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Elon Musk Promises 100,000 Electric Cars Per Year

mr_zorg Headline is wrong. (122 comments)

Somebody mod this guy up. He's right. It's a critical distinction.

about 1 month ago

Tesla Releases Electric Car Patents To the Public

mr_zorg Re:Trust but verify (211 comments)

You know he did both of those things, right? RTFM

about 3 months ago

Tesla Model S Caught Fire While Parked and Unplugged

mr_zorg Paying damages as PR (329 comments)

> and the fact they offered to pay damages?

Given the huge amount of bad press Tesla got from the three earlier debris fires, I can totally understand why they would bend over backwards to make this guy (and hopefully the press) happy. It doesn't necessarily mean they're trying to cover something up.

about 7 months ago

Tesla Sending New Wall-Charger Adapters After Garage Fire

mr_zorg Re: Quality? (195 comments)

> Most 15A receptacles are rated for 20A pass-through, so they should be perfectly fine to use on a 20A line.

Really? Then why, pray tell, are they called 15A receptacles?

about 8 months ago

Tesla Model S REST API Authentication Flaws

mr_zorg Re: Can someone give me a car analog? (161 comments)

The API is not intended for use by third parties so really the only valid criticism here is "Tesla does not have a 3rd party API".

Agreed. The only way to exploit this security issue is if you give your login credentials to an unauthorized website using a private API. If you do that, shame on you!

1 year,25 days

NHTSA Gives the Model S Best Safety Rating of Any Car In History

mr_zorg Re:NHTSA pushed a 5 star rating (627 comments)

There have been multiple real-world frontal offset crashes with the Tesla Model S already. Looking those up and photos from them show much the same results as with the other crash tests did. Which is to say, the car performed flawlessly and the occupants walked away unharmed. I suspect when IIHS results are performed it will score equally as well.

about a year ago

No, the Tesla Model S Doesn't Pollute More Than an SUV

mr_zorg Factor in emissions from fossil fuel generation (559 comments)

Do these same analysis factor in the emissions caused by the mining of oil, refining it and trucking it to the gas stations? Not usually... That's not fair to count emissions from electricity generation but then only compare it to tailpipe emissions of gasoline.

about a year ago

Some Apple iMacs "Assembled In America"

mr_zorg Assembled in USA, not America - Big difference! (279 comments)

The summary and title are misleading. If you read the article, the pictures clearly shows "Assembled in USA". My first thought when I saw "Assembled in America" was that Foxconn has facilities in Brazil now - so perhaps it was really "Assembled in South America". But, no, it really is in the USA. Very cool, Apple.

about 2 years ago

iPhone 5 GeekBench Results

mr_zorg Android logo? (470 comments)

The android logo on an iPhone story? Really?!?!

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Making JavaScript Tolerable For a Dyed-in-the-Wool C/C++/Java Guy?

mr_zorg GWT (Google Web Toolkit) rocks (575 comments)

+1,000 me too!

GWT has really made me enjoy client side be programming again and enabled us to do some VERY sophisticated web apps. As for the GUI widgets and layout abilities, yes, they are a little weak. But throw in a professional widget library like ExtGWT (aka GXT) from Sencha and you're golden - it's a GWT implementation of their very popular ExtJS library.

more than 2 years ago

Hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostics Application In OS X Lion

mr_zorg Re:Ping (116 comments)

The Mac application is at a wrong place, it is at simple as that. The /Library tree and the /Users/user/Library tree is not supposed to hold any applications (except you want to call executeables like "java" or "python" applications.

Really? Says who? There's a ton of apps in the /System/Library folder. Try this:

find /System/Library -name "*.app" -print | wc -l

I get 179 on my system...

about 3 years ago

EVs In the Spotlight At West Coast Green Conference

mr_zorg Re:Real cars only (206 comments)

Not to mention they're not exactly affordable...

more than 3 years ago

EVs In the Spotlight At West Coast Green Conference

mr_zorg Re:Real cars only (206 comments)

With the exception of your 200+ range, the Nissan LEAF satisfies the rest of your requirements (it's only got a 100 mile range). It's a perfect "around-town" car for me, which is why I've got one on order. It should be delivered by December. I can't wait.

more than 3 years ago

Many Top iPhone Apps Collect Unique Device ID

mr_zorg Blown out of proportion (194 comments)

Bah, this is blown out of proportion a little bit. The UDID, by itself, tells a developer nothing about YOU. Its use is documented and encouraged by Apple for tracking user devices (which TFA admits). Now sure, if I were to also grab your address book I can tie that to your UDID, but it's my grabbing your address book that's the problem, not the UDID. I suppose if Apple wanted to make this more secure they could make the API automatically hash the UDID with your Application ID (also unique) and return that instead. You would still be able to use it for the same purposes as UDID was intended for, but NOT between apps.

more than 3 years ago

Air Force Wants Reusable Fly-Back Rockets

mr_zorg They launched a Cal Poly team? (94 comments)

Lockheed Martin has already launched ... as well as a Cal Poly team ...

WTF, they launched a Cal Poly team? Where's the copy editors when you need them?

more than 4 years ago

Lessons of a $618,616 Death

mr_zorg Happiness (651 comments)

It is only time to quit when the patient ceases to be happy. As long as they are still in good spirits and enjoying their life, keep trying...

more than 4 years ago

What Do You Do When Printers Cost Less Than Ink?

mr_zorg Re:Don't buy inkjets period (970 comments)

Nice try, I can see why you'd think that. I contacted them, because I want one at that price. I was inquiring if that included toner. They said no. So tack on another $300 for that... :( Then it turns out that's not even a printer. Surprise!

Here's how the chat went:

Me: I was wondering if the item Q7825A includes toner cartridges or not?
Online Sales: Most printer do not ship with toner in case it gets damaged in shipping
Online Sales: then the whole printer would be ruined
Me: Curious I've ordered printers before that did... And all the ones in stores do. So is this one of the "most printers"?
Online Sales: Part # Q7825A is just the printer memory
Me: that's not what your page says... looks like a full blown printer to me
Online Sales: It is something we are working on our website now
Me: ok then, never mind. thanks

So much for that good rating. Talk about misleading.

Yes, you *can* get a cheap laser by bargain hunting (I did), but your casual consumer isn't going to do that. And once the toner runs out, as mine now has, I'm stuck with spending $300 for more or trying to find another $100 color laser...

more than 4 years ago

What Do You Do When Printers Cost Less Than Ink?

mr_zorg Re:Don't buy inkjets period (970 comments)

Color printing is highly overrated in most cases and is entirely unecessary and pointless. So, you can have a laser printer be your workhorse and also have a color printer for those rare cases where color actually makes a difference. Considering the cost of consumables, it's a pretty obvious idea (having 2 printers).

Yes, but... If that second color printer is an inkjet, and you really do print color that rarely, you're likely to find your ink has dried up and/or clogged the heads when you do go to use it. Trust me, I've been there.

more than 4 years ago

What Do You Do When Printers Cost Less Than Ink?

mr_zorg Re:Don't buy inkjets period (970 comments)

> WTF. People still buying inkjets and bitching about it? Is lexmark STILL in business?

Simple. Upfront cost. An inkjet can be had for $50 - $75. Good luck finding a color laser or dye sub for anything even remotely close to that.

more than 4 years ago


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