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Dark Wallet Will Make Bitcoin Accessible For All — Except the Feds

mozkill Re:Deceased owners (206 comments)

The interesting thing about the divisibility of bitcoins is that the need for divisibility arises from scarcity, or in other words, arises from deflation. So, the currency is not designed to inflate like fractional currency, but rather to DEFLATE . This is a huge difference between Bitcoins and other archaic currency systems. Also, Bitcoin already has built-in protocols to transfer money if you die and don't respond to deadman switch emails. Also, if you keep a copy of your bitcoin wallet in a safe, then beneficiaries can access your coins. There are probably other ways as well. So, I don't see it as a problem. Whatever future Bitcoin banking service that you use would obviously set up these precautionary measures for you.

about 10 months ago

I'd prefer my money be made of ...

mozkill The reason why Paper is the obvious answer... (532 comments)

Paper is the obvious best answer for a money. Paper is backed by "law" and CAN BE fixed in supply by the government that issues it. What makes paper money fail, and what gives paper money a somewhat bad reputation, is the "fractional" nature of the system beneath the money. Lincoln proved that fractionless money was superior and he won the Civil War. The Patriots in the Revolutionary War also proved that fractionless money (or relatively fractionless) was also superior and they won the Revolutionary War. Germany also used a fractionless money in WWII. If we would only OUTLAW the "fractional reserve" system, then the paper money we print would retain its value and the underlying system would serve as a perfect income tax. Reading suggestion: .

about a year ago

Federal Judge Declares Bitcoin a Currency

mozkill Re:Not legal tender. Therefore, not a currency. (425 comments)

For the United States to declare "Bitcoin" as "legal tender" US currency is a little bit like the United States declaring Euros to be "US legal tender" within the United States. It's ridiculous because the US government has no juristiction over that money and it undermines the official currency of the US. Think of Bitcoin as a currency declared "legal tender" by a invisible country; its clear its not a US currency. If every country in the world declared Bitcoin as "legal tender", then that would be interesting, but it would also undermine SDR's which are the current world currency.

1 year,20 days

Federal Judge Declares Bitcoin a Currency

mozkill Re:Not legal tender. Therefore, not a currency. (425 comments)

No, they are not legal tender. They are simply accepted by their particular trusted institution. The user of the coupon still has to trust the corporation will accept them.

1 year,20 days

Larry Ellison Believes Apple Is Doomed

mozkill Re:Edison = Jobs (692 comments)

Edison was nothing compared to Tesla. Tesla invented the fricking remote control boat and the idea of the Television and "high frequency Electrotherapy", among many other things! Thomas edison may have created the light bulb but LED lights will render his invention useless after only about 115 years. The alkaline battery is another finite life invension. Teslas inventions will last forever, he was a much more forward thinker, not just looking for a shortcut.

1 year,20 days

Federal Judge Declares Bitcoin a Currency

mozkill Not legal tender. Therefore, not a currency. (425 comments)

Personally, I think the definition of currency is unclear. If its not "legal tender", or in other words not officially declared as money accepted for paying taxes (by fiat) , then shouldn't it NOT be considered a currency, in the same way that Gold is not considered a currency (unless it is officially stamped as such by fiat). To be a currency, some official government must declare it as official for paying taxes IMHO. So, for a judge to declare Bitcoin as a currency is ridiculous because, for it to be so, he himself would have to be willing to accept it , and then turn around and pay taxes with it.

1 year,26 days

Why We'll Never Meet Aliens

mozkill I think we will meet aliens, and here is why. (629 comments)

I think we will meet aliens, and here is how:

  1. 1. A remote civilization will recognize our planet and send a probe at sub-light speed (3% or less) for a journet of 1000 years, or whatever.
  2. 2. Within a few years of arriving at Earth, the probe will download (at light speed) a new Firmware update from the home planet, which has the newest technologies, innovations, and informations.
  3. 3. As the probe nears our solar system , it will begin growing biological versions of test-tube baby aliens.
  4. 4. The probe, using robots, will educate the newly born aliens just in time for their arrival at Earth.
  5. 5. The aliens arrive and say Hello.
  6. 6. The robots destroy us all.

about a year ago

BitCoin Value Collapses, Possibly Due To DDoS

mozkill Re:Get your numbers right (605 comments)

Saw that crash coming from a mile away. I think everyone did. Bitcoin was hyped up pretty good by the media over the last few months and this crash was easy to predict.

about a year ago

Fusion Rocket Could Take Us To Mars

mozkill Re:Yuh huh (171 comments)

That's no problem. They use platics for that.

about a year ago

Best Buy Follows Yahoo in Banning Remote Work

mozkill Re:What firestorm (317 comments)

It is probably that exact experience that gave Marissa Mayer the perspective she needed to make a call on this. She probably experienced first-hand that being at home was more unproductive (towards her job).

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Alternative To the Canonical Computer Science Degree?

mozkill Getting a degree is just idea-gathering (347 comments)

Getting a computer science degree is just idea-gathering. To really become a computer scientist you need to practice writing code. The rule of thumb is that it takes 10,000 hours of your life to become really good at something.

about a year and a half ago

Life After MS-DOS: FreeDOS Keeps On Kicking

mozkill A FreeDOSH shell is what I want. (255 comments)

What I want is a FreeDOS shell for Linux: FreeDOSH . If that existed, it would be exciting to write DOS batch scripts on linux. LOL

about a year and a half ago

Study Estimates 100 Billion Planets In the Milky Way Galaxy

mozkill Re:Goldilocks zone (101 comments)

At the end of James Mitcher's book "Space" , he does a calculation for estimating the number of planets.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: What Web Platform For a Small Municipality?

mozkill tough one (161 comments)

Thats a tough question since whatever you choose, you would want integration with online social communities and a nice comment system. Because of that fact, the choices narrow...

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Actual Best-in-Show For Free Anti Virus?

mozkill Re:Simple (515 comments)

Doesn't work on Windows Server however...

about 2 years ago

Iran Behind Cyber Attacks On U.S. Banks

mozkill This is a red herring... (306 comments)

Really, when it comes down to it, all of the United States anxiety over Iran originates from banking rather than nuclear weapons. The western world is based around a capitalist system with a core of "interest based lending/banking". Iran represents monetary ideas that show that modern societies can work without interest based banking. The Banksters want to snuff out all evidence of this in order to make sure that all the people of the world are never educated to believe that there is an alternative to "interest based" money systems. But there is! A world money system could exist that "outlaws" interest based "fractional reserve" lending and which requires all lending be backed 100% by an equal amount of reserve money. Dennis Kucinich has presented this as a Bill to Congress. Now Iran is making a move away from risky "fractional based" US money and suggesting an alternative money for world oil transactions. This obviously angers all of the "fractional reserve" banks of the world and so they have to make up this story about Iran being 6 months away from nukes. The problem is that for the last 15 years, the news media has been claiming Iran is 6 months away from nukes and year after year it never happens. IF they say it enough the American people will believe it. I could go on and on about this...

about 2 years ago

Has the Command Line Outstayed Its Welcome?

mozkill Re:Just what they want Linux to become ? (1134 comments)

I disagree. CentOS leaves power relatively in the hands of root and doesn't prevent a user from logging in as root. It is probably able to do this because of SELinux.

more than 2 years ago

Cisco Ditches Flip and $590 Million

mozkill QVC had a super sale on Flips (121 comments)

I was watching QVC this weekend and they were selling Flips (in a bundle with a at-home media streamer device) for a sale price of $150, down from $250 . Someone is trying to dump lots of product line.

more than 3 years ago

I'd rather my paycheck be denominated in ...

mozkill Re:Obvious Missing - GOLD (868 comments)

Gold doesn't outpace inflation in the long run. In the short run, people run to gold for safety when they would rather not be in the stock market. For that reason, the "apparent" value of gold is not the same as its actual value.

more than 3 years ago


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A browse button to find files is old school app behavior

mozkill mozkill writes  |  about 7 years ago

It occured to me recently that when building webpages which have file upload functionality, such as image upload features, developers always default to using a button to browse and find files on the users filesystem. In a world where operating systems have operated for 20 years on simple drag and drop copying from one window to another, why is it that web browser developers refuse to catch up with the rest of the world? I think it only makes logical sense that a person should be able to do a multi-file upload by simply dragging files into the web browser area. Seems like we should have made much for progress for internet users in the last 20 years than we have. I declare, "it is time to move forward".

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