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Ask Slashdot: Joining a Startup As an Older Programmer?

mrobinso Take over, can everyone, hire your own team (274 comments)

You obviously have orders of magnitude more experience. Rise through the ranks. Take over management of the team. Fire everyone and replace them with your own hires over time.

End of problem.


-- Karma whore? You betcha

about 9 months ago

Cogeco User Socked With Thousands in Overages

mrobinso Only in Canada eh? (1 comments)

It won't be long before nightmares like this start happening to users in the US. Telecoms in North America are developing a taste for UBB profits.

This is what happens when you have a government that touts a "light regulatory touch" with competition laws that are being ignored and openly flouted by both industry and the regulator itself.


about 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Gigabit 802.11N Home Router?

mrobinso Re:WNDR3700 (398 comments)

+1 on the TP-WR1043ND. I did flash mine with OpenWRT/Gargoyle, only because the usage monitoring on the stock firmware was crap. As A Canadian I need to monitor my usage relisiously lest I get slapped with an internet bill that would take a 2nd mortgage to pay. Were it not for the usage, the stock formware would have sufficed.

more than 3 years ago

CRTC is peddling broadband Kool-Aid

mrobinso Re:Flies in the face of accepted facts. (4 comments)

Adopting policies means work, and locking horns with the incumbents instead of playing golf with them. It's much easier for the CRTC to fudge the numbers to make it look like their current policies and direction are having a positive effect when in actuality the exact opposite it true.

It says an awful lot when the real numbers indicate countries you would think are far less developed than Canada have broadband that makes ours look like a disgrace.

It also says an awful lot when the CRTC states something that is patently and demonstrably false and misleading.

Not that that should come as any surprise.


more than 3 years ago

How Do You Protect Servers From a Rogue Admin?

mrobinso Employees leaving "angry" according to who? (219 comments)

The first mistake is assuming that when an employee leaves, he/she isn't leaving in anger. How does the outfit know whether there is anger or not? Also, anger isn't always the only motive an admin might go rogue then up and quit. Mental illness. Drugs. Personal problems. Who knows. They certainly aren't going to announce "hey I'm angry because [enter reason here] and I'm going rogue then quitting".

The data is an asset, just like anything else in the company, and needn't be treated differently just because it's digital.

In my personal experience, mission critical data has always been backed up and kept off-site, usually with the "big cheese" - the person with whom the buck stops. How often is the answer to a simple question: "How much of this can go missing before trouble starts?"

If the answer is "none", the solution is mirroring - real time backups all of the time.
If the answer is "a little but not much", full backups and prescribed intervals with incremental backups filling in the gaps can be considered.
If the answer is "pfffft, doesn't really matter, just not too much", then a manual backup at set intervals would suffice.

The danger here is not the finding of an adequate solution.

The real danger is assuming an employee is/will be leaving on good terms and isn't intent on causing damage.

Assume the worst always, and don your teflon. When Murphy's Law strikes (and it will), you're bullet proof.

FWIW, I have a standing policy - when I accept a notice of termination from an employee with adminstrator[-like] privileges, I say thank you for service and escort them out the door. On the spot. No exceptions.


about 4 years ago

CRTC To Allow Usage-Based Billing

mrobinso UBB Metering is.... broken (282 comments)

The biggest problem with UBB is the way the incumbents measure traffic. It's patently broken. 100% borked.

On the DSL side, traffic is measured at the BAS.
On the cable site, traffic is measured at the node.

It's quite simple to demonstrate how broken their measurement methodology is.

Fire up a cable or DSL internet account, set the modem up, then connect nothing to it. Then, send me your IP address. I can assure you, at the end of the month you're going to get a whopping bill for usage - whatever the max is, that's the bill you're going to get. Just let me know how much usage you want the bill to show. 200G? No problem. 1.5TB? No problem. The usage on the bill will show whatever I want it to show.

The fact is, this has been going on since UBB's inception. Bell, Rogers, Cogeco, Telus... all of them... know the metering is borked. They know it and do nothing because its raking in millions and millions of dollars for each of them, every month.

The concept of UBB is reasonable, IMHO. I have no problem paying for something I use. The more I use, the more I pay. I have no problem with this. But if you're going to charge me XX dollars for XX usage, that XX usage better be MY usage, and it better be at least half-assed accurate.

Right now, it's not even that.


more than 4 years ago

Cryptome Hacked; All Files Deleted

mrobinso Network Solutions? (170 comments)

You mean... there's still people out in the world that do business with that outfit?

Excuse my lack of sympathy.


more than 4 years ago

Rogers Shrinks Download Limits As Netflix Arrives

mrobinso Re:Why is overflow so expensive? (281 comments)

Unfortunately, the government has now approved Usage Based Billing (UBB), which will allow Bell to start charging TekSavvy per GB used, which essentially removes all need to go with an independent ISP altogether, even though TekSavvy was paying for its own backbones, separate from Bell.

The UBB decision has not been made yet by the CRTC, and neither has the decision been made on Bell's R&V (asking the CRTC to force UBB on cable subscribers).

I guess the CRTC needs a little more time to ensure the proper pockets get lined and the right pork gets lifted into the barrel.

more than 4 years ago

Rackspace Releases Cloud Stack As Open Source

mrobinso Cloud.... (65 comments)





more than 4 years ago

What Has Your Phone Survived?

mrobinso Pissed off (422 comments)

Realized the iphone didn't have a drive I could mount, Safari didn't have flash, no voice recognition... a battery that can't get through The Dark Knight...

Laid it down on the basement floor and pissed on it.

Still running. Didn't help at all.


more than 4 years ago

The NYT Compares Broadband Upgrade Costs in US, Japan

mrobinso Re:High density = no digging (257 comments)

The Japanese aren't worryied about monetizing every inch of their infrastructure. Here in Canada we're 2 - 3 years behind in technology because the telcos are busy harnessing broadband, wired and otherwise, so they can add to shareholder value, and they have the wonderful auspices of Canada's oldest whorehouse, the CTRC, to protect them while they do.

Government protected, oligopolized hyper-capitalism is the new telecommunications mantra here. The end is nowhere in sight.

more than 5 years ago

Samsung Mass Produces Fast 256GB SSDs

mrobinso Re:cant wait (280 comments)

Fixing the database is the right move. If it costs 10's of thousands of programmer dollars to fix it I'd say you have far bigger problems than an unoptimized database. I mean, programmers should only have access to selects updates and deletes. If your programmers are designing your databases, no wonder they're borked.

On topic, I can wait for the SSDs. The price of the 250s, mass produced or no, still presents as a problem for a business case to run out and load up on these. Hardly stocking stuffers.

more than 6 years ago



CRTC is peddling broadband Kool-Aid

mrobinso mrobinso writes  |  more than 3 years ago

mrobinso (456353) writes "Canadian author and journalist Peter Nowak has just released a stinging commentary on the latest bogus report issued by the CRTC on the state of broadband in Canada. It makes good reference to "Koolaid", the favourite drink of both the CRTC and incumbent telcos and cablecos. The numbers are in, and blatantly overcooked."
Link to Original Source

mrobinso mrobinso writes  |  more than 8 years ago

mrobinso writes "I recently joined a web development outfit in Toronto as a senior developer slash IT Manager, leaving behind 6 years tenure at a blue-chip company to rejoin the living in pursuit of higher goals. Aside from the usual office politics of a small company I've encountered a first, for me anyway. We have in our employ an excellent designer who a few months ago took on learning PHP. Since the start, this young fellow has progressed quite nicely, but here's the problem. I still see huge rookie mistakes in his code. For example, when processing images, if the last 4 chars in the filename are .jpg it must be a jpeg image. In forms, email is sent out to whatever the user puts in the 'to' field, from is whatever the user put in the 'from' field. To top it all off, he has NULL experience as a system admin yet I share root access to all our machines with him. Yesterday he uploaded files to a site we were about to launch logged in as root. The big problem is, he's the company hero and the boss' fave because he "learned PHP in 6 months" and "graduated". What the hell do I do?"


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