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DOJ Fights To Bury Court Ruling On Government Surveillance

molog Re:Privacy and freedom versus safety (100 comments)

Well, since being imprisoned will make you safer, lets throw you in prison. What? You don't want that? Maybe because there are somethings that are more important than being safe? Like maybe being free?

about a year ago

$1,500,000 Fine For Sharing 10 Movies On BitTorrent

molog And then... (339 comments)

He declares bankruptcy, and all his debts get wiped away. This could actually help his finances more than hurt them if he is like the typical American and has more debts than assets.

about 2 years ago

Tenenbaum To SCOTUS: Let's Get This Debate Rolling

molog Re:So NYCL... (114 comments)

And if I wound-up losing and owing $1.5 million (two songs infringed upon), I'd consider that a life sentence. That's worse than the punishment for murder.

Why would it be a life sentence. There is this thing called bankruptcy. It can wipe even this judgement away.

more than 2 years ago

Fair Labor Association Finds Foxconn Factory "First Class," Says Labor Watchdog Group

molog Re:Perspective, People (219 comments)

It still remains that the work conditions would be illegal were they done in the United States, and absolutely all of Europe. They are a step up over lots of shops in that country, but that doesn't change the fact that the hours the employees work, the benefits, and overall conditions are not acceptable. So they are the best of a crumy lot. I have the firm belief that any product that is sold in this country, I mean the US, must have been produced in working conditions that are of the same, or better, as mandated here in the states. And that includes work hours.

more than 2 years ago

The New Transparency of War and Lethality of Hatred

molog Re:Bogus premise (591 comments)

You'll never be able to do that, however. Our leaders would gladly destroy all life on earth than let another military set foot on our soil. It is therefore academic. A stronger army matters not when you can blow up the entire planet many times over.

more than 2 years ago

Troops In Afghanistan Supplied By Robot Helicopter

molog Re:Nice toys but... (140 comments)

The US yahoos who blew up a bunch of Pakistani troops has cost the NATO forces that safe border convoy route and no technological tricks will restore that conduit.

Perhaps I missed something, but wasn't it Afghani soldiers who called the air strike after they received fire from the Pakistani soldiers in an area where the border isn't exactly agreed upon?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: CS Grads Taking IT Jobs?

molog Re:CS is part of IT (520 comments)

In the company I work for, I am a software developer, and I work in the Product Development department. We also have an IT department which is responsible for maintaining the computer network and servicing the companies computer assets. So I work in Product Development, not IT. IT is a subset of computer, and CS is not programming it is the study of things, both practical and theoretical, that can be processed by computers. Stop being a jack ass.

more than 2 years ago

SEC Hit With Data Destruction Complaint

molog Re: US Ponzi (148 comments)

This is completely academic. The US is bankrupt. It is not possible to pay off our debt unless we do one of two things.

1. Default
2. Print the money to pay it, without borrowing the created money like we do right now

Why? A few reasons. For one reason there is more debt than there is money when you take into consideration the private debt as well. When you pay that much debt, reserves get drained and banks become insolvent, causing a classic fractional reserve deflationary spiral. That doesn't even take into account the 80 trillion in unfunded liabilities we have with the pension insurance program and others.

We're screwed. So we either default, or print the money. Borrowing it just keeps propagating and enforces the only two possible solutions.

about 3 years ago

Cop Seeks Wiretapping Charges For Woman Who Videotaped Beating

molog Re:Unenumerated Rights (662 comments)

The individual you responded to stated that it should only cover "simply to the environment as presented to the human in place, at human levels of perception." That nullifies your concern as that would be beyond the human level of perception.

more than 3 years ago

BART Disables Cell Service To Disrupt Protests

molog Re:Stupid slope (440 comments)

That all depends on the state you are in in the US. In Georgia, there is a stand your ground law. This states that if a person is threatening you or your property, you stand there and warn them that you intend to use deadly force if they continue, if you have the opportunity to do so, and if they continue to their threatening action you can engage, and be immune from criminal and civil penalties resulting. So the family won't be able to sue if it was found that you warned the person off, or you were not given the opportunity to if it was a swift attack.

more than 3 years ago

United States Loses S&P AAA Credit Rating

molog Re:Can someone explain (1239 comments)

We don't really pay off debt as much as we keep rolling it over to another set of bonds. The best analogy would be using one credit card to pay for another. It doesn't really matter at all though as we can not pay off the debt under our current monetary and banking system. Even if done slowly, it would be a massive deflationary event that would remove more reserves from banks than could possibly be made up for by reserves from the Fed, which would have to be paid back, and the system would collapse. That's the price we pay for fractional reserve accounting.

more than 3 years ago

Has the Second Dotcom Bubble Started?

molog Re:Facebook not worth as much as people think. (298 comments)

Groupon's site sucks. Groupon's model can easily be copied by new or existing competitors and undercut. They are essentially a coupon site and will be commoditzed in short order.

more than 3 years ago

Amazon Pulling Out of Texas Over $269 Million Tax Bill

molog Re:Normally - Equity (811 comments)

Umm, you've got a bit of a problem. The wealthy don't make their money through income. They make it through dividends, and business income, where they do not pay the 15% to social security, and all their expenses are pre-tax. The national sales tax would avoid this issue as all consumption would get taxed and the wealthy actually would pay a share, unlike now where their share is pathetically low.

Those who pay the most are high wage earners, like athletes, doctors, lawyers and the such. I do not consider those people wealthy as most of them still have to work to maintain their standard of living.

more than 3 years ago

Assange Could Face Execution Or Guantanamo Bay

molog Re:STFU (973 comments)

Besides the "sex by surprise" verb-age you object to, is there any thing non-factual in the timeline he discuses?

more than 3 years ago

'YouCut' Targets National Science Foundation Budget

molog Re:Um, we're broke? (760 comments)

We have a slight problem though. Our GDP numbers since Clinton are cooked. The calculation of GDP was changed so that increase in functionality but decrease in price were counted as net positives in the GDP numbers. So if a TV with a set of features sold for $500 one year, and the next that same TV sold for $300, for each of the TVs sold the second year, it would be considered a $200 boost to GDP. If looking at the prior way of calculating GDP it figures out to be less than 10%. Our GDP has been shrinking for a long time, and when counting in inflation (of which the government numbers are also cooked) you can see the complete erosion of the middle class. The only reason we brought our Debt to GDP ratio down after WW2 is we had a massive inflow of wealth from taking advantage of/rebuilding Europe.

more than 3 years ago

First-Sale Doctrine Lost Overseas

molog Re:marbury vs madison (775 comments)

I must say, I strongly favor the check and balance of a high court which can strike down a law. If that is not in the constitution then we need an amendment specifically granting the high court that authority.

more than 3 years ago

First-Sale Doctrine Lost Overseas

molog Re:judge cases (775 comments)

Are you kidding me? Judges are not supposed to rule on the constitutionally of a law? They are the last line of defense against laws which run contrary to, and destroy the rights and liberties defined in the constitution. So if the Congress passed a law, which the President signed, which stated that freedom of speech were officially abolished, the Supreme Court couldn't rule on its constitutionality? You're kidding? Please, please, please tell me you're kidding. If you are not joking, then is the only way to overturn an unjust law revolution?


more than 3 years ago

Union Boycotts LA Times Over Teacher Evaluation Disclosure

molog Re:Reading this just makes me sad... (629 comments)

Campaign contributions are bribes and payoffs anyway you look at it. It doesn't matter if it was gambling or education making the bribes. The fact that the politicians are for sale is the negative part of this thread.

about 4 years ago

RIAA Paid $16M+ In Legal Fees To Collect $391K

molog Re:Good Heavens! (387 comments)

Do you really think that Republicans have a monopoly on corruption or bowing to corporate interests? Both parties are equally guilty, and neither party should be supported.

more than 4 years ago


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molog molog writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Wow, my first journal entry. Another sucky day in the Army. Got up this morning, PT was at the military intelligence gym. Since I have PT-on-my-own privliges I just left and got some gas in my car, went back to my room and played on my favorite MUD. Tonight I have my company's Christmas party that I have to go to, then I'm going with Beth, my girlfriend to her office's Christmas party. Looks like I'll be missing Taekwondo tonight. Looks like I'm going to miss tomorrows as well since LOTR TT comes out tomorrow and I already have tickets.

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