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Average latency to Slashdot.org?

mjvictory Re:203ms - With Fibre connection and not in space (558 comments)

NBN is (mostly) about having more bandwidth. Unfortunately the NBN cannot overcome the speed of light in a fibre. According to Wolfram Alpha, Sydney to LA is 12048km. This takes approx 56 ms (assuming amplifiers add no delay), one way. So absolute fastest would be 110 ms. However there are many more steps along the way.

about 2 years ago

Will Your Next iPhone Be Built By Robots?

mjvictory Betteridge's Law of Headlines (251 comments)

Will Your Next iPhone Be Built By Robots? As explained in the summary and article, for the most part: NO.

more than 2 years ago

iOS 6 Adoption Tops 25% After Just 48 Hours

mjvictory Re:OP must be new here (513 comments)

But is that how it should be? The best comparison is Android to Windows/Linux, where we see old hardware being upgradeable, by the user, without rooting the device. There is no technical reason a one year phone cannot be upgraded to JB. But thanks to Google/device manufacturers handing so much control to carriers that does not happen. This is a situation where Apple really does lead the way.

more than 2 years ago

Space Shuttle Items For Sale Soon VIa GSA Auction

mjvictory Slashdotted the Gov? (59 comments)

I'm getting a "503 Retry request" error.

more than 2 years ago

Fair price for an unlimited wireless data plan?

mjvictory $61+ (314 comments)

I currently pay $49 for 500GB of monthly data on my ADSL connection, which tops out around 11mbit. On my Telstra (Australia) phone I get around 6mbit (and better upload speeds than my ADSL connection). For the flexibility of using the data anywhere I'd be willing to pay a little over $60. But by unlimited, I presume we are talking about true unlimited data, not 'unlimited' until I pass 5GB of data: I already can do that on my phone.

more than 2 years ago

A Faster Jigsaw Solving Algorithm

mjvictory Kodak (104 comments)

The original paper was written at Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories. I am guessing we won't be seeing a follow up paper from him.

more than 2 years ago


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