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Cleaner Air Adds To Global Warming

mogur Read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn (751 comments)

Your argument is a valid one however you have a unnecesary negative humanistic perspective on the topic. Yes we are natural as are the things and circumstances we create. That does not mean it is the correct course of action. Four thousand years ago with the advent of agriculture humans made the decision to remove themselves from evolution violating a natural law. The law stating that you must not take more than you need in order to live in harmony with all other life. This choice has caused our multi million year legacy on this planet to come towards a drastic conclusion in what is relatively to us a long time but relative to the planet but a moment. WE have the choice to follow the laws of nature and live in harmony with the planet or continue our course of domination until we have destroyed it and ourselves. What are you going to choose? I suggest reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn for a much more eloquent and insightful explanation of what is natural and where it is taking us.

more than 8 years ago


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