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US Executions Threaten Supply of Anaesthetic Used For Surgical Procedures

morie Re:Hangings (1160 comments)

what happened to the good old days when uid's were max 6 digits and sex on slashdot was purely hypothetical?

about a year ago

DDoS From 4chan Hits MPAA and Anti-Piracy Website

morie Re:And now... (318 comments)

Strangely, when I tried to see the awfullness myself, the server wouldn't respond. Hope nothing bad happened.

about 4 years ago

Helicopter Crashes While Filming Autonomous Audi

morie Re:GPS? (218 comments)

You want statistics? There seems to be overwhelming evidence that close to 100% of the cars that cause an accident are driven by humans!

about 4 years ago

If You Don't Want Your Car Stolen, Make It Pink

morie Re:Or you could (390 comments)

It's considered a luxury.

Or an option for people who do not care about performance. There is still the widespread illusion that automatic transmissions shift at sub-optimal moments. Many people want to control shifting gears themselfs and regard automatic transmissions as inferior. Even more so for (much more efficient and responsive) Continuous Variable Transmission (invented in the Netherlands). Those were marketed as "so easy even your grandmother can drive one" and are subsequently associated with granny's driving performance.

more than 4 years ago

If You Don't Want Your Car Stolen, Make It Pink

morie Re:Or you could (390 comments)

Since this study was done in the Netherlands, where 90% of all cars are stick-shifts, the effect might be smaller than you think.

more than 4 years ago

On Pennies:

morie Re:Abolish the Penny (594 comments)

Even more interesting: even though the prices are rounded with cash payments, they are not for debit or creditcards. You could profit from this!(though not much :-)

Even stranger: you cab still use the 1 or 2 ct coins, but even then you have to pay the rounded amount (, dutch)

Incidently, your two cents should be rounded to 0.

more than 4 years ago

Is Mozilla Ubiquity Dead?

morie Re:Follow best practices (148 comments)

Lesson to be learned: do not only document code, but also project vision, in an inspiring way which does not only reach peoples minds, but their harts as well. Make percieved project ownership viral in some way

more than 4 years ago

Touchpad Patent Holder Tsera Sues Just About Everyone

morie Re:Visual Feedback (168 comments)

Lets see. visual feedback!=audio. So, No.

more than 5 years ago

Big Swedish Filesharing Server Seized

morie Re:Without having RTFA... (423 comments)

New defence for the Pirate Bay: We are only helping the police. We hyperlink in an effort to prevent a crime by pointing out those servers

more than 5 years ago

Of childhood "building" toys, my favorite is ...

morie Anker Steinbaukasten (785 comments)

Anybody familiar with Anker steinbaukasten? They are basicly real stone blocks. My grandparrents had several. Very nice results, but also quite vulnerable. They seem to be available still (

more than 5 years ago

Where Have All the Pagers Gone?

morie Re:Try YouMail... (584 comments)

Many do. Maybe not in the US (could be, you seem to know), but in many other countries where there is no such thing as "IN" calls, you just pay the call.

more than 5 years ago



morie morie writes  |  more than 7 years ago

morie (227571) writes "The dutch consumer program "Kassa" got Microsoft to acknowledge that even normal use of an Xbox 360 will result in damage to your games, DVDs or CDs (English story here). Up until now, Microsoft had always responded to the complaints by blaming scratches on wrong use of the equipment. The problem turned out to be a design problem in the drive.

"Kassa" did recieve over a thousend complaints adressed to Microsoft. In the show (streaming video, dutch, start min 17), they admitted there was a problem and said they would arrange for replacements, but they did not want to take full responsibility."

morie morie writes  |  more than 7 years ago

morie (227571) writes "After the dutch TV show "Kassa" (dutch link) brought up complaint from over 1.000 Xbox users, Microsoft acknowledged that normal frequent use of the XBox 360 can cause scratches on DVD's and CD's. Earlier, Microsoft claimed that the scratches were the users fault.

Microfoft NL: "Als gevolg van regelmatig gebruik is het mogelijk dat er krassen op discs kunnen ontstaan." (regular use can possibly cause scratches on the discs). So, how are your disks?"


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