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Sony Sued Over Bricked PS3s

moredots Re:XCP on steroids! (438 comments)

Just because it's posted on Slashdot doesn't make it true.

more than 4 years ago

Facebook Will Shut Down Beacon To Settle Lawsuit

moredots Re:This is Unamerican (101 comments)

Wow, Troll? Really? Just because other people go off topic from one word I put in my profile I'm a troll? I stand by what I said. Whoever modded me is abusing their power over their political position.

about 5 years ago

Facebook Will Shut Down Beacon To Settle Lawsuit

moredots This is Unamerican (101 comments)

I feel like requiring users to opt in and fully explaining to them what they are opting into is a better solution. I liked this technology (as a Facebook and Blockbuster Online user), and having it taken away because some vocal minority of paranoid privacy advocates are worried someone will find out that they watched Wild Things 2 last night is not American. This is a free country, if I want to open myself up to this, that should be my choice. Then again... obamacare, bailouts... I guess this isn't America anymore anyway.

about 5 years ago

ASCAP Says Apple Should Pay For 30-sec. Song Samples

moredots Re:missing the point (463 comments)

Yes... but...

These groups even want compensation for iTunes' 30-second song samples.

This is the only ridiculous part of the request. As far as downloaded movies and TV shows go, if the same royalties are paid for DVD sales, they should be paid for the purchase on iTunes, Xbox live, playstation store, etc.

about 5 years ago

Will You Stream Or Download Your Mobile Music?

moredots Re:Its Radio vs. Records all over again. (175 comments)

There definitely is. The perfect media player has...

  1. Streaming On Demand Music (Zune/Rhapsody)
  2. Streaming Radio (Last.FM/Pandora)
  3. Subscription and Purchase Licensing Support

In other words, the iPhone needs subscription WMA support and a Zune Marketplace App. ;-)

about 5 years ago

Major ISPs Seek To Lower Broadband Definition

moredots Re:Why not? (426 comments)

(if you can't complain about this kind of stuff on a website billing itself as "news for nerds", where can you complain?)

Not to troll, but I think you missed the second part - "stuff that matters."

about 5 years ago

Japan Plans $21B Space Power Plant

moredots This is a good idea. (550 comments)

I don't see how this could possibly go wrong. Environmentalist question: What effect will sending all of this energy through the atmosphere have on the o-zone layer?

about 5 years ago

Tetris Improves Your Brain

moredots Please Send Article to August 1999 (145 comments)

Where was this article when I was playing Tetris in the library during my free periods in high school and getting crap for it?

about 5 years ago

"Violent" Video Games To Be Banned In Venezuela

moredots Wait... (420 comments)

They have video games in Venezuela?

about 5 years ago

FSF Attacks Windows 7's "Sins" In New Campaign

moredots Re:Windows 7's Real Sin (926 comments)

Yes, but $29.99 for Leopard to Snow Leopard. I would hardly consider the changes from Vista to 7 a "full species." Maybe that's just personal opinion.

about 5 years ago

TiVo Relaunching As a Patent Troll?

moredots Re:This is not patent trolling. (335 comments)

Not to mention that "patent trolling" is a gross misuse of the term "trolling." The term "trolling" comes from the fishing term. In fishing, trolling is "a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines ... are drawn through the water." (Source: Wikipedia) This strategy is essentially just playing the odds - you have as many lines as possible in as many places as possible and thus increase your chance of encountering a hungry fish.

In internet slang, rather than fishing the "troller" is posting as much as possible in as many places as possible without getting called out for being a troll in an attempt to elicit an emotional or radical or amusing response from another individual.

I have difficulty seeing how this analogy applies here. I hereby mod this article -5 for meme abuse.

about 5 years ago

FSF Attacks Windows 7's "Sins" In New Campaign

moredots Windows 7's Real Sin (926 comments)

The price to upgrade from the previous version. If I ever switch to Mac OS, this will be the reason.

about 5 years ago

Who Will Fix the Internet? No One, Apparently

moredots In Soviet Russia, Internet Fixes You! (370 comments)

Solving world hunger would be easier than "fixing" the internet. Not only would you need someone to be willing to take on the task of regulating the internet, they would also need to have the authority to enforce their regulations around the entire world. Who would be able to do that? Those owning the technology that needs to be updated, replaced, or implemented differently would need to have the extra funding to do so. Where is that going to come from? When the changes finally are implemented, how is it going to be coordinated on such a huge scale? Look at how IPv6 implementation is going for an example of how difficult this becomes.

My point? Even if you come up with a solution that's better than a band aid, you'll never be able to implement it. Applications that require a better infrastructure should be run on Internet2 or another controlled network. Perhaps the author should become involved in that project?

about 5 years ago

Report That OS X Snow Leopard May Include Antivirus

moredots Good move... (335 comments)

I apologize to the antivirus software industry for what I'm about to say, but AV should be part of the operating system - and it should be a good, solid, constantly updated AV that others can't compete with. If a piece of software is required to keep the operating system in working order, it should be provided by the operating system developer free of charge with the operating system.

about 5 years ago

Behind the 4GB Memory Limit In 32-Bit Windows

moredots Re:Let's just get over this and move to 64bit (756 comments)

This guy has it right. These days, if you're putting more than 4GB of RAM into a computer, I'm sure you're running a processor that supports 64-bit Windows. Personally, I feel that companies producing software that is not 64-bit compatible are being lazy and irresponsible. They're negatively affecting the software industry by requiring other developers to produce both 32- and 64-bit versions of their software since both systems are still supported. How much of that developement time and spending could be redirected to improvements to other areas or eliminated and passed on to consumer or stockholders as increased profit margins?

The 4GB RAM limit is a smart move by Microsoft to push computing towards 64-bit. Basically, if any software company wants their product to run on a system with more than 4GB of physical memory, they'll have to start supporting 64-bit Windows. Perhaps it's not about the money. Perhaps it's a political move to push progress.

Disclaimer: I don't care about backwards compatibility, and I look down on anyone who uses legacy software as a lesser person.

about 5 years ago

Illinois Bans Social Network Use By Sex Offenders

moredots Re:Incoming 1st Amendment Challenge (587 comments)

social networks are simply talking, and honestly, you can't be molested online, despite what some people might think.

The point is that the internet is an easy place for sexual predators to find new prey, especially social networking site which allow users to provide their full name and address to the entire general public if they'd like. This is an attempt to keep these stupid, cocky kids who think they don't need to protect their personal information from hurting themselves. I suspect that the general consensus among legislators in Illinois is that sexually deviant persons cannot be cured.

more than 5 years ago

Windows Drains MacBook's Battery; Who's To Blame?

moredots Re:Doubt it's the "bloated codebase" (396 comments)

Any bad driver could be the culprit though. I know my Gateway laptop has some driver issues with Windows 7 and they're causing problems both making the system unable to shutdown and causing the battery to drain twice as quickly as it did under Vista.

more than 5 years ago

HTML 5 Canvas Experiment Hints At Things To Come

moredots Re:Awesome (321 comments)

Regardless of what the answer is to this question, I am wondering if HTML 5 can provide most of the functionality of Javascript without posing as much of a security risk.

more than 5 years ago


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