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Best Phone For a Wi-Fi-Only Location?

mritunjai Get a Nokia E Series (289 comments)

If you can, get a Nokia E72 unlocked. If you can't get the E72, get any E series Nokia phone (I have E71).

Reason for recommendation:

* WiFi roaming is painless

* 1500mAh battery: WiFi *drains* battery. You absolutely need the phone with largest battery pack or you're looking at charging it twice a day. A large screen android/iPhone is fun for a week till you get tired of looking at battery bars. Nokia will last whole 3 days on GSM and will get you through the day on WiFi.

* Integrated SIP with same dialing/receiving experience as a GSM call

* VoIP apps: Pretty much every VoIP app is available including Fring, Talkonaut and Skype apart from integrated SIP

* Excellent sound quality


* Small screen by today's standards (you get battery life in return)
* Abysmal inbuilt browser (you can have Opera Mobile and Opera Mini instead)
* It's not hip in US (however, if you want nerd points it'll score many - run wordpress on your phone with downloadable port of Apache2, MySQL4 and PHP5 - no kidding)
* Custom development is painful, but you get everything and the kitchen sink to write apps for the device (Python, Java, C++, ......)
* No touchscreen

more than 4 years ago

Sending Data In Bursts of SMS Messages

mritunjai Strained by just 80K messages ? (181 comments)

A single low-end jury-rigged SMSC is well capable of over 5K TPS. 80K messages won't even break sweat on any telco's network.

That said, it's a pretty useless medium of communicating any significant amount of data. GPRS or even WAP are much more efficient and capable of dialup speeds. And hey, developing worlds have much better telecom networks than these kind of "for developing worlds" stories give credit for. At least in India, SMS is essentially free (costing less than $0.0001 (yes not a typo!) per SMS in volumes of a thousand.

more than 4 years ago

Researchers Demo Hardware Attacks Against India's E-Voting Machines

mritunjai Scale of Indian elections and EVMs (179 comments)


It is important to put the size of elections in India in perspective and how they operate to understand any meaningful amount of fraud or corruption possible.

The EVMs in question are extremely simple. They only have a breakout panel with 32 buttons (expandable upto 64 buttons with an addon breakout button panel). The machine only ever knows the number of enabled buttons. The names and party symbols are affixed as paper "stickers" on the buttons.

[B] S First Last Name
[B] S First Last Name

The order and placement of stickers on the buttons changes from constituency to constituency. The machines are sealed/unsealed in presence of at least 3 officials, though in practice, it's no less than a dozen or more, as it's a public affair and often media is present.

Some numbers (courtesy http://www.indian-elections.com/facts-figures.html):
Number of EVMs used: 1.023 million
Max candidates per EVM: 64
Max candidates in election from one constituency: 35
Total number of candidates: 5398 (India is a multi-party democracy)
Number of parties: 220
Number of registered voters: 675 million

Cost of '09 elections: Approx $2 billion

Any 'fraud' analysis needs to take the process and numbers into account. EVMs in India solve a LOT of problems with regard to elections and drastically cut down on time, effort and cost involved. There are a number of places where several miles of journey on the back of mule is needed to reach the polling booths. It's much easier to conduct an electronic poll there rather than carrying several large ballot boxes that could be snatched.

more than 4 years ago

IBM Building 20 Petaflop Computer For the US Gov't

mritunjai Doesn't compute (248 comments)

So 1.6M processors with 1.6TB RAM means just 1 MB RAM(1.6e+12/1.6e+6) per processor. That sounds bogus!

Also roughly 12 GFLOPS of processing power per processor. WTF kind of cluster/super computer architecture is that ?? Sounds more like 1.6M Cell "stream" processors or something like that, definitely not something made from AMD/Intel parts. Of course, assuming numbers reported are correct.

more than 5 years ago

Best FOSS Active Directory Alternative?

mritunjai If you really want an alternative... (409 comments)

1. I hope you understand what you gain and lose by switching.

2. I have had to endure the pain of selecting from a few LDAP servers few months back. Just go and download Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 (DSEE). Buy a support contract of whatever level you need. Set it up (takes minutes, the docs are EXCELLENT!) and after that forget it even exists. This baby just works!

about 6 years ago

30th Anniversary of the (No Good) Spreadsheet

mritunjai VisiCalc binary is still available (407 comments)

Who'd 've thought :-)

Google for visicalc.com and download from the second link.

BEWARE: DO NOT run it on your main computer. Use a windows virtual machine or dosbox on *nix. It runs perfectly in both even after these years.

about 6 years ago

OpenSolaris 2008.11 Released, Reviewed

mritunjai Re:When does the important stuff arrive? (87 comments)

And yes: I'm well aware that the ZFS crowd is probably going to get back to "if you need a solid backup you should buy good software" or (IMO even worse:) "whats stopping you from using tar". Thats really missing the whole point here... An enterprise based filesystem, open sourced and all, and it can't even do something as simple which ext2, ext3, xfs and yes; even UFS could do for YEARS?

Pray tell me how does "ext2, ext3, xfs and even UFS" do backups ? Do they have backup and restore integrated and if yes where was it hidden for all the decade I've been looking for one ?

Repeat: Backup/Restore is NOT responsibility of the filesystem! You need something like Amanda, which works fine on ZFS/OpenSolaris.

I think what you really are talking about is a ZFS "aware" backup/restore tool that understands what snapshots and clones are, and doesn't copy things over and over again just because it stumbled on a clone or snapshot.

Still it is the job of backup tool providers, not the FS developers.

more than 6 years ago

Red Hat's Max Spevack On Defending Linux Freedom

mritunjai Where is the payback ? (91 comments)

So a lot of fine people give a lot of their very valuable time to get Fedora going - for FREE!, so that RedHat doesn't have to spend a pretty penny hiring people to do that.

So far so good!

But then RH has got RHEL, which they won't as much let anybody use for free or make available as free download... Where is the download link for RHEL, Max ? The same RHEL that benefits from community contributions. Instead community is left to only use Fedora!

And no, don't say CentOS! That's somebody else's effort developed with their time & money! Something that they won't have to do if RH had provided free download of RHEL!

Again, Where is the download link of RHEL ?

more than 6 years ago

OpenSolaris 2008.11 – Year of the Laptop?

mritunjai Re:Wow. OpenSolaris is a rough ride. (223 comments)

I don't have any real desire to use solaris on any of my desktop machines until/if it supports full root ZFS on raw disk (not on parts/slices as it is currently implemented)

I can only answer this part.

It is done this way because otherwise you won't be able to boot from the disk "fully" owned by ZFS. Disks fully owned by ZFS have EFI label. They do not have partition table and are fully managed as a block device by ZFS.

The BIOS and most boot loaders do not understand this scheme. They needs an MBR & partition table to be able to boot from a disk. Thus ZFS is installed into a conventional partition on a disk intended to be used as a boot disk (think /dev/hda1).

Of course, if you do not intend to boot from a disk using conventional BIOS and boot loaders (GRUB/LILO), the recommended way is to give it as whole to ZFS (think whole /dev/hda).

more than 6 years ago

China Hijacks Popular BitTorrent Sites

mritunjai Re:Attention Yankee Dogs! (174 comments)

That wasn't a troll, someone's sense of humor is dysfunctional o_O

You own 100 Trillion US national debt !!!

Too bad for you :-P They aren't gonna pay it, they got nukes :-p

more than 6 years ago

OpenSolaris 2008.11 – Year of the Laptop?

mritunjai Re:Count me (223 comments)

Uh is it a new SCO meme ? Are you done with enough of FUD already ?

Solaris (and previously SunOS) were Sun's implementation of UNIX. Right, just like Linux and FreeBSD. As such Sun owns the copyright to it. Sun got it UNIX 'certified'. Thats right, just like OSX, Tru64, HPUX and AIX. There is no UNIX. It is a trademark of the Open Group, and they certify various implementations of it. Ever heard of SUS ? SYS V ?

Now onto SCO fiasco. Sun licensed some x86 drivers from SCO for Solaris 8 (yeah that old... Its like 10 years now). SCO's SCO UNIX was x86 based. Those drivers have long since disappeared! They dont even matter!

Whats all this infighting among Open Source group ? What is that makes some fanbois do thing and spread FUD that is most anti-Open Source ?

Guess some people just can never live happily with others!

more than 6 years ago

Chandrayaan Enters Lunar Orbit

mritunjai Re:Fascinating photos (111 comments)

The size of the craft, at over 1300 kg, is a big honking'* thing.

Yes!, it is, and for a reason. It's carrying the largest number of payloads ever carried by a lunar mission - 11.

1 (SIR-2) - Max Planck, Germany
1 (RADOM) - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
1 (Mini-SAR) - NASA
1 (M3) - Brown University & JPL

More info here on ISRO page.
So it's kinda an international mission :-)

more than 6 years ago



Open Unsecured WiFi used for terror Emails

mritunjai mritunjai writes  |  more than 6 years ago

mritunjai (518932) writes "Today was a black day for citizens of India as 5 bombs exploded in New Delhi. As details are emerging, there are reports that terrorists used unsecured WiFi networks of a small company in Mumbai to send terror emails to a news channel (CNN-IBN) just before the blasts. Previously, the same group had also claimed responsibility of another series of blasts in India through an email sent via an unsecured WiFi connection of a US national. In the light of these recent developments and difficult times, it seems like open networks would soon be a thing of past."

Gates drops to #3, new face on #1

mritunjai mritunjai writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mritunjai (518932) writes "The bull run in Indian stock market and spectacular growth of Reliance Industries stock, Mukesh Ambani has catapulted to be the richest man in World with a net worth of $63.2 Billion. Following him are Carlos Slim Helu at $62.3 Billion and Bill Gates at $62.2 Billion. Just in July '07 Bill Gates was displaced from #1 by Slim Helu. The brick-and-mortar barons are making a come-back specially the ones in infrastructure business. Are days of software billionairs numbered ?"

Mozilla IronMonkey and ScreamingMonkey

mritunjai mritunjai writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mritunjai writes "Mozilla foundation has started work on IronMonkey and ScreamingMonkey projects this summer. According to an interview given to Artima, this would be beginning of The Browser Scripting Revolution. IronMonkey is an effort to integrate Microsoft .NET CLR into Tamarin Javascript VM donated by Adobe to Mozilla. This would enable Mozilla browsers to eventually be able to run web applications written in Python (IronPython) and Ruby (IronRuby) and presumably other .NET languages like C# apart from Javascript. ScreamingMonkey is an effort to integrate the (.NET enabled) Tamarin VM into other browsers starting with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Java was not considered as it was not open source when the decision was taken."

Bad bosses take the elevator...

mritunjai mritunjai writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mritunjai (518932) writes "A new study validates what we've always suspected to be true. Promotions and career growth seem to be directly proportional to how much you can make your subordinates' life miserable."

mritunjai mritunjai writes  |  more than 7 years ago

mritunjai (518932) writes "SUN CEO Jonathan Schwartzis showing off the latest samples of next generation chip on his blog. The Chip — code names "Rock", is a 16 core chip with an unspecified number (though rumoured to be 2 to 4) of thread execution units per core. SUN is also building systems with upto 8 of these processors with 512 FB-DIMMs supporting upto 256 TB of RAM in a single system."


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