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MariaDB vs. MySQL: A Performance Comparison

monoqlith Got to love open source (112 comments)

It's classic "double-spending" - sure, I'll sell you my GPL-licensed DB! For millions of dollars? Absolutely! Sold!

I quit! Now let me fork the thing I just sold to you and keep developing it for free-as-in-beer and free-as-in-freedom.

Sigh. Silly multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation! I'll be really impressed when Monty Widenius sells MariaDB to Oracle. And then quits.

about a year ago

Asimov's Psychohistory Becoming a Reality?

monoqlith Re:Butterfly effect. (291 comments)

I agree. Group behavior is much simpler than individual behavior. When people act in a group they become extensions of a system. When they act alone, they must justify (and rationalize) their action, and this process can become very complicated. For example, the health care Supreme Court decision. In-Trade got it completely wrong. Our modelling systems, which are well applied to aggregate decision-making, failed when trying to predict the actions of a single wildcard sitting on the Supreme Court, who acted unpredictably.

about 2 years ago

Code Name, Theming Update Announced For Ubuntu 12.10

monoqlith Re:Advice: Overuse of the Red Channel in Colors (285 comments)

Right, and changing my theme is what I do whenever I set up a Ubuntu desktop. But I shouldn't have to change my theme to make my eyes stop bleeding.

more than 2 years ago

Code Name, Theming Update Announced For Ubuntu 12.10

monoqlith Re:Advice: Overuse of the Red Channel in Colors (285 comments)

Ok, so make the Chinese version of Ubuntu red. Most American desktop operating systems use blue because Americans tend to find blue soothing. Facebook is in blue for a reason. (OR rather, Facebook stayed blue for a reason.) I'm not advocating American centrism, just locality based color decisions.

  If I was culturally raised to find red warm, cheerful, and positive then I would find it that way. So I'm not saying this is innate. There's just what some of us do, versus others do. I personally find red abrasive to look at, which is why I tend to use themes that utilize blue/

more than 2 years ago

Code Name, Theming Update Announced For Ubuntu 12.10

monoqlith Advice: Overuse of the Red Channel in Colors (285 comments)

Red is the color of alarm, of fear. It is abrasive to the eyes and to our visual processing system and is often used to signify errors for these reasons.

I know it seems unoriginal but Ubuntu needs to move over to a blue/green color palette. Mac OS X and Windows screens heavily utilize blue for this reason. It is psychologically soothing. It makes you feel like you're awash in the operating system as opposed to standing apart from it. I think if Ubuntu switches over to bluish colors we'll see a sharp increase in adoption.

more than 2 years ago

SpaceX Launch To International Space Station Delayed For Code Tweaks

monoqlith Re:Yikes! (97 comments)

Last minute bug fixes are one thing. Last minute features are another.

Last week I made a last-minute feature add that not only saved my job(the VP changed his mind about me), but got me promoted.

I don't mind saying: It was legendary.

more than 2 years ago

Publicly Available Russian Election Results Hint At Fraud

monoqlith Re:Oh come on. (304 comments)

Yes. If they really aren't concerned with international intervention or bottom-up revolution that is exactly what they would do to remain in power.

more than 2 years ago

Aerospace Corp Pays $2.5m To Settle Rogue Software Dev Case

monoqlith Sophisticated Methods (129 comments)

"This person was hired before we had sophisticated methods to verify international degrees," Aerospace spokeswoman Pamela Keeton said in a statement. "He failed to disclose his other employment as required."

Sophisticated calling them and asking.

more than 2 years ago

Paper On Super Flu Strain May Be Banned From Publication

monoqlith Re:Peh. (754 comments)

And before you grew up(presumably), the 1918 flu pandemic killed literally tens of millions of people. Just because none of the flew strains that were carried in your youth were especially lethal doesn't mean that flu is some sort of inherently mild illness. It can be very dangerous.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What's a Good Tablet/App Combination For Note-Taking?

monoqlith Re:iPad with a keyboard? (425 comments)

You can always skip the handwriting recognition - just store them as hand-written notes using a paint program or some other solution. It won't help you with searching, but with cataloguing and retrieving it should be fine.

Others have probably mentioned this, but LiveScribe is also a really good example of a smartpen-only solution that will work to do this.

more than 2 years ago

Zynga To Employees: Surrender Pre-IPO Shares Or You're Fired

monoqlith If I get fired... (554 comments)

do I get to keep my stock options?

Because, honestly, that seems like the better option here. Not to mention the money I will recoup when I sue you for wrongful termination.

more than 2 years ago

Samsung Takes the Lead In the Smartphone Market

monoqlith Re:Sue (406 comments)

i'm sorry, when was this?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: GNU/Linux Laptops?

monoqlith Re:Not a troll but.... (708 comments)

If/when I no longer need to write stupid iOS apps for a living, I'll happily dual-boot to Linux and continue enjoying the excellent hardware.

Or...wait until desktop Linux can actually compete on the desktop with OS X, and then dual-boot. At work, I split my time between Ubuntu and OS X. The times when I'm forced to use Ubuntu drop my productivity in half. It's nothing major, but little touches that someone on the Mac side clearly thought about while on the Ubuntu side they didn't. For instance, why does the standard terminal in Ubuntu by default make you press Shift-Control-C and -V for Copy/Paste instead of just Control-C? And to those Ubuntu fanatics out there(if there are any left after Ubuntu decided to go with Unity) please don't tell me that because I can change it it's not an issue. Of course I can change it - but I shouldn't have to. It's an obvious convenience and design choice not to break a UI convention that's been in use on computers for almost two decades.

And in Unity, why do windows maximize when they're brought to the top of the screen? It's unbelievably annoying.

There are lots of other little examples. If Linux wants to compete on the Desktop it needs to think about UI consistency - or just common sense - from the user's perspective much more than it does now. Otherwise, it has no shot.

more than 2 years ago

Feds Take Back From Monster, Performance Tanks

monoqlith Re:Hmm? TSA or Obamacare? (175 comments)

The US government will never be put in charge of the US health care system. That was the whole take-away from the debate over health care law, remember? The bill that actually passed sets up a MARKETPLACE for PRIVATE INSURERS to SELL INSURANCE PRIVATELY to PEOPLE . That sounds like a conservative, market-based approach to me. That's probably because, oh wait, it is one - it's nearly identical to the system that Mitt Romney, a conservative Republican, put in place in Massachusetts, which, being identical, was also a conservative, market-based approach to universal health care. Mittens is now running away from his own law because 1) Obama passed a similar law 2) the crazy people who have taken over the Republican party can't even understand that, if they actually knew what their own principles were, THEY WOULD AGREE WITH IT. But for now their overriding, unthinking principle seems to be: We hate Obama, and if Obama did something, we hate that too.

I'm tired of know-nothing tea partiers trolling on this site. If you know nothing about something, try not to comment on it.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Which OS For an Embedded Display Unit?

monoqlith Re:You need stability (135 comments)

That rules android right out, as it still is more of a tech-demo than an OS

Huh? Android is the OS of 56% of all smartphones in use by consumers in the world. How is that a "tech-demo?" It still has a few bugs but otherwise it is a remarkably stable and competitive Linux-based OS.

more than 2 years ago

Steve Jobs Dead At 56

monoqlith Re:I Completely Called It (1613 comments)

Absolutely not. There are things beyond business and money and whether Steve Jobs is sick or not is not my business as an investor in Apple. I knew the unknowns when I signed up to be an investor.

Everything can be looked upon as relevant to my investment, but some things ought to be off limits. Illness is sacrosanct. Family is sacrosanct. Whether Jobs wanted to disclose either of those things to me was his decision, and one that I trusted him to make when I voted for the board that kept him as CEO.

more than 2 years ago

Has Cleverbot Passed the Turing Test?

monoqlith Re:Definitely not (427 comments)

*proved that the AI had mastered these things, not the test

more than 2 years ago

Has Cleverbot Passed the Turing Test?

monoqlith Re:Definitely not (427 comments)

Except I don't think the Turing Test will ever actually prove anything but that a human being was "fooled." That can never be a meaningful statement because it's just as much a fact about the interviewer as it is about the subject that fooled him(in this case, AI).
Even if fooling an interviewer somehow proved that the Turing Test had mastered human conversation and language, there are many other domains of human cognition that it simply ignores.

If there was some sort of objective blush test, a la Blade Runner, where a machine was scored on his ability to work through not just human interaction but also moral problems, social problems, perceptual problems, emotional problems, memory problems, language problems - the whole range of human cognition, in other words - then we might have something that could determine whether software was a "complete AI." But the Turing Test is an inexact swipe in that direction.

more than 2 years ago


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