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12 Small Windmills Put To the Test In Holland

mliikset wiring strategies... (510 comments)

the real deal is to plug it directly into the supply, don't even include your house in the circuit. all of the power generated will be measured by your supplier, and a credit applied to your bill, dollar for dollar at their price. some research into which solutions have the best specs for the price, and figure your payback point. that's why i'm intrigued by wind power, the fuel is free, only the equipment costs. repairs are more likely than replacement as opposed to current solar arrays that i've seen.

more than 5 years ago

Fast-Booting Text-Editor Operating System?

mliikset quick boot (660 comments)

if you run grub or lilo, you could specify a very stripped down kernel with no support for anything optional for a quick boot, but with a login to negotiate, i'd look to see if any of the dos variants are usb qualified.

more than 6 years ago


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