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MS To Push Silverlight Via Redesigned Microsoft.com

moonboy Re:Breeze to Program (710 comments)

As a designer, I'm really not interested in working with or supporting anything from Microsoft. My reasons? IE 6 & 7. IE6 doesn't even come close to supporting web standards. IE7 does a slightly better job. I hear IE8 is coming along better support-wise. Guess we'll see...

about 7 years ago



Hacking Case Shuts Valedictorian Out of Graduation

moonboy moonboy writes  |  more than 6 years ago

moonboy writes "Recent news story at The Houston Chronicle: "George Bush High School's valedictorian is among a group of Fort Bend Independent School District seniors who will not be allowed to take part in graduation ceremonies because of an investigation into tampering with the district's computer network. The valedictorian is one of 27 students from the three high schools who have been disciplined after the school district's investigation into tampering with computers and the changing of grades... The investigation of the Hightower computer breaches led police to discover that grades of at least 60 students at Hightower, Bush and Elkins high schools had been altered.""
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Netflix Joins Blu-ray Camp In High-def Format War

moonboy moonboy writes  |  more than 6 years ago

moonboy writes "From the article at Money.CNN.com, "The HD-DVD format took another blow Monday as online video-rental giant Netflix pledged to offer high-definition DVD's only in the rival Blu-ray format, and retailer Best Buy said it would recommend Blu-ray to its customers."
"In a statement, Netflix (NFLX) said it based its decision on the fact that four of the six major studios are going give exclusive backing to Blu-ray, made by Sony (SNE). It plans to phase out its offering of HD-DVD disks, from Toshiba , by the end of the year."
"The move by Netflix follows a similar move by rival Blockbuster (BBI), which announced its support of Blu-ray last summer.""

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