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I am fairly prepared for a storm outage of ...

mkkohls Time (398 comments)

I can live without internet and tv and the like. As long as I have food I'll be fine. May not be the best way to live but saying one can only survive more than five minutes without a UPS is silly. You may have to do different things like read a paper book or use stairs but that's not a big deal.

about a year ago

Hacking the D-Link DPH-128MS VOIP Phone

mkkohls Re:Mikko (26 comments)

Like, maybe Linus Torvalds, born December 28, 1969 in Helsinki, Finland? ;)

So he changed his name to mikko just to make this phone. That's one dedicated Finn.

about 2 years ago

Survey Reveals a Majority Believe "the Cloud" Is Affected by Weather

mkkohls People are dumb or are they?? (261 comments)

If there is an outage it would. So they are kind of right, but mostly its just people being stupid. I bet there are other topics where if you surveyed /. 51% or more would answer in the same kind of way these people did.

about 2 years ago

Polish Researcher: Oracle Knew For Months About Java Zero-Day

mkkohls A Different VM (367 comments)

But Oracles VM is OpenJDK right? Why not just fork it and mantain an updated patched version?

about 2 years ago

CowboyNeal Weighs In On the Windows 8 "Metro" GUI

mkkohls Re:Window 8 game plan - tablets first? (671 comments)

I have no way of knowing, but I would guess Microsoft expects Windows 8 to be adopted by Surface/tablet users first. Windows 7 will be the enterprise desktop of choice for some time. If things go according to Microsoft's plan, a few years from now users will be comfortable with the UI formerly known as Metro. Then the enterprise will migrate to Windows 9+ with whatever refinements it has. Whether this works or not, we shall see.

That makes logical sense except for the fact that after windows 8 ships you won't be able to get a regular desktop with 7 in the normal routes. They positioned it wrong for that.

more than 2 years ago

Wikipedia Edits Forecast Romney's Vice Presidential Pick

mkkohls Re:I'm wondering about the other side (300 comments)

I'm wondering who Obama's running mate will be.

If you go by the fact that at the convention the vp speaks before and inttroduces the president then we will see good old saxaphone playing Bill Clinton as Obamas VP. Sounds like fun.

more than 2 years ago

The World's Greatest Competitive Programmer

mkkohls Re:So if programming now is a REAL sport . . . (202 comments)

. . . which drugs are we supposed to take, to improve our performance? Will they institute doping controls?

All REAL sports have drugs. If your sport does not involve drug enhanced performance, it isn't a REAL sport.

As you should all know it's alcohol .

more than 2 years ago

Vietnamese Bank Issues Fingerprint-Enabled Debit Cards

mkkohls Re:Triple? and also - selection bias (36 comments)

That is exactly what the point of the statement was. Banks want to have people with large accounts, implementing the print scanners on the cards increased the number of large accounts they have, therefore increasing the bank's profitability. It's probably taken directly out of a press release full of self-praise for what a great decision it was, which explains why the intent of the statement got so muddled.

Exactly the point was to say that the decision was good for the bank. I've used fingerprint scanners in the past, and I have to wonder if the higher balances are from people not being able to take their money out versus actually having wealthier customers given how finkiky these scanners can be.

more than 2 years ago

The Underground Economy of Social Networks

mkkohls Re:Shills aren't new (84 comments)

Bulk shills are. Welcome to the future, where the difference between a valid viewpoint and an astroturfed attempt to hornswaggle you out of your own money and political power has shrunk to the imperceptible.

That's why Mitt has to use them. Not very many of the people who *actually* agree with him are competent enough to use the "new fangled internets" and yet her feels he must seem as if they are.

more than 2 years ago

How Haiku Is Building a Better BeOS

mkkohls Re:Riding off into the sunset (137 comments)

I agree completly. The point is that they are doing it and that is cool. Will have to try it one day.

more than 2 years ago

AT&T Killing Its 2G Network By 2017

mkkohls Re:Finally! (102 comments)

I no longer have to worry about my crappy call-dropping 2G coverage since it has since been replaced by my crappy call-dropping 3G coverage which is now being replaced by my crappy call-dropping 4G coverage.

Not only that but with a larger phone and less battery life. Progress is awesome.

more than 2 years ago

US Missile Defense Staff Told To Stop Watching Porn

mkkohls Re:Why not? (187 comments)

Not that this is really news worthy but who cares if they are watching porn? This is a legitimate job that has to be staffed 24/7 and probably requires about 20min worth of total combined labor in a typical year. Being the military that is increased to maybe a few days labor worth of redundant checklists over the course of the year.

Having done jobs where your sole purpose most of the time is just to be there waiting I understand the lack of things to do. Still Gotta love the fact that beyond the normal workplace squimishness their main concern was viruses and malware, which porn sites have actually gotten a lot better about policing these days.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Drops 'Metro' Name For Windows 8 UI

mkkohls Re:Microsoft marketing (356 comments)

"Windows 8 Style UI" doesn't quite have the catchiness that Metro and Cocoa do, not to mention how old applications using this will sound in Windows 9...

Yes But then what will exist to remind people that they are running legacy apps. XP Mode, Classic Desktop?

more than 2 years ago

Apple Asks Court To Sanction Samsung; Samsung Fires Back; More iPhone Prototypes

mkkohls Re:Hopefully Samsung's gig is up (404 comments)

As far as phones and tablets go the technology changed. Apple just wasn't going to do anything until It could make it the way it wanted to. Samsung was already making phones and tablets with the technology that was available at the time. It didn't allow for the designs that apple wanted hence they waited. Samsung did not copy they were infact just changing their designs to utilize the best materials and desgn that new research, parts etc, made possible. As they are showing they were already headed that way long before the iphone.

more than 2 years ago

Voting System Test Hack Elects Futurama's Bender To School Board

mkkohls Re:Bite my shiny metal ass! (210 comments)

I hope not. Then people might learn he can't run being a Mexican citizen.

more than 2 years ago

Voting System Test Hack Elects Futurama's Bender To School Board

mkkohls Re:I'm Scruffy, the janitor (210 comments)

Go scruffy. Scruffy Believes in this school board.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft 'Ribbonizes' Windows 8 File Manager

mkkohls Re:Good Idea (951 comments)

Doesn't that go with everything? As soon you get used to it, then you will work faster. Ribbons aren't a solution. As it was before ribbons, I was already doing quite fine. Ribbons have not done my work any faster and I doubt it ever will to most users.

Not really. Getting used to it is the portion that will always be slower because you don't know where buttons are. As for me I tend to use the same tab a lot especially in word. The current tab stays up which allows faster access to the functions versus a menu which will close each time you click on an action thus making you open it again. Hence why it's slower before you get used to it.

about 3 years ago

Microsoft 'Ribbonizes' Windows 8 File Manager

mkkohls Good Idea (951 comments)

I know a lot of people hate it, I did the first time I used it, but I now think the ribbon is actually a better interface. Once you know where things are it does make you work faster. Especially when you are using items that are in the same tab of the ribbon, or same menu of the old style. While there may not be as many benefits to the ribbon in explorer as there were in Office, I'm all for them putting it everywhere they can.

about 3 years ago

Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda Resigns From Slashdot

mkkohls Thanks (1521 comments)

Thanks and good luck. It was time well wasted. Pants or no.

about 3 years ago


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