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Dwarf Planets Accumulate In Outer Solar System In space, no one can hear you sing. (93 comments)

Dwarf Planets Accumulate In Outer Solar System

"Heigh-ho, heigh-ho..."

more than 4 years ago

Obama DoJ Goes Against Film Companies Re:lawyers are mercenaries (321 comments)

They probably thought they had this one in the bag, since some of the very lawyers who have been representing them have been appointed to the highest echelons of the Obama DoJ. Instead, however, the brief eloquently argued against the film companies' position, dismembering with surgical accuracy each and every argument the film companies had advanced."

Thus demonstrating again why you should never trust a lawyer. Unless you are still paying him, of course. (sorry nycLawyer)

I think the traditional ire against lawyers is better applied to instances where they foment and churn expensive litigation (e.g., chase ambulances)... not where you pay them to voice your position more eloquently and knowledgably than you could. Moreover, it seems here there's an outside chance that the lawyers just might be voicing their own position...

more than 5 years ago

Is a $72.5m Opening Weekend Enough For Star Trek? Re:Yes (820 comments)

It may not be the worst movie ever, but it is kinda like releasing a Sherlock Holmes movie where he runs around with a giant gun killing people until he solves the crime. Yeah, it might be a good action movie or whatever, but is hardly consistent with the philosophical underpinnings of the original work. That so few Star Trek fans "get" this is a bit unnerving.

(Mod parent fully 'insightful'). At the same time, though, a broadly entertaining "reboot" like this one can only be good news for Trek fans, who can now reasonably hope that its projected two sequels will recognize those original underpinnings as the only viable (i.e., profitable) direction to boldly go.

more than 5 years ago

Energy-Beaming Space Collector To Also Alter Weather? Re:Lots o' power (274 comments)

Imagine a hurricane formed with the energy from 5-10 damped out storms.

Blows my mind...

more than 5 years ago

Quantum Theory May Explain Wishful Thinking Re:Unfortunately I'm a Bit Skeptical (415 comments)

So, if I were designing an ultimate survivor species, I'd have it do a grinding incremental evolution most of the time. However, I'd also have members of the species occasionally take huge risks for a possible huge reward. ... If a family member gets lucky then it will be at the top of the food chain for generations.

Hmm... that algorithm seems to favor the emergence of a race of blind squirrels...

more than 5 years ago

Study Finds Film Enjoyment Is Contagious Re:Confirmed by the netflix database (129 comments)

... movies rated on the weekends were significantly more likely to be rated a 1 or a 5 than during the week ... because people are more likely to watch movies with other people on the weekends and the mob mentality takes over ...

Maybe. But weekenders are also more likely to be those who choose their movies based on advertising "promises"... which makes those viewers 1) less discriminating by nature, and 2) more liable to anger when the movie reneges on those promises.

more than 6 years ago

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