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Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

motd2k Calorific value? (588 comments)

More important than either of these is the calorific value of the relative diets. Both of them (low carb / low fat) ultimately work by restricting the types of food, and therefore the calories, that are consumed - just via different methods. Claiming that fat is bad is simply false.

about 4 months ago

Reason To Hope Carriers Won't Win the War On Netflix

motd2k Akamai != AWS... (213 comments)

If only people knew how content delivery worked. Netflix don't deliver you the video from AWS, so worrying about the 'throttling' of AWS connections is slightly ridiculous.

about 10 months ago

Warning At SC13 That Supercomputing Will Plateau Without a Disruptive Technology

motd2k MIPS CNT... (118 comments)

MIPS CNT... how do you pronounce that?

1 year,28 days

Users Flock To Firewall-Busting Thesis Project

motd2k Re:Think of the Canadians (91 comments)

Overplay.net SmartDNS handles this for $5/month, letting you easily switch between all the different Netflix locales at will. I don't think many people use traditional proxies/VPN for netflix anymore.

about 2 years ago

New iOS App Sends Users' Web Traffic Through Its Proxy Servers

motd2k Re:The summary is wrong (83 comments)

Wrong. This IS an app - the app quits and opens the connection profile in Mobile Safari when the user taps a button in the app to 'Enable'.

more than 2 years ago

Twitter Can't Keep Protestor's Data From Cops

motd2k Twitter (105 comments)

It does appear, on the surface, that Twitter does at least go above and beyond at times in trying to protect what it sees a it's users rights. I suspect at time at considerable expense to themselves too.

more than 2 years ago

Jaguar and Land Rover Angle For Production In China

motd2k Sensationalism (141 comments)

The linked blog article reports roughly 20% of the full story. In actual fact, the UK factories are maxed out and employing more and more people, and only production destined for the Chinese market is being moved to China as part of this joint venture.

more than 2 years ago

15-Year-Old Arrested For Hacking 259 Companies

motd2k Re:script kiddie (153 comments)

Almost all the kiddie sweeps we're seeing these days are from acunetix.

more than 2 years ago

Baker Has to Make 102,000 Cupcakes For Grouponers

motd2k I doubt she's complaining any more... (611 comments)

I suspect that with the loss came publicity that's going to prove to be worth FAR more than £20,000. The fact that you and me are talking about her small bakery in the UK is testament to that.

about 3 years ago

BT Fiber Infrastructure Plans 'Fatal' To Competition

motd2k Re:BT and Fibre rollout (100 comments)

That update basically says that there's no update though. Since there's no room in the BT cabs for third party DSLAMs, the only remaining choice would be for Be* to provide FTTP. Can only hope, but I don't see it happening inside the next 24-36months. This whole saga is going to cost them thousands upon thousands of customers.

more than 3 years ago

VMware, a Falling Giant?

motd2k Re:Microsoft Virtual PC (417 comments)

Chalk / Cheese? Virtual PC is positioned no where near VMWare - try HyperVM/Xen/KVM

more than 3 years ago

Wine HQ Password Database Compromised

motd2k Re:How secure... (124 comments)

No it doesn't, it indicates that they sent you the password during the hashing process.

more than 3 years ago



Open Source 1080p Decoding added to XBMC

motd2k motd2k writes  |  more than 4 years ago

motd2k (1675286) writes "XBMC today added code to enable 1080p on Windows, Linux, and OSX systems leveraging on a low-cost Broadcom CrystalHD card. The first true cross-platform open source 1080p decoding solution, the CrystalHD is currently available as a mini-PCIE card with a 1xPCIE card to follow."
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