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Lawsuit Claims Nvidia Execs Concealed Serious Flaw

morgdx Re:Curious to see where this one goes... (219 comments)

Okay, so I get a $20 coupon. The 8600GT in my MacBook Pro failed this week in a way which is strongly consistent with the other reports.

The laptop is 3 months out of warranty so it's going to cost me around $1200 to get it fixed, when this appears to be a result of a manufacturing defect.

You desktop jockeys might just be able to slot in a new card and write it down to experience, but laptops are affected too. It appears my options are limited to:

  • Hoping Apple's "legendary" customer service comes through and they agree to repay the cost of replacing the motherboard, graphics chip and all
  • Er.
  • Loss?

more than 6 years ago


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