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Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda Resigns From Slashdot

mrfett Big thanks (1521 comments)

Pretty much what everyone else has said. I didn't find Slashdot until probably '99 or so, but since then I've turned to it for news almost daily. It has certainly helped shaped my worldview, while also helping me know I'm not the only one who thinks the way I do. The Internet HAS changed, and the reason you give for leaving makes sense, but still... definitely the end of an era. Thanks for all the insight, laughs and frustration when you haven't met my high expectations :-) Best wishes Taco.

more than 3 years ago

Obama Picks RIAA's Favorite Lawyer For Top DoJ Post

mrfett There is a Silver Lining (766 comments)

Let's face it, we weren't going to get slam dunks on every appointment. There are so many ex-Clinton people everywhere that it was foolish to think Hiilary Rosen and her crew weren't going to get into the new Executive. But the silver lining is this: RIAA types are allowed into the discussion, but they don't CONTROL the debate or its terms. Allowing all sides at the table is a very different thing from deciding policy and ideology from on high and mandating that ideology all down the chain of command. The new Administration seems willing to include both progressives and moderates at the table. That means that we aren't going to get purely progressive solutions, but it does bode well for getting solutions. Obama seems intent on stopping the gridlock, and if that means allowing in points of view I vehemently disagree with, that 's fine as long as solid, scientifically-backed reasons and evidence are necessary criteria for policy decisions, not blind adherence to dogma.

about 6 years ago

What To Do With All of My Gadget Chargers?

mrfett DIY Tip for Organizing Chargers (696 comments)

I got this from the DIY Network: get a pretty rectangular cardboard box (like from Ikea or The Container Store) and cut small holes, evenly spaced, on the two longer sides, and one hole on one of the shorter sides. Screw small metal decorative plates (something to make the openings look neat, like light-switch covers but for a hole) over the holes, and stuff a power strip inside the box, with the cord coming out the one shorter side. Plug all the chargers into the strip, and bring their cords out the little holes you made. Put the cover on the box. Now you have a neat charging station that doesn't look like ass. I think this tip was brought to you by Quaker Oats chewy protein bars or something.

more than 6 years ago


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Does the AppleTV offer anything new to X360 Owners?

mrfett mrfett writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Just wanted to point out a few things I've realized while looking at all my options for getting content to my TV. I've heard a lot of people criticize the AppleTV, saying that the XBox 360 does the same thing already, so I decided to give it a go to see if I could just cancel my AppleTV order.

These are a few issues I ran into that I hope will be helpful to someone thinking of doing the same (or maybe someone can give me tips on how to do what I wasn't able to figure out, especially since, being a mac user, I'm pretty unfamiliar with PC utilities):

1. Using Windows XP, Windows Media Player doesn't allow you to tag your videos the way iTunes does. When I tried adding a movie poster to a WMV file, it wouldn't take.

2. You can't use iTunes to manage WMV files.

3. The XBox doesn't give any kind of "browser" for videos. You don't get the same kind of interface the AppleTV provides.

4. The XBox doesn't categorize the videos, so all you have is a big long list.

5. On a mac, encoding WMVs with VisualHub doesn't properly enable fast-forwarding right now, so you need to find another method to get your VOBs into WMV format (unless you're cool with not fast-forwarding).

These are just of the few things leading me to conclude that what Apple is providing is sufficiently different from the functionality of the XBox360 to warrant its existence. If M$ would allow us to play MP4 files (or if Apple allowed iTunes to manipulate WMV files), then the XBox would look much more attractive because we could use iTunes to manage and tag video files and then just share them out to the 360. Alas, this is not the case right now. We have competing companies with competing stores using competing formats, so we end up with incompatible devices crippled for no reason other than to lock us into brand loyalty. It's particularly frustrating because these format issues don't matter to those of us looking to stream our own purchased content (converted from DVD), but I guess the issue is that these devices just aren't made for us. Apple's message seems to be: keep using your DVD player but from now on make all your purchases at the iTS and be happy! Whatever. I just wanted to share my experience trying to circumvent the Steve Jobs RDF (and failing miserably).

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