will clarify things somewhat.

more than 4 years ago

Google Brings SVG Support To IE

mjrauhal Boon for SVG deploability (233 comments)

Now, I'm among the first to go "meh" about their use of Flash. But.

This SVG kludge certainly improves the chances of web sites deploying, where applicable, SVG solutions instead of going directly for Flash (which is SVG's main proprietary vector graphics competitor on the web). After all, if your SVG/SMIL etc will play in Flash, suddenly your installed base of capable viewers is at least that of Flash.

'course, more quality SVG tools are needed also but this is an important step towards more openness on the web.

more than 4 years ago

YouTube, HTML5, and Comparing H.264 With Theora

mjrauhal Spotify. (361 comments)

While not being a fan (or a user) of Spotify for their DRM stuff (I'm sure it's all mandated by the media lobby, but regardless) and the opaque pricing which the boss of a large (by Finnish standards) local media company Poptori suspected doesn't really get distributed all that well to artists.

However, fact is that it's gotten pretty popular in pretty short time at least in some circles, and guess what: Vorbis. Presumably for royalty and quality per bandwidth reasons (over MP3, in any case).

more than 4 years ago

Theora Ahead of H.264 In Objective PSNR Quality

mjrauhal Re:Are you incapable of reading the English langua (313 comments)

Nnoo, that's not what that little comparison says. It only compares different Theora versions, and not very rigorously at that. Still, for a small casual comparison it's a okay. As the comments say, the sky isn't as good with the new encoder output, but in this comparison that output also happens to use 20% less bandwidth...

more than 4 years ago

Theora Ahead of H.264 In Objective PSNR Quality

mjrauhal Re:Are you incapable of reading the English langua (313 comments)

You might want to be less offensive when you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

I wasn't replying to you, and neither was xiphmonth, as you might notice from the subject line "Re: Use your peepers" (and the fact that our comments aren't nested into your comment's box). The comment we _did_ reply to was merely modded down after we did so. Push the "parent" button of my comment to view it.

I'll grant you though that the slashdot UI is slightly confusing in this. I was also confused for a second or two when the original post disappeared and thought our replies had been reparented to yours (I wouldn't put such things past slashdot ;] ). Still, be more careful when frothing.

more than 4 years ago



Finland: Open WiFi Owner Not Liable for Infringement

mjrauhal mjrauhal writes  |  about 2 years ago

mjrauhal (144713) writes "In Finland, the operator of an open WiFi access point was found not guilty for copyright infringement allegedly committed over said access point. The operation of such access points would have become legally risky were this decided otherwise. Appeal by the Finnish Anti-Piracy Centre is still possible for this district court ruling."
Link to Original Source


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