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Dot-Com Work Culture Making a Comeback?

moochfish Re:Oh PLEASE GOD NO (456 comments)

A good software developer writes applications that are meant to be run as binaries. Sorry web folks, you're not software developers.

Your post is filled with stereotypes such as these, and shows you have little understanding of the other types of software development that exists. Web development, as the elitist non-web developers would like to believe, is not as simple as alert boxes and bold tags. As you start doing advanced things like AJAX, you find that it requires far more expertise than most people realize.

I do not see the categorization between programmers as compiled vs scripted. That's narrow-minded. Both require logic. Both require understanding of the platform. Both require uses of things like variables, functions, and classes. And sometimes, syntactically, they are extremely similar.

There are plenty of really bad compiled language programmers, just as there are many amateur web developers who call themselves programmers because they made a confirmation dialog box on a delete button.

Don't confuse differences in computer languages with developer ability. They're all developers, and they're all writing software. C/C++ is not the only valid language that makes somebody a programmer. Especially a good programmer.

In fact, a good programmer is able to swap between these different languages and environments quickly, a challenge you seem to think only misguided individuals try.

more than 7 years ago


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