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Net Neutrality Campaign To Show What the Web Would Be Like With a "Slow Lane"

mrfatmann My Cable Internet is Already Throttled... (91 comments)

Or so I thought. It has something to do with my router setup. Whatever.
But my point is it sucks!

Its not like its always slow. Instead I'll be surfing the net, and without warning a link will throw up my cable company's Could Not Find URL error page. If I look at the ping, there are these crazy large time lags. Rather than it taking a long time for the page to load, its as if the internet became SMALLER. The I have to WORK slower. And then, just everything is back to normal.

about a month ago

Why the Public Library Beats Amazon

mrfatmann Re:Libraries are one thing Amazon is not (165 comments)

I sometimes think MY Kindle isn't mine because the GUI makes it easier to buy more books than it does to search and use the one's I have.

Oh, and all the ads!

about a month and a half ago

Do Apple and Google Sabotage Older Phones? What the Graphs Don't Show

mrfatmann 7500 & OS 9 (281 comments)

I've managed to keep my machines in service well past the updates in OS. If Apple products really go on the fritz near the time of new releases, they've been doing it for a long time.

about 2 months ago

What Should One Know to be Truly Computer Literate?

mrfatmann I wanted to say that... (629 comments)

#5. "safe computing" is a good term for a novice user. I believe a KISS foundation of save, organize, and archive is first, BUT... when you add networking then safe computing really has meaning.

The BIG PICTURE here is to realize the truth of the internet--everyone is anonymous (or semi-anonymous)! Keep work email for work, private email for personal messages and an ANON account for signing up for netflix or wot wot. This way you maximize you reachability for important messages and minimize your vunerability for span, phishing, spoofing, etc.

more than 8 years ago


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