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Pushing The 512MB Barrier On Video Cards

mrbuttboy Re:No performance benefits? (525 comments)

There is alot of truth to what you say. Much in the same vein as, "well GEEZ, thats just what shakespeare did 400 years ago. Nothing new here,move along." Basic stories get retold again and again. You may find nothing new or fresh in games today,but there is new stuff out there and the variation on a theme is also quite pleasant. Maybe people would say there is a large difference between WoW, EQII and CoH. You might disagree.

As for new game play, there are people tying things. I LOVE the natural-selection mod. The graphics arent the best and there are a few gameplay issues but it is trying to be a FPS/RTS. There must be other attempts at this but I havent heard of them. Just like I am sure many havent heard of NS - it is small by many standards.

more than 9 years ago


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