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Ars Reviews Skype Translator

mjwx Re:Small problem (70 comments)

Su aerodeslizador es completo de anguilas.

3 days ago

Australia Moves Toward New Restrictions On Technology Export and Publication

mjwx Re:The right to be presumed innocent? (90 comments)

No. Presumption of guilt would be to lock you up, then later determine if you actually were drunk or not.

Presumption of guilt would be 'you have been accused of drunk driving, unless you can prove otherwise you are hereby convicted'.

In Australia, if you get charged with DUI, the police have to have evidence. This can be in the form of a breathalyser reading or blood test but not in the form of "I smelled beer on his breath".

Once you're charged you have two options, the first is to contest it and take it to court. The second is to pay the fine which is considered an admission of guilt. Because the requirement for evidence for Australian Police is high, most opt not to go to court. High range DUI (over 0.08 BAC) has an automatic court appearance, most just plead guilty.

Even though we have random breath tests, you still go through the same legal system with the same chances to demonstrate your innocence. Convictions are not automatic.

3 days ago

Australia Moves Toward New Restrictions On Technology Export and Publication

mjwx Sigh, so many people dont understand the law. (90 comments)

The police can set up a road-block and demand that drivers provide a breath test and proof of their license at any time

Driving is a privilege, not a right. Abuse this privilege and it will be taken away from you.

If you dont like RBT's you have the choice not to drive. A lot of Australians like RBT's because it cuts down on drunk drivers. Whilst we're on that subject, you have no right to drink and drive.

The taxman can deliver an assessment that says you owe $xxxxx in taxes and you are presumed to be guilty unless you can prove you don't owe that much in tax.

That assessment is court admissible evidence that you do owe $xxxx in taxes. You have been demonstrated to be in arrears. The tax tables are published before the FY starts and the government it not permitted to change the tax tables once the FY begins. So you have no excuse for not knowing how much you owe. Of course as part of our legal system you get the opportunity to demonstrate those figures are wrong. This means you get the presumption of innocence as you get to challenge the assessment. The fact is most people choose not to because the assessment is accurate. You have no idea what presumption of innocence means.

As Midnight Oil so wisely said

What does Peter Garrett do? You strike me as one of those Freemen On The Land nutters. For the Americans playing along at home FOTL's are the equivalent of Tea Partiers, Libertarians and Rednecks all rolled into one completely retarded package.

3 days ago

Australia Moves Toward New Restrictions On Technology Export and Publication

mjwx Re:Dear Australia (90 comments)

Hate to break it to you, but the US is way ahead of Australia in that regard.

If you ever get pulled over by a cop while carrying a large amount of cash on you, you'll find out the hard way.

Also we can record our cops.

For every traffic stop, my dash cam records audio. Plus because they use things like breathalisers, I cant be pulled out of my car because the officer "smelled beer on my breath", there is a standard of evidence to be upheld.

Not that I've ever had trouble with the cops. I get pulled over into an RBT (Random Breath Test) site about once a year and pull out a minute or two later with a "thanks for your co-operation sir". This is in my boy-racer Nissan Silvia S15 with fart canon exhaust, it really pays not to be a self-important wanker when dealing with cops.

3 days ago

Over 9,000 PCs In Australia Infected By TorrentLocker Ransomware

mjwx Re:Sandbox before browsing (83 comments)

We install Sandboxie on all computers that are in for service. The benefits of using it are explained to the customer. A rogue website only takes over the sandboxed session. If infected, close the box, delete the contents and you're up and running again.

That's completely useless in this case as the malware fools the user into installing it. The user downloads a zip file containing an executable, so its well outside the sandbox by that point.

4 days ago

NASA Study Proposes Airships, Cloud Cities For Venus Exploration

mjwx Re:An airship city? (198 comments)

Golly... where have I heard of that before...

They could call it

Cloud city
/grabs blaster rifle

Now get off my moisture farm, damn kids.

4 days ago

Want To Influence the World? Map Reveals the Best Languages To Speak

mjwx Re: I'm just happy to get anyone to read what I wr (150 comments)

Your experience is very IT specific. If you were in construction or food service you would be using Spanish daily.

Your experience is very US-centric.

If you lived in Australia you'd find it hard to find anyone who spoke Spanish.

5 days ago

Want To Influence the World? Map Reveals the Best Languages To Speak

mjwx Re:Interesting, but ... (150 comments)

Chinese doesn't even have a word for "no", to give you an idea of how fundamentally different it is.

This is common amongst Asian languages or at least Asian cultures.

When communicating with contractors and businesses in many Asian nations it's often an exercise to figure out if "yes" means "yes we can" or "yes we cant"

5 days ago

Forbes Blasts Latests Windows 7 Patch as Malware

mjwx Re:Did really he say that? (229 comments)

It seems reasonable to always be 1 week behind in patching your systems - let someone else be the lightning rod for goofs and mistakes. I know some sysadmins patch "test" systems and try things out to see if the patches break their currently-running code. They don't seem to mind a certain time lag in patching.

I as well as millions of other sysadmins would very much like this feature in Windows.

That way we can immediately patch some machines and test for problems and then have the others patch 1-2 weeks later. 99% of the time it will be fine, but that 1% will save a weeks worth of downtime.

WSUS doesn't really cut it in this regard and requires too much manual work for a sysadmin that already doesn't have enough time.

about a week ago

Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

mjwx Re:Muslims? (876 comments)

And where are all the other Breiviks? Can't you find any other? At least one per week, please.

Moving the goal posts means you've lost the argument.

You said it yourself, this guy trippled Norways yearly homicide rate in 3 days. How many of the Muslim incidents you allude to occur in war zones or countries that have an open revolution? Most of them. It's like saying all Christian nations are unsafe by Colombia as an example. The difference between us is that I can recognise BS and you cant.

Norway is an extremely safe country and a rational one. The way Norway picked up and carried on After Breivik is a shining example to us all. No fear mongering or revenge wars.

But where are the extremist Islamic attacks in Norway... at least one per week please.

I'd argue that one religion specifically actually makes me unsafe

And this makes you a xenophobe.

Which was the point of my argument, you aren't interested in the truth, you're interested in things that agree with you.

Now here's the kicker, I'm an Australian, I live in Australia and I know a hell of a lot more about this than you do considering how biased and inaccurate your sources are.

This guy is simply not right in the head. It's not that he's a Muslim that caused this, its the fact he's mentally ill. He's already lost 5 of his hostages (they escaped out the back door) he's that incompetent. This is more an indication of Australia's failing mental health care than the rise of Islamic extremism.

about a week ago

Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

mjwx Re:Muslims? (876 comments)

At this point in history, arguing that perhaps religion doesn't make people utterly stupid really sounds almost like arguing that perhaps the Earth is hollow.

But that isn't your argument.

Your argument is that Islam is inherently violent (which is what the site you linked to is trying to say). Dont try to change the argument to all religions because you've been proven wrong (you want a list of attacks, the IRA did over 10,000 bombings on its own).

Extremism is bad and causes people to do irrational things. Your brand of extremism is as bad as any other.

about a week ago

Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

mjwx Re:Muslims? (876 comments)

Oh, by the way, the Breivik argument is just hilarious.

Actually it's not.

This just demonstrates you didn't understand the argument.

Norway doesn't have low homicide rate because it's Christian

You're the one arguing about religion, more specifically that one religion makes you unsafe.

I never said Norway was unsafe, I said Breivik was religiously motivated (he wrote a manifesto about it, his notion that the Christian church was being usurped was a big part of it).

about a week ago

Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

mjwx Idiots amongst posters. (876 comments)

Sorry to hear this unfolding :(

An unarmed populous is easier to terrorize. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G... When being armed is illegal (or restricted to the point of being nearly that), only the bad guys will be armed in such situations. Waiting for the police to come save you is often an ineffective endeavor.

Australia's gun laws are what has prevented this person from having an assault rifle. He's armed with a small single barrelled shotgun. Having more armed people will ensure that more incidents like this will occur and a lot more often.

And I am an Australian. Our gun laws have prevented things like this as criminals cant get easy access to guns.

We are not terrorised here I can assure you.

about a week ago

Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

mjwx Re:Meh. (876 comments)

It's not the World Trade Center, and it's not Bali. It's a single cafe and a maximum possible body count than your typical school shooting in the US (which can hardly hold the news media's attention for more than a week any more).

It doesn't even have the chance to get to that body count. The guy is armed with a shotgun, so thats two shots at best.

This news wouldn't have made it out of Australia (if even NSW) if it weren't for the Islamic bogeyman angle.

+1 sad indictment.

about a week ago

Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

mjwx Re:Check your math. (876 comments)

Pointless too - all he can do is humiliate Abbott in front of the world which Abbott has been doing himself when he gets out of reach of his handlers

Abbott's handlers would never let him.

Tony Abbott's statement on this couldn't have been more generic if it were written in beige.

But as soon as this is over, you can bet the poo is going to be flung in all directions in parliament and the media.

about a week ago

Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

mjwx Re:Australian Gun Laws are STRICT! (876 comments)

Of FFS. Please stop spreading your ignorance.

You can easily obtain a firearm in Australia. In fact I own multiple. The thing is you have to be licensed and have a valid reason for owning one, and self defence is not a valid reason. You need to be a member of a club, pass a police check and have some character references. Then you need to wait a year after getting your license. It's a bit of a pain in the arse but it is far from impossible.


A thousand times this.

There's so much misinformation about firearms in Australia its not funny.

It's not hard to get guns in Australia unless you've got a criminal record. I used to have guns (I moved and it was just simpler to sell them) and my character reference was the administrator at my school (she was also a JP) and that was at age 18.

Only fully automatics and semi-automatics are banned here. That is a good thing because this tool walked into a cafe with a shotgun, not an AK47. At worst it's a double barrel sawn off.

What I would say is that Australia is a very safe place to live and your chances of getting shot here is almost zero

You've got a better chance of winning the lottery than being shot in Australia.

about a week ago

Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

mjwx Re:Muslims? (876 comments)

I'm not quite sure what you mean by the "bottom line", but the list itself is backed by evidence; it's not an opinion piece, just a summary of facts

Nope, the site presents a conclusion and cherry picks soundbites to suit their agenda.

What the "the bottom line" means in this context is that they started with a conclusion and went out to prove it. That alone makes the site extremely untrustworthy (a proper study starts with a question and seeks to answer it, junk science starts with a conclusion and seeks to support it).

The article the GP linked to can be summed up in this sentence. People who are dead set in a belief will look for evidence to support it no matter how irrational and ridiculous it is.

BTW, the site you linked to contains no facts, it is an opinion piece with poorly presented soundbites to make it look factual but really presents a pre-baked conclusion.

I'd like to see a list like that for other religions, really

-Northern Ireland.
-Anders Breivik,
-The Lords Resistane Army (Uganda, child soldiers, sex slaves and all that stuff you like to whinge that Muslims do).
-The Army of God (USA, bombed abortion clinics and attacked doctors).

These are just the recent non-islamic religious* motivated violence (the conflict between the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland alone is enough to prove you're just ignorant). You've then got all the terrorist groups in South America which is decidedly Christian.

*Not picking on Christians mind you, Like Muslims I know the majority are not terrorists but these are just the most prominent examples in recent times.

about a week ago

Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

mjwx Re:Check your math. (876 comments)

Islam is a peaceful religion, that's why followers just went out of their way to do this.

There are about 500,000 Muslims in Australia.

1 of them is committing this crime.


Its a lone wolf.

And given that his demand is a live debate with the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott its a fair assumption to say that this is directly tied to the anti-islamic raids that took place earlier this year.

about a week ago

Fraud Bots Cost Advertisers $6 Billion

mjwx Re:Not sure who to cheer for (190 comments)

Costs are going DOWN, and have been for ages. If you want to run a blog without ads under your own hosting account, that will cost you less than nearly any other hobby you could think of

This, hosting a large site costs less than a bag of golf bats.

Hell, a small site costs me A$90 per year to host in Australia on a reputable ISP (so I could get it cheaper if I used Dodgy Brothers datacentres) including registering the domain.

The problem with advertising is that it has become so intrusive and annoying. So people are fighting back with ad blockers. We dont like pop-ups, pop-unders, pop-reacharounds ads that load before content, talking ads, flashing ads so we block them. Strangely enough the text based ads I get on gmail and google are fine (and often missed by adblock). The advertisers started this arms race, now they're upset that they're losing it.

Ranting aside, the best business model I've seen for a website isn't advertising in as much as tying it to a real business. Travel forums do this a bit, they are either owned or sponsored by a local business like a bar or hotel that keeps some subtle advertisement. So people who use that site tend to frequent the business that runs it. Of course it needs to be a decent business for this to work but it works fantastically if you do run a good business.

about two weeks ago



Apple loses final bid to stop Samsung Galaxy Tab i

mjwx mjwx writes  |  about 3 years ago

mjwx (966435) writes "Apple has lost its bid to gain an injunction against Samsung selling it's Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Australian High court today.

The High court ruled in Samsung's favour saying "the argument from Apple's lawyers had insufficient prospects of success". Samsung has said that the injunction should never have been granted in the first place. Apple had not issued a statement at the time of submission.

According to Slashgear Apple has been requested to pay Samsung's legal costs.

Given that the High court is the highest court in Australia, Apple has no chance of an appeal. Samsung is free to begin distribution of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia."

Link to Original Source

Australia ranked fourth in Internet freedom

mjwx mjwx writes  |  more than 3 years ago

mjwx (966435) writes "A report published by Freedom House has placed Australia in fourth in Internet Freedom, below Estonia, the United States and Germany. Freedom House highlights the lack of acutal censorship in Australia pointing out that the highly unpopular proposed ISP level censorship has been shelved since the 2010 Australian election.

The freedom house report is available here."

Link to Original Source

UK Home Office set to scrap National ID cards

mjwx mjwx writes  |  more than 4 years ago

mjwx (966435) writes "In what would seem to be a sudden break of common sense for the UK, the Home Office has put forward a plan to scrap the national ID card system put into place by the previous government. From the BBC,

"The Home Office is to reveal later how it will abolish the national identity card programme for UK citizens.

The bill, a Queen's Speech pledge, includes scrapping the National Identity Register and the next generation of biometric passports."

The National ID card system, meant to tackle fraud and illegal immigration has drawn widespread criticism for infringing on privacy and civil rights. However the main driver for the change in this policy seems to be the 800 million pound cost. Also in the article, indications of a larger bill aimed at reforms to the DNA database, tighter regulation of CCTV and a review of libel laws."


mjwx has no journal entries.

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