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Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down and You Shut Down Cloud Storage

mrchaotica Re:ah huh (281 comments)

Perhaps they're hoping to startle Amazon et al. into filing amicus briefs in their favor.

11 hours ago

The US Public's Erratic Acceptance of Science

mrchaotica Re:You are going to see that where Science conflic (532 comments)

if we can prove that something is true or false, and a religion teaches the opposite, then the religion should be updated. People make mistakes, we're only human, right?

But according to cargo-cult Christians (i.e., fundamentalist "religious-right" types), the Bible is the "literal Word of God" and therefore cannot be wrong (even when it's self-contradictory).


The US Public's Erratic Acceptance of Science

mrchaotica Re:Difference between erratic & erotic (532 comments)

There's a big difference between someone who doubts the big bang because they evidence isn't conclusive and it's just the best hypothesis we have right now and someone who doubts the big bang because an 1700 year old book says a sky man created the earth in 7 days.

Clearly, the survey used the wrong terminology. It should have asked something like "do you disbelieve (or maybe, "reject") these theories?"


'The Door Problem' of Game Design

mrchaotica Re:um (268 comments)

What if the UI is REALLY BIG and controls can't all exist at the same time?'

your UI is too complex

So every app with more than one window (or mode) is too complex?


Our Education System Is Failing IT

mrchaotica Re:It is just so horrible (289 comments)

That's like saying O(n log n) is not greater than O(n). While it may technically be true, the reason we care is that it's also much less than O(n).


Our Education System Is Failing IT

mrchaotica Re:It is just so horrible (289 comments)

I'm not sure what you mean. I was just working with what those upthread had written (an analogy where IT worker productivity was being compared to algorithmic complexity).


In the US, Rich Now Work Longer Hours Than the Poor

mrchaotica Re:That's a strange definition of "rich" (306 comments)

In the article (by the economist, which is usually pretty decent) it compares how currently the higher you go in the income scale, the more you work.

To a point, that is. The article talks a lot about college-educated knowledge workers (i.e., the upper-middle class), but it conspicuously fails to mention how many hours C-level executives etc. (i.e., the actual "rich") work.

2 days ago

Our Education System Is Failing IT

mrchaotica Re:"Get off my lawn" (289 comments)

This strikes me as a case of "this new generation sucks a lot" which we roll through every 20 years or so. The WW2 generation said the same thing about the Boomers...

In that particular case, they were right!

2 days ago

Our Education System Is Failing IT

mrchaotica Re:It is just so horrible (289 comments)

Linear time should be expected (if it takes longer per ticket when there are more, thats bad, but non-polynomial, thats just horrid)

Log(time) is neither polynomial nor horrid (and also achievable by a really good IT person, since frequent similar problems should start getting solved more efficiently or permanently).

2 days ago

Scammers Lower Comcast Bills, Get Jail Time

mrchaotica Re:Comcast are greedy (98 comments)

If you don't like Comcast, switch to satellite or cut the cord and use the internet.

I did "cut the cord," so now I complain about Comcast's rates on Internet service. There is no alternative (I live in an older neighborhood with shitty copper, just far enough from the Wi-Max towers to fail to get a signal).

2 days ago

Oklahoma Moves To Discourage Solar and Wind Power

mrchaotica Re:False dilemma (440 comments)

But you as an investor will never get rich that way. People want to buy into something like Google, Apple, Amazon, whatever (remember the Netscape IPO?) - that starts out at $30 a share and zooms to $300 a share. The only way that happens is if your company grows! So while never growing is fine, it only appeals to a limited set of investors. Most investors want to buy a stock that will go up in value over time.

And of course, the real issue here is that it's completely and utterly inappropriate for a regulated utility to be that kind of "growth company!"

2 days ago

Women Increasingly Freezing Their Eggs To Pursue Their Careers

mrchaotica Re:why not just have a baby earlier? (332 comments)

I would fall asleep behind the wheel during my 5 minute commute

If your commute is 5 minutes by car, then you need to fucking walk (or maybe ride a bike) instead!

2 days ago

General Mills Retracts "No Right to Sue" EULA Clause

mrchaotica Re:Vigilance (88 comments)

this kind of shit has been encroaching on us


2 days ago

I expect to retire ...

mrchaotica Re:Planned on 65, but.... (323 comments)

Yeah and if you were one of the 20 million laid off and had kids to feed what are you going to do?

Live of your emergency fund and immediately temporarily reduce your standard of living, so that you don't have to permanently reduce it later.

3 days ago

Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt

mrchaotica Re:Anonymous Coward (234 comments)

Unlike the situation with Ukraine, the West might see that as an improvement. China, on the other hand, might disagree...

4 days ago



Linux-friendly and Internet-enabled HDTVs?

mrchaotica mrchaotica writes  |  more than 4 years ago

mrchaotica (681592) writes "I'm in the market for a new HDTV (in the $1200-or-slightly-more range, as I won the extended-service-plan lottery and have a Sears store credit). Several of the TVs I've looked at have various "Internet TV" features (here are Samsung's and Panasonic's). Some manufacturers appear to be rolling their own, while others are partnering with Yahoo (maybe in an attempt to create a "standard?"). Moreover, these TVs also tend to run Linux under the hood (although their GPL compliance, such as in Panasonic's case, may leave something to be desired). Finally, it's easy to imagine these TVs being able to support video streaming services (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, etc.) without a set-top box, but I don't know the extent to which that support actually exists.

Anyway, here are my questions:
  1. Is this "Internet TV" thing going to be a big deal going forward, or just a gimmick?
  2. Which manufacturers are most [open standard|Linux|hacker]-friendly?
  3. Which TV models have the best support (or best potential and community backing) for this sort of thing?

Thanks for your insight!"


mrchaotica has no journal entries.

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