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Helsinki Aims To Obviate Private Cars

mjwx Re:Sounds like the future (239 comments)

Today's front wheel drive econo boxes are just uninspiring transportation. You need something like the 327 68 Impala I drove in high school to get your blood pumping.

FWD econoboxes can be great fun, it's the automatic transmission that's ruined it for everyone. There's nothing quite like bashing around a small high revving light car like the Fiat 500. Small engines and light weight make for a very fun car and you cant replace the feeling of a manual or the nimbleness of light weight with more power.

And the SUV has ruined it for everyone else on the road.

9 hours ago

Helsinki Aims To Obviate Private Cars

mjwx Re:which turns transport into a monopoly... (239 comments)

I'll never live anywhere that won't let me have a car or where for whatever reason cars are uneconomical.

Please name one city in your country where cars are economical without subsidies, such as sales taxes to finance freeways, and without preferential treatment, such as minimum parking requirements to force business owners to build more than the economically optimal amount of parking.

In my country (the USA), I don't think any such city exists.

I'd hate to break it to you, but it's the same for public transport. The fare you pay doesn't cover half of the ride you're taking, let alone the empty buses they have to keep running. Not to mention that public transport and taxis use the same infrastructure you're complaining about. So name me one city where public transport is economical without subsidies like sales and income taxes. At least roads in Oz are primarily paid for by petrol taxes and car registration (user pays is a fairer system).

And then there's the time cost. Some people are willing to pay $20 a year for parking near work because taking public transport is longer and more painful than sitting in traffic. Yes, its more comfortable sitting in my 12 yr old Nissan sports car with its suspension on Viagra than trying to pack myself onto an overloaded train, strange that.

I've never been spat on in my own car and there's always plenty of room. Oh and no public transport strikes/outages/failures.

But whilst we're on the subject of freeloaders, the worst transport freeloaders are cyclists who pay zero usage taxes yet use the roads and have their own special lanes/paths built for them.

9 hours ago

German Intelligence Spying On Allies, Recorded Kerry, Clinton, and Kofi Annan

mjwx Re:Don't know why, but... (166 comments)

...I find the concept of "German intelligence" an oxymoron.

What's contradictory about it? It's German Intelligence, not German Humour.


German Intelligence Spying On Allies, Recorded Kerry, Clinton, and Kofi Annan

mjwx Re:Oblig. Madison quote: (166 comments)

so you're saying there is no governance system in heaven? that makes no sense.

Obviously the Kingdom of Heaven is an absolute monarchy.


Delaware Enacts Law Allowing Heirs To Access Digital Assets of Deceased

mjwx Re:My porn collection (82 comments)

My will is going to come with a copy of DBAN with explicit instructions to format all of my hard drives.


Google's Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit

mjwx Re:A limit is a limit (460 comments)

realistically, do you really think a semi would handle better at high speed than a car?

I dont think most drivers could.

Doubly so seeing as most drivers drive auto's these days. They dont know about accelerating from 80 to 150 KPH, what gear they should be in or how to deal with wheelspin at those speeds.

Also I highly doubt a 100KW corolla could do 80-120 KPH fast enough. Especially if it's an automatic.

As for you Mr AC, I am almost certain you cant.


Google's Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit

mjwx Re:A limit is a limit (460 comments)

When it comes to breaking the speed limit or being run over by a semi, I'll break the speed limit every time.

To what advantage if the semi is also being driven far above the speed limit?

Realistically, what are your chances of actually keeping pace with the thing or out-running it without losing control of your own vehicle?

My chances of outpacing a semi in my Nissan 200sx are quite high as I race professionally. However this would be on a clear road with controlled entry points, I know my chances of hitting another object in front of me in traffic are higher than a hippy on the third day of an open air festival.

The correct procedure is to attempt to get out of the way. Because everyone checks their mirrors you should be able to spot it a mile away and because everyone drives in the inside lane they can drive onto the shoulder*.

You've got more chance of winning the lottery twice than being on the receiving end of a runaway semi.

You however have a real risk of being hit by a driver who doesn't keep a safe distance, changes lanes without checking, speeds or is drunk this evening as you drive home. The irony is that they think they're a good driver as they speed, lane hop and tailgate (the Dunning-Kruger effect or as Bertrand Russell put it "The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."). *I'm not sure if some people can detect the sarcasm.


News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

mjwx Re:ugh... white knights. (687 comments)

And yet the feminists keep shrieking that ALL men are pigs, that ALL men are rapists or rape apologists, ALL men are oppressors.

So you think that these women should be silenced?

Maybe they should even be restricted from leaving the kitchen?

Jokes aside, if you think these views are the majority or even accepted by most women your head is so far up your arse you've been able to insert it into your colon twice.

The thing is, there are a lot of people like you who love to have a good whinge about issues that dont actually affect you. The media knows this and loves to give airtime to extremists, it's like intervening the KKK to give a balanced view of America. Only idiots believe it.

Yet to see the widescale oppression of men, doubt I will within my lifetime, not even within the lifetime of my grandkids when they're born in 20 or so years. Your rant is a pointless attempt at poisoning the well, by attempting to radicalise the discussion you only demonstrate your complete lack of attachment to reality.

Perhaps Adam Savage and his ilk should try meeting an actual woman once in their lives.

I would recommend you go out and meet real women for once in your life... but I think of all the women I have as friends and I'm not enough of a cunt to subject them to the likes of you.


News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

mjwx Re:I hope it's just me (687 comments)

I'm sure all this overbearing political correctness that tortures you

I've found the cries of "Political Correctness" to be the modern day equivalent of "think of the children".

It's a thought-terminating cliche used to prevent rational people from calling out obviously racist/sexist/xenophobic rants in the same way "think of the children" is used to silence criticism of overbearing laws, ideas or organisations.

The cry of oppressive political correctness is most often used ironically by those who want to force others into their own form of orthodoxy. These people dont want a free exchange of ideas, they want an echo chamber for their own.


News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

mjwx Re:I hope it's just me (687 comments)

Seconded. Slashdot is a haven for rational thought, which naturally and innately fights all ignorance including sexism.

Has it really been that long since we've seen a GNAA post?

The thing is, rationalism fights antiwomen and antiman sexism alike and doesn't give either undue focus.


Rationalism is the enemy of intolerance in all its forms.


News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

mjwx Re:Will they ban this ? (687 comments)

No, for the same reason why a news article that talks about a white supremacist assaulting a African-American isn't automatically racist. Or one about Westboro Baptist Church picketing a funeral of someone who was gay doesn't make it automatically homophobic. The context of the whole article is what makes it misogynistic (or racist, or homophobic, or ...)

This, discussing the issue of crime or alcoholism in Aboriginal communities is very different to saying "all them fucking boongs are drunks and thieves".

Intent is everything and intent is often only determined by context.


Selectable Ethics For Robotic Cars and the Possibility of a Robot Car Bomb

mjwx Re:The ROAD will make these choices (238 comments)

Any modified car wont be allowed on the autonomous lanes at all. Getting caught operating a modified car on the 'no human operator' sections will induce heavy fines, loss of use of private vehicle, etc.. In short no, your cyberpunk dreams arent going to happen. The whole point of autonomous cars is to remove human-drive ability altogether.


There will be a long time before there's a no-human operator lane.

And you demonstrate you dont know much about people or modding cars. Do you think if carriers blocked all Iphones that have been modded by their owners that these mods will go away, hell no, they'll just find a way to hide it by finding the correct response to the carrier and for a long time laws are going to require people to sit in the drivers seat for driverless cars.

Beyond this, there are a lot of places that ban or restrict car mods already, it hasn't stopped it one iota. I have a modified car (springs, BOV and aftermarket tail lights), the original parts are in my garage. If I get pulled over (the Blow Off Valve is a legal grey area) and pulled for it, I'll just put the originals back on before I take it over the pits (for inspection). This is the standard operating procedure for modders in Oz.

As long as people have a desire to go faster, there will be a demand for modifications (legal or otherwise). Doubly so if they find a way to give priority to certain autonomous cars.


Google's Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit

mjwx Re:Safety vs Law (460 comments)

Wrong, wrong, wrong. It is 100% the fault of the person making an unsafe lane change if there is an accident, NOT the person who was driving too slow for your taste. You still have not given a single legitimate reason why low speed limits (by themselves), or slow drivers (by themselves) are dangerous.

This. I wish I had mod points.

It isn't speed that causes crashes (speed cause fatalities in the event of crashes, it's an important distinction that people miss) what commonly causes crashes at highway speeds is speed differential (see: Solomon Curve). A person travelling significant above or below the speed limit is more likely to be involved in a collision. The more people travel at the same speed, the less the risk of a collision. Speed limits are designed to just this, they should really be called speed targets on highways.

So the twats doing 20 KPH (~15MPH) over because they think it safe are actually making it worse for everyone.... same for the person in the beige Camry doing 20 under.

BTW, I'm a proponent for higher freeway/highway speed limits in Australia (I'd like 130-140 KPH) but I wouldn't call our current limits (100-110 depending on state) dangerously low. The only coherent argument is that you spend more time on the road at 110 KPH than you would at 130 KPH, in Australia with it's vast distances this is a problem with drivers who dont manage fatigue but not in the US with barely 100 miles between towns, so I'd say there's a benefit for us in higher limits, not a danger in low ones.


Google's Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit

mjwx Re:Left or Right? (460 comments)

Like speed limits it will drive how it supposed to depending on the road it is on. When the road switches from LH to RH it will change just like it does when the speed limit goes from 65 to 50. Rules are loaded with the map.

I'm more concerned with how it will handle changing conditions.

Google's driverless cars are great when tested in sunny, clement California but in London it rains, it sleets, it snows and for a few special days of the year, there is sunshine. So how will a driverless car know that the roads are wet or icy before a loss of traction occurs. You cant rely on weather updates because they're unreliable and roads remain wet and slippery for some time after it rains. Beyond this you have differences in surfaces and again, you cant rely on reports because surface conditions degrade (or every now and then get resurfaced and upgraded) or what happens when the council puts in a new set of lights or stop signs without updating the Google map?.

I'm not worried about cars slightly exceeding the speed limit when needed, I figured out long ago that putting a hard limit on driverless cars was an accident waiting to happen and I'm sure if I could figure out a soft limit was a good idea someone at Google could too but I'm curious as to how they determine different conditions.


Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

mjwx Re:Sounds familiar (358 comments)

Yes it is. It's funny how most of this thread is centered on "idiot looters", when there is a real possibility that someone grabbed a whole bunch of Ebola patients for the purpose of weaponizing it.

If that's a real possibility (its not) then it's not a plausible threat.

Ebola isn't a disease you can drop into the water supply, infect food with or put into gas canisters. It's basically blood borne so to get infected you need direct contact with bodily fluids (because Ebola causes excessive bleeding just about any bodily fluid will contain blood) and skin contact on it's own isn't enough. So weaponising it means either dropping infected courses en mass or direct injection of Ebola into the victims.

However the real reason why that's complete and utter bollocks is the fact that the patients are believed to have walked out of their own accord. The looters were likely after drugs (which are not cheap in Liberia).

2 days ago

Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

mjwx Re:Stupidity (358 comments)

Do you really believe that a culture/tribe/village/group can develop such stupid rituals to deal with the dead and diseased and survive to this day? Do you really think that `primitive' people don't know anything about quarantaine or other measures against infectious diseases? Do you really think that a group of people that has just seen some of their own die in a horrible way will quietly slink off to meditate on their sins rather than seek (quite possibly rough) justice for this? But you're not one of the RFSP, right?

If they remain isolated enough, yes.

A lot of tribes that remain isolated in Africa and even South America this day and age. They aren't exposed to a lot of diseases that we carry.

Beyond this, because formal education is limited or non-existent in parts of Africa like Liberia a lot of them end up getting their education from lay preachers (Islam and Christianity are the biggest offenders). This would likely be the real story you're looking for. A preacher will have said that the plague is a curse from god and it's being spread by the godless foreign doctors (because the doctors follow the disease but precede the deaths, it's easy to sell this). Lack of education combined with religious fervor and the fear that accompanies an outbreak of a deadly disease and even people who are ordinarily rational and intelligent will do stupid things.

It's probably going to get worse too before the outbreak burns itself out.

2 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

mjwx Re:Paying won't work due to corruption (380 comments)

Paid forum accounts are a surefire way to attract corruption, and even if they don't, the spectre of it is always there - that the bans being issued may not be done for a reason, but to make money for the site's operator.

And in the end, that's what people who are willing to pay to control trolls want.

What they're after is a forum where ideas are controlled so they are not exposed to any ideas, notions and especially not facts that contradict their point of view. Fox News is a prime example, people pay to be told lies they like (well the entirety of prostitution in SE Asia is proof of this being insanely profitable, the 19 yr old Thai girl says I'm handsome... where did I leave that Baht).

There are a heap of markets where people dont want to be exposed to ideas they find distasteful or challenging. Anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers, homeschoolers, both ends of the political spectrum. They're willing to put up with corruption in order to be "protected".

I get the impression you find the idea of such controls distasteful (dictatorial and oppressive), I do too but people can do what they want.

2 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Would You Pay For Websites Without Trolls?

mjwx Re:Very subjective (380 comments)

I agree. I've made a few Slashdot posts that were contrary to the majority view, but meant in good faith and with the goal of advancing the discussion, which ended being modded as Trolls. Fortunately this happens to me rarely, suggesting that only a small fraction of moderators

Almost all of my +5 posts have a small percentage of -1 mods (Troll, Overrated, Flamebait, Off Topic). I consider this to be a good thing as Winston Chirchill once uttered "you have enemies, good. It means you've stood up for something in your life". It also means they wasted a mod point.

I've also noticed a somewhat shifting pattern where all the Apple fanboys get modpoints at once. There are times where saying anything slightly critical of Apple gets you modded down into oblivion (it doesn't happen often, I've survived with excellent karma).

2 days ago

Xiaomi's Next OS Looks Strikingly Similar To iOS

mjwx Re:MUI (179 comments)

In my language, "Mui" = "Blowjobs".

Which language is that (it might come in handy one day).

2 days ago



Apple loses final bid to stop Samsung Galaxy Tab i

mjwx mjwx writes  |  more than 2 years ago

mjwx (966435) writes "Apple has lost its bid to gain an injunction against Samsung selling it's Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Australian High court today.

The High court ruled in Samsung's favour saying "the argument from Apple's lawyers had insufficient prospects of success". Samsung has said that the injunction should never have been granted in the first place. Apple had not issued a statement at the time of submission.

According to Slashgear Apple has been requested to pay Samsung's legal costs.

Given that the High court is the highest court in Australia, Apple has no chance of an appeal. Samsung is free to begin distribution of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia."

Link to Original Source

Australia ranked fourth in Internet freedom

mjwx mjwx writes  |  more than 3 years ago

mjwx (966435) writes "A report published by Freedom House has placed Australia in fourth in Internet Freedom, below Estonia, the United States and Germany. Freedom House highlights the lack of acutal censorship in Australia pointing out that the highly unpopular proposed ISP level censorship has been shelved since the 2010 Australian election.

The freedom house report is available here."

Link to Original Source

UK Home Office set to scrap National ID cards

mjwx mjwx writes  |  more than 4 years ago

mjwx (966435) writes "In what would seem to be a sudden break of common sense for the UK, the Home Office has put forward a plan to scrap the national ID card system put into place by the previous government. From the BBC,

"The Home Office is to reveal later how it will abolish the national identity card programme for UK citizens.

The bill, a Queen's Speech pledge, includes scrapping the National Identity Register and the next generation of biometric passports."

The National ID card system, meant to tackle fraud and illegal immigration has drawn widespread criticism for infringing on privacy and civil rights. However the main driver for the change in this policy seems to be the 800 million pound cost. Also in the article, indications of a larger bill aimed at reforms to the DNA database, tighter regulation of CCTV and a review of libel laws."


mjwx has no journal entries.

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