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How 'DevOps' Is Killing the Developer

mortonda Re:Someone doesn't understand devops. (226 comments)

Devops is even more than this, it also means applying common change management that is common in source code development to operational configuration, using tools like chef or puppet. It's scary how much "cowboy configuration" there is out there, and yet in the programming world, "cowboy coding" is frowned upon.

about 3 months ago

The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer

mortonda Re:Dreaming of code? (533 comments)

Oh man, I'm not the only one with that nightmare? Ha, and I didn't even finish college, I left early to start my own business. What should I care anyway? But I still get those nightmares. What's that math book under the bed? OH NOES!

about 6 months ago

Japan's L-Zero Maglev Train Reaches 310 mph In Trials

mortonda Re:Hate to hit (174 comments)

A cow at that speed...

... had better moooove.

about a year ago

Compared to my 1st computer's memory ...

mortonda Tandy 1000SX (587 comments)

I had a similar one, but now that you mention it, I'm not sure how much it had. I know the video card had a graphics mode that could handle 16 colors in a higher resolution graphics modes, as opposed to most pc's that had only 4 colors and "palettes" at the time. Could they do HIMEM stuff, or am I confusing that with my first 386?

1 year,9 days

The Glorious Return of the Twinkie

mortonda Re:36 million units sold in 2011 (528 comments)

Oh, Also, a friend of mine who actually read the proposed agreement, said the union contract was written in such a way that management could essentially rewrite it or walk - it was a horrible contract. It didn't do any favors for the union workers.

I usually don't like unions, but in this case, I think there was cancer all over the system and it just needed to be put down.

about a year ago

The Glorious Return of the Twinkie

mortonda Re:36 million units sold in 2011 (528 comments)

I live in a town affected by this - in fact, we are now the main hostess factory to begin production and our city is looking forward to the 250 to 300 jobs returning. The big point I always heard from the actual workers here, is that a lot of pension money was diverted, and most of the workers lost all of their retirement money. The striking unions figured it was better to just kill the company and hope for better management.

Of course, the new management is pretty much the same old people.. and they aren't hiring anyone who actually went on strike. Nice move there.

The best I can hope is that the silly union rules mentioned elsewhere in this thread are no longer there, which may allow for a more profitable business. I don't have any info on what the new job salaries are, or benefits, though. I would not be surprised if it is lower than before. Well, except for management.

about a year ago

Majority of Americans Say NSA Phone Tracking Is OK To Fight Terrorism

mortonda Re:Give up freedom to fight terrorism? (584 comments)

Proof that the measures are protecting us from terrorism, right?!

about a year ago

Major Advance Towards a Proof of the Twin Prime Conjecture

mortonda Re:Gaps between numbers... (248 comments)

Traditionally, it helps when the recipient has a sense of humor, too.

about a year ago

How Netflix Eats the Internet

mortonda Re:Golden Corral (303 comments)

Maybe, but I've never seen a buffet discourage its customers from eating more food.

I have worked a pizza place that asked a family not to come back. 4 people, and when we saw them come in the door, we put 5-10 pizzas in the oven to replace the buffet that was about to get decimated.

about a year ago

First Observations of Short-lived Pear-shaped Atomic Nuclei

mortonda That's not pear shaped.... (64 comments)

it's just big-boned.... :D

about a year ago

CSS Selectors as Superpowers

mortonda Re:Completely agree (190 comments)

Sure, you can use a bad tool to do useful things, but why?

about a year ago

CSS Selectors as Superpowers

mortonda Re:Completely agree (190 comments)

And now your web server has to do PHP processing on every page and every style sheet, so your load goes up. So you implement some caching. Now you have two problems.

3 problems.... php itself being one.

about a year ago

Bruce Schneier On the Marathon Bomber Manhunt

mortonda Re:If two people lock down a major city.... (604 comments)

If two people with makeshift bombs can cause a major city to go on lockdown, isn't the message to terrorists that a multi-city disruption -- say, shutting down from Boston to Philly -- wouldn't take very many people or that much coordination?

Well, the other major message could also be that the entire population of said city is going track you down, cooperate with law enforcement when needed, and when you are either dead or captured, go back to business as usual.

about a year ago

Passthoughts, Not Passwords: Authentication Via Brainwaves

mortonda Sneakers rewrite? (104 comments)

"My brain is my password. Verify me".

OTOH... Since that can't be recorded on a tape, it gets kinda messy.

about a year ago

Closing the Gap To Improve the Capacity of Existing Fiber Optic Networks

mortonda Latency? (53 comments)

all of the world's internet traffic could be transmitted via a single fiber.

Um, sure, that's easy.... but how long will it take?

about a year ago

Longest Running Linux Distribution Slackware Adopts MariaDB

mortonda Re:Frosty piss (109 comments)

Real programmers roll their own database files with b-tree indexes. ;)

about a year ago

Drupal's Creator Aims For World Domination

mortonda Re:PHP (192 comments)

Sure, PHP has its fair share of design flaws,

I think you seriously understate what's wrong with PHP. Beside all the things that is mentioned in that article, I love how you suggest several php frameworks that attempt to be like Rails but all built on such a flawed language.

And Rails is not hard to deploy any more... that argument is several years out of date.

about a year ago

Moon Mining Race Under Way

mortonda Re:this is stupid and malevolent (150 comments)

... AND collect the google money. Or, if you don't care about $20 million, give it to me!

about a year ago



mortonda mortonda writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mortonda (5175) writes "Internet Explorer and Firefox both appear to have similar vulnerabilities that allow a website to hijack keystrokes and divert them to a file input box, which can then be used to upload arbitrary files to the server. Demos are available from that page."


mortonda has no journal entries.

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